One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


8. Pleasant Surprise *Louis and Clara*



This is the One Shot that I wrote for my best friend, Clara! I love her to bits! She is My Twinzie, My love, my fellow Nouis girl and I can’t imagine life without my lovely Puerto Rican sister!


Pleasant Surprise *Louis and Clara*

The wails of my 10-month-old child brought me out of my deep slumber with a start as the baby monitor next to my ear screeched. I was dog tired as I pulled myself out of bed to calm the child, still no Louis here to go instead. I pulled myself up and shuffled into the nursery to calm my fussy infant like a zombie.

I picked our son Lucas up out of his high-railed white crib and smelled his diaper, nope not there! I tried bouncing him on my hip and sat in the rocking chair, bouncing him on my knee instead, too tired to stand. All to no avail. I sighed, pulling one tank-top strap off my shoulder and pulling the thin material down and raising the elastic band of my sports bra up and latching his tiny mouth to my nipple, him immediately sucking away contently.

My phone stated to ring not long after, causing me to jump. Thankfully though, I had earlier forgotten my mobile on the elephant shaped beside table when I had originally put Jason to bed. I grabbed it and accepted the call, not looking to see who was calling.

“Hello?” the words tumbled out in a groggy, sleep deprived mess.


“Louis!” My tone perking up at the sound of my husband’s voice, his Doncaster accent so much different than my Puerto Rican one.

“Wait, what’s my beautiful wife is doing up at…eight o’clock here… ONE IN THE MORNING?!”

“Lou, calm down. I’m feeding Luke, I swear you five hung out so much that your sperm, like, I don’t know meshed and now our children are all five of you lads in one! He eats like Niall and its making my nipple hurt!” I whined.

“Hah, I don’t think that’s how it works babe.” He chuckled.

“It’s not like it didn’t happen with Lena too but she is more like Zayn, always shy and mysterious at first but then a hoot once she opens up! And it’s not funny!” I laughed.

“Clara, she’s four, she hasn’t met many people, and is there anything that you might want to tell me?” He laughed his beautiful laugh.

“Like what?” I asked playing dumb.

“I don’t know if our children are more like the lads than me…” he trailed off his tone was light, jest like you may say, while I just laughed.

“Well Niall was always my favourite besides you…”

“Oh, you mean back when you were a fangirl?”

“I wouldn’t call myself a fangirl…..” I laughed

“That’s a joke if I have ever heard one! Just remember how we met babe!” He laughed, we just laughed for what felt like ages, content with talking to each other. But then as if someone flicked a switch, his laughter vanished and his voice filled with longing and it almost sounded as if he was fed up in the short huff of air he expelled.

“Louis what’s wrong?” my voice full of concern.

“Nothing, I just miss you three so much!”

“We miss you too, Louis, but there isn’t anything we can do other than Skype, text, and call each other…”

“I know! It’s just Lou gets to bring Lux and she was younger during the first tour than Lucas is now and Lena wouldn’t be much trouble considering her and Lux just go into the corner of our dressing room and play with their dolls”

“I kno- OW!”

“What?! What happened?!?” he rushed.

“Nothing, Luke bit down too hard his tooth and it hurt like a mother pupper” Once the words left my mouth, Louis burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter!

“I’m glad my pain amuses you, and when you get back from tour and you want sex, I’m going to remember this!” I glared although he couldn’t see.

“YOU WOULDN’T!” he gasped

“Try me!”

“Wait he has a whole tooth?” Louis’ tone was sad but you could hear the happiness in his voice at the development.

“Yeah, well it’s a nub but he is starting to get one on the top left of his mouth as well”

‘I can’t believe I missed that!” his tone was angry now and I heard a smack as he hit what I assumed to be a wall.

“Louis, its ok, there is so much worse that you could have missed.” My voice taking on a calming quality as Louis’ breathing was ragged from the anger.

Parents often say for the second child all of the things like teeth, talking and walking is subpar to the first child, but when your family is like ours and Lou is on tour so much it is as if all the thing he missed for Lena was what Lucas was there to make up for.

He was on the American X Factor when Julia was a baby and she saw Louis and crawled up to the telly then said “Wouwee” as if to say ‘Louis’ while hitting the television on the low table with her small hand over his face during his solo. He beat himself up so bad because of it. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t realize I couldn’t hear Louis anymore, but my panic set in when I heard a crash in the front garden.

