One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


2. It Was All Just a Dream! *Harry & Erin!*


“Oh Harry?” You asked in a sickly sweet voice, walking up to your boyfriend of 3 years and wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Yes?” he asked with too much innocence in his voice. Yupp definitely him!

“Did you watch porn on my laptop?” you ask as if talking to a child.

“Wha? No!” mmhhmm

“Okay! Are you sure?”

“Jup!” you give him the glare and he started to wilt under it, cracking into millions of pieces.

“You sure?”

“Ugh, uhh….umm!” you intensify your glare.

“OKAY FINE! I DID! BUT JUST A LITTLE!” you smirked internally! Time for some fun!

“Why?” you ask sickly sweet again “Am I not enough for you to fantasize about?”

“N-n-n-no NO ERIN! You just weren’t home and I was H-H-Horny!”

“Maybe I will just have to show you how much better I am!”

“You” His voice was high and he cleared his throat “You will?” you nod with a smirk.

You shove him down onto the couch and started to tease him, crawling ever so slowly over him and straddling him and connecting your lips, soon he was begging for entrance, but the bugger was getting punished so there would be teasing galore!

He moaned in protest as you keep your lips shut tight. You felt you had teased his lips enough, so you made my way slowly down his button-up shirt, unbuttoning extra slowly and leaving kisses in place of the buttons. Once that was done, you unbuckle his pants and pulled them down his legs along with his boxers. You grab his large member and kiss the tip, making him go instantly hard.

He moans again “No teasing Erin!” he tried bucking his hips up but you just smirk and back your mouth up out of his reach.

“Ah ah ah! This is your punishment!” he just groaned knowing this would be so sexually frustrating. You started slowly sucking him and could tell that he was close, so when he was just about to cum, you stop and move back to his lips, him groaning in protest.  You sat just above his dick so he couldn’t pull any funny business.

“Am I better than some slag in a video yet?”

“OH GOD YES!” he moaned.

“Good” you lift your hips and quickly insert him into yourself and make sure his whole length is in you. God he was big! You let yourself adjust and then started to move him slowly in and out of you. You went slowly for a while and then you started to go as fast as your numbing legs would let you.  You were close and he was too. The only sounds were each others moans and raged breathing. You felt him twitch inside of you and you let your walls tighten, you rode out your highs together then you collapsed onto his chest. Trying to regain your breathing.

“Maybe…I….should…watch …porn….more often!”

“Maybe I should! Next time it’s on you! I’m knackered!”

“Yeah next time!”  You could feel him shifting under you and reaching into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out a blue velvet box and kneeling down in front of you.

“Erin Next time I want us to be more than boyfriend/girlfriend! Erin will you Mar- BEEP BEEP BEEP!”

Your eyes pop open to see you’re in your bedroom and your mum comes in to tell you to get up for school.

“It was all a dream?!? NOOO!!!!!”




I wrote this for my friend as HER punishment because she was teasing me with Niall! So Erin! I hope you enjoyed this! *Smirks evilly* maybe next time don’t post so many GIFS of Niall hip thrusting and post an imagine of Niall k? K!

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