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9. I'll Never Let You Go *Niall and Dana*


So I wrote this for an AmaZayn girl who I love! Her name is obviously Dana! A.K.A. the Idea Queen! Love you Girlie! Also in the next One Shot Dana is in it as well and the past causes her to act a certain way...

 Anyhoran! Go read her Lilo with Zarry story! Loves it! PSSST! I'm the Marissa character! :D It’s on Wattpad though and she is Niallbabe so that’s where you will find it!

I'll Never Let You Go- Niall and Dana 


“Get back here Dana!” My step-father spat, running out of my room holding his cheek where I slapped him. I ran for the stairs and he caught the bottom strands of my shoulder length blonde hair, pulling me back and ripping a clump out. I spun myself around and spit in his eyes and brought my knee up to connect with his groin, causing him to crumple to the floor.

Tom was a schizophrenic, and he was having in another episode where the voices in his head were telling him that I was trying to hurt him and that he should kill me before I got the chance. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, where he has come at me full force, and I have the scars to prove it.

Where’s my mum you ask? She died in a car accident two years after she married Tom, I survived the wreck. She didn’t. The car accident is where I say I got all of my scars from, but only three are from the accident. A crescent down my left side, a line where they had to remove my crushed gallbladder and a zigzag where a piece of metal was jostled into my calf. 

I ran down the stairs, thankful that I had put my bright red converse on and my over the shoulder back when I heard Tom’s boot-clad feet stomp towards my door. Then I did what I always did in situations like this, I ran to Niall’s house. I made sure to zigzag through side streets to throw Tom off my trail if he decided to follow me.  

By the time I had reached his complex my legs felt like jelly, but I was too paranoid to stop and rest until I was safely inside the building. I darted into the door and up the first flight of stairs and rode the elevator the other three. Once I reached his door I stopped to catch my breath, taking paranoid glances behind me every now and again. Looking to see if Tom was going to jump out and kill me like the voices beg them to. I rested there for a minute letting my ragged breathing and erratic heart beat to slow back to normal.

After waiting about five minutes the thumping in my ears subsided so I knocked on the door, no answer. I took the keys out of my purse and opened the door. If he isn’t here I can at least stay and hide. I opened the door and the expensive flat was quiet so I looked in his bedroom to see if he was there, it was only 8:00 after all so he was probably still asleep. He most likely was because the boys opened the tour yesterday. 

I decided to wake him because he had to leave by 9:00 to get to the O2 for soundcheck. I went for the subtle shoulder shake and ‘wake up’ but that failed epically. So I poked him on the cheek continuously, nada. The only answer I was getting was his cute little snores.

I climbed onto the bed slowly and sat lightly on his stomach, I left a trail of light kisses from his lips, down to his collar bone, and his chest. My answer was his giggling, but he didn’t wake up only mumbling how it tickled. 

Guess I was going to have to do this the hard way. I put my hand under his chin and closed his slightly open mouth, and then l took his nose in-between my thumb and forefinger, pinching it shut. After a few second or blocking his airways his eyes shot open and he sat up in a flash, causing me to fly backwards. 

“Holy fuck Dana! What the fuck are you doing?!” he sputtered as I laughed my head off, still tipped backwards on his legs.  

“Well you wouldn’t wake up!” I defended while laughing. 

“And you decided it would be best to cut off my flow of oxygen?”

“Yupp!” I said popping the ‘p’ as Niall pulled me back up so I was sitting back in his lap again, my knees on either side of his hips. 

“So what has brought my beautiful girlfriend here to almost kill me while I was sleeping on this fine Sunday morning?” 

“Oh, um, I just wanted to get out of the house, Tom was being annoying…” I lied.

“Want me to beat him up for you?” he replied cheekily. He and I both knew that Tom would win that fight easily. 

“No, I think it should be ok as long as you give me a kiss!” I closed my eyes and leaned forward, puckering my lips in an overdramatic way. He instead flipped us over so he was hovering over top of me. 

“Don’t mind if I do!” He said as he kissed me passionately, our lips moving in a steady rhythm. His tongue soon shot over my bottom lip, begging for entrance which I soon granted. We were so unaware of time that the blaring of Niall’s ringtone startled us out of our trance. 

“Hello?” he asked as he put it on speaker. 

“Yeah is Dana there with you?” I froze as Tom’s nicey- nice voice traveled down the phone. I snapped out of it and shook my head vigorously hopping Niall would get the hint. 

“Um no… I told her not to come this morning because I have to be at the arena by 9:00.” He lied smoothly.  (A/N I know Niall sucks at lying but pretend he doesn’t) 

“You better not be lying to me boy!” He grunted.

“Why would I lie?” Niall smirked. 

“To protect Dana…” 

“Is there a reason I would have to protect Dana from you?” 

“Oh, Um… NO!” the line went dead. Niall locked his phone then looked down at me. 

“Dana what was that all about?” Worry laced his tone.

“Um… Um…” I stuttered. 

“Dana…” He warned. Brushing a piece of hair off my face with his thumb and forefinger 

“T-Tom is a schizophrenic… and he had an episode this morning and he um tried to kill me…” his face was white as a ghost “Again” I added.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN AGAIN?!” he rolled over and sat up. I mimicked him but tucked my feet underneath me and turned to him.

“This isn’t the first episode he has had. Do you ever notice how I come over at whack hours of the day saying Tom was being annoying? Yeah I come here when he has an episode.” I looked down at my hands. I felt his finger pull my chin up to look into his eyes. 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” 

“I didn’t want you to worry…” 

“But you aren’t safe there!” 

“I’m nearly 18 and I can move out on my birthday…”

“No, you’re coming on tour with me! I won’t let you stay with him. What did you do when I was on tour over the summer when he snapped?”

“Came here and just watched TV…” 

“Well your coming on tour, that’s final! We can get your stuff tomorrow when he goes to work ok?” I nodded and he kissed my lips once more but it wasn’t the heated kind like before, it was full of love. 

“I’ll never let you go, and I won’t let him hurt you, EVER!”

“I love you, Niall”

“I love you too, Dana! Now let’s go, we have an arena to get to!” He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder walking towards the door. 

“Uh Niall you might want to put on some pants first…” 

“Right!” he plopped me back on the bed and got pants on and a shirt then took my hand instead as we made our way downstairs and to his car, I have a really good feeling now that I know I will be away from that monster.



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