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4. Follow the Paths to My Heart- a Liam Payne Valentine’s day Contest entry


Follow the Paths to My Heart- a Liam Payne Valentine’s day One Shot

Liam and Bella


*Ding Dong*

I hauled myself up off the couch and made my way to the door of my best friends and I’s flat. Pondering who would come around at half three in the afternoon. I open the door and look around, seeing no one there.

I was about to shut the door when my eyes skimmed the floor to see a big teddy bear holding a big red heart that read ‘Be My Valentine’ in fancy cursive writing. Must be Amelia’s from her boyfriend, Niall, on this fine evening of February 14th because I am in fact forever alone and proud!

I pick him up and bring him into the living room for her when she comes in here later. I plopped myself down on the middle cushion next to it on the couch and continued watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


“Hello my lazy tub of lard!” Amelia greeted as she sat herself on the cushion next to me on the couch.

“Hi…” I replied in a detached voice as I concentrated on how fit Shia LeBeouf was as he explains to Mikala what happened in his UNI lecture. I felt her lean over me and swipe her hand in front of my face hoping to grab my attention. 

“Earth to Bel- Hey who’s this little guy?!?”

“Yours I’m guessing! Since I am proudly forever alone!” She just gave me a ‘Really?’ look and grabbed it with an ‘AWWW!’

She pulled a rose from between the bears arm and side and began to read the note aloud

‘I love you so much

Though you probably don’t know

I loved you all along

I’m not creepy though,

You’re so pretty,

You’re so bright

In my head I have asked you a billion times

Bella, will you be my Valentine?

                                                                -Anonymous <3’


“Umm…did that card say BELLA be my valentine?”


“OOOO Bella has a secret Admirer!” She cooed “Oh wait there’s more!” I snatched the note away from her and continued reading aloud the remainder of the note.

‘You’re probably wondering what pedophile is writing this! You know me well, we go to UNI together and we are in the same Maths and Psych class ;) go to the bridge in the park by the ice rink and come and meet me…. Well only if you want to, I don’t want you to feel forced!

                                                                                                                                                -Batman <3’


Batman? I look over at Amelia to see if she has any idea who this could be…. Someone in two of our classes. She just gave me a quizzical look and shrugged her shoulders. I sat back onto the couch to think over who it could possibly be.

“Wait! What are you doing?”


“No! You’re going the bridge in the park to find your mystery man!”

“No I’m not!”

“BUT WHY?!?”

“He could be a total creeper!”

“But you will never know if you don’t go there and find out!”

“AMELIA!!!!” I whined.

“BELLA!!!!” She mock whined back, answering her ringing phone with a ‘Hi baby!’ must be Niall.

“Ugh FINE!” I got up off the couch and grabbed my over the shoulder purse, my light blue hat, gloves, and jacket, and slipped on my fake brown UGG boots. I snatched my Droid off the coffee table and put it in the front pocket of my bag.


The park wasn’t far, but it sure was cold out! I walked through the park gates and made my way to the bridge. With my neck crouched down into my coat. I walked over to the pond, which in the winter was converted to an ice rink and in the warmer months it was for recreational fishing

“Took you long enough! Geez! It’s bloody freezing!” Said an Irish accent that I knew all too well and looked up to see the familiar blonde head that belonged to my best friend’s boyfriend.

“Niall! What are you doing here?! Is this some sort of sick joke? Its not very funny!” Niall couldn’t be Batman! He was already taken! Did he really think that I would do something like that to Amelia?

“Nope!” He replied popping the p.

“But what about Amelia? You know your GIRLFRIEND!”

“What about her?” he asked like he was confused.


“So what does that have to do with L- I mean Batman?”

“Well aren’t you Batman? The note clearly says meet ME!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH ME! BATMAN? HAHAHAH THAT’S RICH!” he sputtered between laughs until I hit him in the stomach. Receiving a satisfying “OW!”

“Oh… well who is he then?”

“Now that! I can’t tell you!”

“Well I guess I’ll just have to tell Amelia that you were being mean and keeping secrets form me!” I sing-songed.

“Hah! That should be tough! She already knows! I called her right as you left! I heard you grunt ‘FINE’ and leave! She even knows who Batman is, but don’t worry! She approves of him and thinks you guys will be great together!” I huffed out a grumble.

“Ok… so if you aren’t Batman…. Then why did he tell me to meet Him and not you?”

“Well I have to give you the clue!”

“A clue?”

“Well you didn’t really think that finding Batman would be THAT easy did you?”


“You’re so lazy Bella!”

“I’m cold! Give me the bloody clue already!”

“OK OK!” he handed me a piece of white paper.

‘The park is cold

The park is rigid

Go to the sports shop to get a scarf

So that the weather won’t be so fridged!

                                                                                -Batman <3’

“Ugh! But the sports shop is so far!” I whined.

“It’s right across the park entrance!”

“True! But it’s just so much work!”

“Listen, Do you wanna find Batman or not?”

“FINE! I’m going!”


I walked to the sports shop and entered and a ding went off signifying a customer.

“Hi! Welcome to Gallagher’s Sports Shack! How may I assist you?” A middle aged woman with graying hair asked me from behind a counter.

“Umm….. I was told to come and get a scarf…”

“Oh! Well you must be Bella! Here you are! The young man already picked it out!” she pulled out a scarf that matched my gloves, coat, and hat and slid it across the counter.

