Her Name is Olivia. She made a big move from her home country of Australia to England. Olivia was walking alone in London, minding her own business, when she suddenly had an uneccpected incedent where she would of came face to face with one of her idols, Niall Horan. Olivia, was a typical 19 year old girl. With a dream of become a world famous fashion designer and stylist. She also had another dream of finally meeting the 5 boys that have changed her life, and made her who she was....


1. Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia, she is a 19 year old Australian girl who moved to London to make her dreams come true.

She is a light brunette, with blonde streaks through her hair which goes just above her waist. Are a lovely ocean blue with a dark dark bluish/black ring around her eyes. She has freckles and her complection is light. She is skinny, due to some reasons explained in the first chapter.

She wants to be a world famous fashion designer, and is studying at a collage in London. Olivia is also a huge Directioner and would do anything to meet her idols.

Not everything is explained in the first chapter of her life, but some of it. There will be lots of twists & turns in this story which will either make or break Olivia!

Hope you enjoy & keep up with the story! Feedback is welcome but not hate! Xx
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