“Louis!” I scrambled. “Louis!!”

“What?! What happened?!” he sounded quieter than before but I didn’t comment on it as I was too scared.

“I couldn’t hear you, like the line went dead, but what’s more important right now is that I think there’s someone out front!” I whispered “Louis I’m scared!” I spoke once I looked out to find nothing but flowers.

“It’s Ok, Clara, just stay in Lucas’ room with the door shut! I’m calling the police, but keep your phone on silent so I can call you again.” he spoke in a calm level voice I clicked the end button and put the sound off, putting it in my PJ pants pocket. I don’t think he realized he couldn’t call the police here from America, but that was unimportant, he would figure it out eventually.

I of course, not listening, unlatched Lucas, praying that he wouldn’t cry and put his binky into his mouth. Luckily, he didn’t and I put him back into his crib and lifted the guard rail so that he wouldn’t roll out. I quickly fixed my top, then made my way to check that Lena was still sleeping then when went downstairs after closing her door. I heard door click shut as quietly as it could and my inner panic kicked in, but I had to protect my children, so I went to the game room and grabbed a pool stick, deeming it fit for a good poke in the eye and bash over the head.

There was some noises coming from the kitchen and I made my way to the kitchen the pool stick ready. I moved soundlessly into the big room, and could see a pair of legs behind the fridge door. I walked around the island and crouched so if he turned he wouldn’t see me. The fridge was shut and I could see him using what looked to be a phone light to maneuver. I got close enough to him, and aimed my swing so it would hit his head, well what I judged to be his head. He was focused on the worktop in front of him as I snuck up behind him.

I swung the club back and connect with his right shoulder and he screams out in pain and before he can turn around I kick behind his knee and shove him into the fridge, making his shoulder ram into the door handle and the tall figure falls to the ground. He flashes camera light in my face in a blinding flash.



“I was trying to surprise you with Nutella sandwiches and Red Bull but someone didn’t listen when she was told to stay upstairs.” He cradled his shoulder as he said this.

“Well sorry if I was trying to protect my kids from some psycho!” I scoffed.

“Clara, how many psychos do you know that have a key to the front door?” the smirk on his face growing. I whacked him in the shoulder again only a lot more playfully.

“OW!!” he hissed.

“That’s what happens when you scare the poo out of me!”

“I think that you dislocated my shoulder and it doesn’t help that I fell in the garden on my elbow!” he groaned.

“Let me see it you big baby”

“Fine! But don’t touch it!” he took his shirt off gingerly and I could see the indentations, proving that it was in fact, dislocated.

“What’s the verdict doc?”

“I think it is dislocated.”

“What now?”

“We have to get it popped back into place…”


“SSHHHH!!!! The kids are sleeping! And yes we have to go, it won’t hurt once it’s over!”

“How do you know?”

“I dislocated my shoulder falling out of a tree when I was little.”


“C’mon lets go wake up Lena and Lucas.”

“Sure, sure” we made our way upstairs and went into Lena’s room first.

“You wanna do it?” I asked Louis.

“YEAH!” I whisper yelled while walking over to her bed and sitting down next to the sleeping child and gently shaking her shoulder. Her brown eyes opened sleepily, until she saw who the cause of the wakeup call was, then she screamed and flung her little arms around his neck.


“Hi baby!” he smiled, pulling her up out of the bed with his good arm and kissing her face all over, causing her to giggle.

“Why are you back? I thought you weren’t back until… um…later…” she wasn’t the best with words but we just pretended not to notice.

“Well, I came back for a little while because I missed you guys!”

“YAY! So are you back forever?”

“No, baby, I have to go back Friday night” He frowned. It Thursday morning now.

“But I don’t want you to go back!” she cried.

“I know baby girl, me either.” He squeezed her. I let them have their moment and slipped out of the room to get Jason. I grabbed his diaper bag and a coat, then put his little boots on. I was just putting an extra binky in the bag when Louis came in with Julia holding his hand, all dressed.

“Where are we going?”

“Daddy hurt his shoulder so we’re going to get it fixed.” Louis said.

“You won’t die will you?” she asked causing me to smile and Louis to chuckle.

“No baby, daddy isn’t going to die.” He laughed.

“Let’s go shall we?” I asked putting Lucas’ on my hip and his diaper bag on my other shoulder.

“Yay!” Louis faked excitement causing me to giggle.

