One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


11. My apologies up the Wazoo!

My parents are taking away my internet for 2 weeks :( but they are letting me keep my laptop because I begged them to on my hands and knees. They are giving me to the end of the night to sort out all my "affairs" on my writing sites so I don't vanish without an explanation which is all I can ask for.... Dont know how I am going to live without reading fanfics and twitter -stalking the boys but they didnt take away my phone.... So I can read a tad and check twitter some but I can't update because all my stories are on Microsoft Word....I beg that you stay patient and I apologize profusely! 

You are probably wondering why... well they found out that I was talking to people on Omegle and they thought I was being a stripper with my webcam....NO! I wasnt I was talking to Directioners but they wont believe me!

I will still check my comments and such but that is all I can promise. Once my sentence is lifted I will just post One Shot after One Shot and if you already requested one and have not given me the proper information I cannot write it and for that I apologize! But if I were to ask for a One Shot I would want it to be as personal to me as possible. I at least need hair and eye colour, but the whole set list of what I asked for would be greatly appreciated. 


I love you my beautiful potatoes and I am sorry but while I am gone you guys could always read my story Sleepless Nights!



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