“Maybe next time you won’t sneak in when I think you’re on another continent!” he pouted his lips and I kissed his cheek, causing him to smile. We went downstairs, and grabbed our coats and shoes. Lena was clutching the Louis doll that she never leaves home without.

“Lena, you know that the real thing is better than the doll right?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, but I like it for when you aren’t here and I can’t hug you...” he kneeled down in front of her so they were almost the same height.

“Well you can hug me now, I’ll make you a deal, you only use the doll when I’m on tour, and when I’m here you can hug me all you want, OK?”

“Okay!” she smiled and threw her small arms around his neck.

“GMMMHMHM” he groaned as she hit his shoulder.

“What’s wrong daddy?”

“Nothing baby, just daddy’s shoulder hurts.” She smiled then kissed his shoulder, the wrong one may I add.

“Is it better?”

“Much better, thank you!” he said then tickled her with the arm that she kissed to show her it was all better causing her to go into a fit of high pitched giggles, not one bit bothering the sleeping baby in my arms.

“Have you quite finished?” I asked giggling.

“Yeah let’s go!” with that we made our way out to Louis’ Range Rover and made our way to the hospital.


We pulled up to the E.R. and Louis got out and woke up Lena who had fallen asleep while I pulled Lucas out of his car seat and grabbed his diaper bag.

“Daddy, can you carry me?”

“Um… yeah…” he was unsure of his answer but leaned down and gripped her small waist and lifted her with ease. Her small legs wrapping around his waist and her arms around his neck as she rested her head on his bad shoulder. He just cringed holding back tears trying not to show Lena anything was wrong.

“You OK? I could take her if you want to take Lucas”

“No, its fine, she isn’t moving anymore we should be fine.”

“Louis she will move with each step you take…” I warned.

“Um… hold on.” He murmured “Hey baby girl, could you put your head on daddy’s other shoulder?” she nodded, too tired to ask why.

“Problem solved!”

“Alright lets go.” We made our way through the sliding doors and I checked him in. Then went and sat down next to Lena who was in-between Louis and me.

“Do you know if your mum is working tonight?” I asked (A/N I know Louis’ mum still works in Doncaster nut that’s why its fiction right? LLN)

“Clara, I know you’re tired, but how would I know that? Tour remember?” he teased. I pouted and he kissed my cheek.

“Why do you ask anyways?”

“Well we can’t bring the kids back there and I’m not letting you go alone.”

“I’ll go check then!” He said getting up and kissing my forehead. “Always thinking babe!” I watched him walk to the lady behind the glass and start talking to her, but couldn’t make out the words. He came back with a smile on his beautiful face.

“She paged her and she should be out here soon,” he explained.

“What did they tell her it was for… did she know you were coming back?”

“No,” he shook his head “Only Paul, Simon, the boys, and security knew I was leaving.”

“Well this should be a pleasant surprise for her!” I laughed. As I said this Louis’ mum walked out the doors and to the lady at the desk. Not seeing us in the corner. The lady at the desk pointed to us and Jay looked towards us and a huge grin spread across her face and she basically ran over to us.

“Louis! What are you doing back and why are you guys here so late come to think of it how did you know I was working?” She bombarded us as I stood and hugged her. Then Louis gave her a half hug and she not knowing his injury, squeezed him tightly. Causing Louis to yelp loudly in pain!

“Oh my god Louis! What’s wrong, baby!” motherly instinct, I know the feeling!

“Well you see, Louis here thought it was a good idea to come home from tour to surprise me at 1 in the morning and I thought he was a burglar do I hit him with a pool stick then shoved him into a fridge door and dislocated his shoulder!” she laughed and hit Louis in the head.

“Louis, honey, you can’t do something like that…” she laughed as the cringe gradually dissipated from Louis’ face.

“I know that now…” he grumbled.

“Any who, do you think you could watch Lena and Lucas when I go back with Lou,” I leaned in so Lou couldn’t hear my next words “They don’t need to see or hear that”

“Actually I was on break and I still have about a half hour left, I’ll tell Irene to let Louis ahead so I can go back when I need to.”

“Thank you, mummy!” Louis chirped like a child. She just shook her head and walked to the lady behind the desk, Irene. I sat down on the other side of Louis and I leant my head on the wall to sleep a tad.

“Wake me up when we can go back”

“Okay,” Louis said and wrapped his arm around my shoulders and brought my head onto his shoulder.


"Clara, honey, it’s time to go.” I heard a beautiful voice say after what felt like seconds of sleep.

“m’kay” I mumbled and stood up, Louis grabbing my hand and walking behind the nurse leading us into a room with white walls.

“Thanks Mum!” he called back as the doors shut.

“Right this way Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson.” The nurse led us to a room with only a curtain for privacy.

“The doctor will be with you in a moment…” she left and Louis and I waited quietly, I was too tired to talk and I’m pretty sure Louis was too nervous to talk. After about 10 minutes of waiting, a doctor with graying hair came in and shook our hands.

“Hello, my name is Doctor Don. What seems to be the problem this morning?”

“I dislocated my shoulder.”

“At this hour in the morning?”

“Well, I came back from tour to surprise my wife and she thought I was a burglar and hit my shoulder with a pool stick then shoved me into a refrigerator and my shoulder hit the door handle.”

“And I perceive that you are the wife that has done the damage?”  His face looked mean.

“Yes, but I was only trying to protect myself and children and in my defense I thought he was in New York, a million miles away, not in our kitchen” I defended. All of a sudden his face contorted into a devilish grin and he put his hand up.

“You go girl! High Five, er, fist pound, whatever you kids say these days” he laughed

“Are you quite finished? In pain over here” Louis whined.

“Oh, right! Now Louis, I will have to pop it back into place and it will hurt, a lot, I won’t Lie to you. Would you like a stress ball, or stuffed animal to squeeze as I do so?”

“Yes please.” He nervously replied. Doctor Don went out of the room and returned a few seconds later with a stuffed dog with floppy ears and a black spot over its eye.

“Here you go, now take off your shirt so I can get to your shoulder, then we can begin.” Louis pulled the shirt off gingerly with his right hand and handed it to me, I folded it over my arm and rubbed my hand comfortingly over his leg.

“You’ll be fine,” I cooed, standing and kissing his cheek. He was still tense but sighed at my touch. Doctor Don came back over with plastic gloves on and stood next to Louis, assessing the damage, or so I thought, he was just feeling around the dislocated area.

“So Louis, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m in a boyband….”

“Is it that, um, um, New Direction?” Louis let out a strangled laugh and shook his head.

“No that’s glee, I’m in One Direction.”

“Oh! Louis Tomlinson, as in Jay’s little boy?”

“Yupp, that’s my MuMMY!!!!!!!” As he was answering Doctor Don had grabbed his arm and popped the shoulder back into place, causing Louis to scream, like he was just lit on fire. I winced at his beautiful face contorted in pain. I grabbed his right hand tightly and rubbed it as soothingly as I could.

“There we go!” Doctor Don smiled.

“Thanks for the bloody warning!” he hissed and his eyes watered but no tears fell.

“That’s how I do it, Calm you so you don’t jump about and do it quick to eliminate the suspense build up.” He laughed and patted Louis’ back.

“I will be right back with your sling and a nurse will bring your discharge papers.” He left and I hugged Louis halfway so I didn’t hurt his shoulder.

“You did great Sweetie!” I pecked his lips and rubbed his back.

“Thanks, but that hurt like a bitch!”

“I know, Imagine that when you’re a child…”


“Here we go! Now Louis, you have to take it easy this week, no heavy lifting with your left arm and try not to get too mobbed by girls, oh and no holding the microphone in your left hand and if you writ left handed, then no writing, ok? Now that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it, but don’t flail or do any dance moves with it.”

“They don’t dance” I burst out into a fit of laughter, probably pissing off Louis with my outburst.

“You…should see….them try!” I panted. I really need sleep.

“C’mon we aren’t that bad!” Louis defended.

“Louis, the in-betweener dance, the fish, the row, and the Joe DO NOT count as dance moves!” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, tell that to the fans and break their sweet little hearts!” he faked sorrow and clutched his heart.

“I hate to break up this little sass fight but you are all good to go, all you need to do is sign your release papers.”

“Oh, OK!” he beamed his famous smile!

“Yeah please, I would like to sleep!” Louis signed the paper and we were on our way out, fetching the kids and bidding Jay a good night, and we were on our way. We drove home and stayed quiet as to not wake up the Lena and Lucas. I pulled into our driveway and gathered Lucas’ diaper bag and Lena in my arms so Louis could carry the much lighter Lucas. I unlocked the door and brought Lena to bed with Louis following close behind with Lucas. We put them to bed and made our way to our bedroom. I put on my pajamas that were folded on the bed from earlier in the night and Louis just stripped down to his boxers.

“You think I have to sleep with this thing on?”

“Yes, at least I had to.” I said as I crawled into the crisp sheets, Louis crawling in next to me and lying down on his back, my head resting on his chest.

“Goodnight, Clare Bear!”

“Goodnight Lou-Lou!” I was so tired there was no waiting for sleep to overcome me, I was just instantly met with a deep darkness that was comforting and relieving.


There was a light tapping on my arm and I was pulled from dream-land. I opened my eyes and looked up to see my beautiful husband looking into the far off distance and absentmindedly tapping his forefinger against my arm.

“Good morning” He seemed to break out of his daze and smiled down at me and kissed me passionately.

“Good morning, beautiful wife of mine!” He smiled widely at me, wherever he zoned out to clearly forgotten.

“Someone’s happy!” I smiled.

“I’m back home with my beautiful wife and beautiful children for almost two whole days, I’m crippled so I can be lazy! Life is good!” I laughed and brought our lips together again. I pulled away after a little bit, freaking out slightly.

“Shit! What time is it, I have to get Lena ready for school!” I rushed as I began to pull myself away from Louis’ embrace, only for his grip to tighten around me.

“Don’t worry love, she has been ready for ages and is already on her way there.” Louis explained.

“Oh, well you should have woken me, did you get her lunch?”

“Nutella sandwich, an apple, and some animal crackers with a juice pouch.”

“Oh, well alright then!” I relaxed back into his hold and he leant down to peck my lips, but I held them there and after some time I pulled back but kept my lips close enough to brush his, and whispered in my best seductive tone.

“Wait, if you’re crippled, does that mean that I have to do all the work?”

“Well, if you want” He smirked while he whispered back. Taking my lips captive with his again, the heat began to build and I rolled over so I was straddling his hips, but still being careful of his shoulder. I pulled my shirt off and I had already had my bra off from when I went to bed the night before. I brought our lips back together again and ran my hands across his bare chest and down his toned stomach and played with the elastic of his boxers. While his fingers tangled in my strawberry blonde curls, pulling slightly. I broke us apart and stood up, pulling down my pajama pants and sliding his boxers down his legs. All while being watched intently by Louis.

“My sexy ass wife” He smirked as I climbed back up his body from the bottom of the bed, kissing his warm skin every so often. Even flicking my tongue over his nipple and kissed up to his neck. I sat down on his hips and ground down with mine. I could feel his member immediately harden under my bottom and I smirked at the look of pleasure on his face.

“You remember last night when you laughed at me? And I said I would remember that when you wanted sex when you got back from tour, well, guess what I remembered!” I smiled evilly, knowing that Louis was sexually frustrated now that I had the rains of dominance.

“BUT! I’m technically not back from tour, I’m just visiting, and I have to go back in tomorrow  night, so give me some sweet Clara sugar before I explode!” he squirmed underneath me.

“Still counts.” He pouted and he was the cutest thing, my harsh exterior starting to crumble. “You’re lucky I’m horny!” I sighed and captured his lips again, our tongues meeting and playing as he smirked at his win.

After a few minutes of kissing I trailed my hands down his toned chest again, drawing circles in his chest hair, no one knows it’s a major turn on for him, but I do and that’s all that matters right now. He moaned under me which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I was starting to get uncomfortably horny as Louis’ hand roamed down my chest and stomach to my pussy and running his thumb back and for over the top of the long slit. Also sending tingles through my legs and back. He released my lips and started kissing my neck. He then carefully flipped us over and put my left leg on his shoulder.

“You ready Clare Bear?” I nodded with a smile and he slowly slid into me letting me adjust to his long length. I nodded again and he started moving in and out of me, he felt so good after a long time apart.

As his thrusts started to pick up speed so did our breathing. Our moans mingling together and making it even better. He kept a steady pace and started to lean into me more, causing him to go even deeper, bringing me closer to my orgasm.

“Louis…go…faster” I panted and he pushed himself faster. He pulled out to the tip then slammed back in, he did this a few more times (A/N ok my brother just walked into my room…Awkward…) he did this a few more times before he slammed back in and held himself there and moving his hips in a circular motion, causing my moans to come out more loudly.

“Ugh! You’re so good!” I moaned as my toes curled in pleasure.

“I try” he breathed cheekily as he started thrusting normally again. He sat back on his knees and pulled me up so the bottom of my back was off the bed and on his thighs, the new angle making him hit my G-spot exceptionally well.

“Louis, I’m close”

“Hold it a little while longer, baby!” he panted. I tried to hold it in as long as I could but didn’t last longer than a few minutes before releasing all over his cock. Soon after riding out my high, Louis came inside of me and rode out his high, but I wasn’t complaining. He finished and I put my leg down as he laid down on top of me, squishing me slightly.


“Yes love?”

“Could you possibly get off of me?”

“But you’re so comfy!” he whined.

“Yes but it’s also comfy when my kidney isn’t squished into my spleen.” I laughed.

“FINE!” He pulled out of me and laid down next to me. He pulled me close and kissed my head.

“You’re definitely a MILF!” he smirked.


“You’re very welcome m’lady!” He moved his face closer to mine and was about to kiss me but there was a subtle crying coming from the baby monitor next to our bed. I’m surprised it didn’t go off last night. I was about to get up when Louis pulled me back down and shuffled out from under the covers he had pulled over us before. He grabbed his boxers, trying to pull them up his legs but failing miserably.

“This is a bitch with one stinking arm! Thanks so much Clara!”

“Anytime!” I laughed and got up from the comfortable bed. “I’m going to just hop into the shower, but you have fun with that babe!” I grabbed a towel from the cabinet and took a long hot shower, not being able to stop the smile on my face as Louis fell back on his bum.


After my shower I got dressed and tied my hair back into a messy bun, then made my way to find Louis. I was going to check the kitchen when I walked past Lucas’ room to hear Louis singing softly to the infant he held in his arm.  I decided to let them have their moment but snapped a picture with my phone and set it as my screensaver, I’d show him later. I went down and made breakfast for us, waiting for Louis to come downstairs.

The eggs were almost done and I pulled the toast out of the toaster, fixing it up and setting it on two plates as Louis came downstairs smiling widely. He snatched a piece of toast and kissed my cheek and I flipped the eggs.

“So Clare Bear, what do you want to do today?”

I turned and smiled widely, with a hint of evil. He mirrored me and smiled back, and without any more thought we both screamed.

“HARRY POTTER MARATHON!” which is exactly what we did. Only stopping the movie to feed Jason, to get food, and to go to the loo. When Lena got off the bus we were almost done with the second movie, and she sat and watched with us, snuggled in-between us. We did the same exact thing the next day, all day, until Louis had to go to the airport. He squeezed Lena tightly and kissed her all over her face. Doing the same with Lucas.

“Daddy, we’ll miss you!” she said, tears streaming down her little cheeks.

“I’ll miss you too, baby girl!” He hugged her again.

“Lena stay here with Lucas while I walk Daddy to the taxi.” I said as Louis grabbed his rucksack and slung it over his shoulder. I walked out after him and closed the door.

“I’ll be back before you know it…” he comforted, well he tried.

“Yeah, but I hate you leaving at all…” He hugged me tight as he could as I cried. He laughed suddenly, making my head vibrate against his chest.

“W-what’s so funny?”

“This is going to be one hell of a story to tell!” I smiled a little and let out a small laugh but put my head back into his chest, savoring our last moments

“Only one more month, then we can finish the last two movies in the series and I won’t leave again, OK?” he rubbed my back as he said this but he would never stop leaving, there would always be another tour.

“I know we can still call and Skype right?”

“Of course! I will text you whenever I can and I will call you when I land” he brought his lips down to mine and we kissed passionately and lovingly, trying to get as much as we could before we had to part. We finally broke apart when the driver honked his horn obnoxiously.

“I love you, never forget that!”

“I won’t” he pecked my lips once more and his hand slid down my arm to grip my hand, he started walking down the path but help my hand until our bodies were too far apart. He got into the car and I blew him a kiss, and he pretended to catch it. The car started to pull away and we waved until we were no longer in sight of each other. I walked back into the house with tears streaming down my face to see Lena on the couch cradling her Louis doll with Lucas next to her. My phone chimed and I looked down to see a text from Louis.

‘Miss you guys already! Remember I am always a phone away. I love you and make sure to call me if anything happens, no matter how small. Love you! Xx’ I smiled and typed a reply.

‘We miss you too and we love you too! Same goes for you mister! Xx’


I am going to post my other story that I am writing soon!

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