I pulled out my wallet while asking her how much it was. But she said that it was already paid for. Wow Batman is really going all out!

“Oh! Don’t forget your clue!” she handed me another piece of white paper

‘Only four more stops to go!

You’re probably feeling knackered

You’re probably wondering who

The answer shall come to you soon

After you get your favourite cup of brew!

                                                                                -Batman <3’

“Thank You!” I said as I wrapped the scarf around my neck and headed down the street a little until I reached Starbucks figuring that this was the coffee shop he mentioned. I opened the door and let the coffee smell and warmth envelope me.

“Bella?” Josh asked from behind the counter.

“Josh!” I chirped, Josh was one of my besties in UNI.

“Oh yeah you must have come here for your next clue!”

“Yes please! Do you um... by chance know who Batman is?” He just laughed.

“No, whoever it is had Niall come in here to place the order because they knew that I would realize who he was. It must be someone I would easily recognize.” He said as he made my coffee. He walked beck over and set it down along with another clue scrawled on white paper.

‘Only 2 more steps to go before you’re back where you started

Head to the sweet shop to get your favourite chocolate

I promise I’m not creeping

Amelia is just bad at secret keeping


“Bye Josh! Thanks!”


I left the coffee shop and went next door to the sweet shop. When I opened the door I saw there was no one behind the counter, so I rang the bell. Soon an old man walked out of the back holding an almost/chocolate heart.

“Bella Dawson?”

“Yes Sir.” I answered with a nod. He handed me the chocolate heart and I turned it over, revealing the next clue.

‘Go to the flower shop on the corner of Central and Grand

The one that is owned by your roommates Nan.


“Thank you, sir” I said as I put the heart safely into my purse.


“Anytime sweetie! Good luck!” the old man replied with a smile.

I walked out of the chocolate shop and made my way back towards the sports shop to the corner of the street. Walking in and greeting Amelia’s Nan with a hug.

“Hi Nana!” I chirped, yeah I call her Nana, DEAL WITH IT!

“Hi honey. Are you here for that um…umm…. Batman was it?” I nodded

“Did he say his real name?” I asked.

“No, just Batman, he was quite the looker though and very nice- well mannered.”

“Oh well have you ever seen him before?”

“No but he paid a hefty fine for 14 of my best roses!” she handed me them with the clue in the middle.

‘You’re almost there

Just one more walk

Go back to the park

Where you can see me as me

And we can finally talk


“Thanks Nana”

“Bye Honey! Good luck! Remember that he has my seal of approval!”

“Don’t worry he has Amelia’s too”

“Well then you know its fate!” I smiled and went to the park throwing out my empty coffee cup as I went. I walked across the street to the park, all the clues safely in my bag.

The note said back where you started so I could only guess he meant the bridge. So that’s where I went, to the peak of the bridge. The only thing there was another piece of white paper, taped down as to not blow away.

‘I figured that you would go to the bridge

So go down by the pond shop

Where in the summer you can buy bait

And grab a pair of snow white skates


With that I walk down to the bait shop and entered, there was a ding and a gruff voice rang through from the back.

“Rinks closed! Someone rented it out, no skating tonight!” Wow Batman bought out the whole rink for me…. Wow… just…. WOW!

“I’m Bella…. I’m here for Batman, the person who rented out the rink out….”

“Oh! Let me tell you something… You must be awfully special if a boy is willing to rent out a whole ice rink on Valentine’s Day, one of the most profitable days of the year.”

“Yeah….I must be…” I smiled thinking of how much Batman really put into this.

“Here are your skates…. Some girl brought them in claiming that you hated having your feet where others have been…. He’s waiting for you over by the benches.”

“Thank you sir! Have a good night!”

“You too, just remember to keep that boy close because any boy that’s worth doing all this for love is worth holding on to!”

“Don’t worry I will!” I said as I took my skates and went over to the benches. Setting my flowers down next to me, I found another piece of white paper.

‘You’ve come this far

Were both under the moon and the stars

You’re almost there

Lace up your skates and meet me in the center of the rink

By the way you have beautiful hair


It was getting dark and the rink lights were on. I looked at the middle of the rink, and there wasn’t anyone there, but put my skates on anyways. I made my way to the center of the rink and found a single red rose with another white piece of paper attached. I crouched down to pick it up and read hopefully the final clue.

‘Don’t worry

I’m close by

Just turn around

Pumpkin is your favourite pie!


I laughed at his rhymes and heard the scraping of ice below an ice skate. I smiled but couldn’t stop the nervous feeling from creeping up into my stomach. What if he wasn’t at all what I expected?

I decided to grow a pair and turned around, now face to face with a boy that I have known since the first day of UNI 2 years ago. Liam.

“Liam…. You’re Batman?”

“Yeah… are you surprised?”

“A little… I’m madder at myself for not thinking it was you earlier…. I mean c’mon, Batman that just screams out Liam!” I laughed.

“Well….what do you think?” he asked nervously, afraid that I would reject him.

“I think that you might need to work on your poetry a little… but it was very cute!” He smiled and gave a little chuckle.

“So Bella… will you go on this date with me?”

“I would love to!” I replied with a smile. His smile grew so big that I thought it might fall off.

He grabbed my hand and we started skating under the moon and the stars. I’m definitely glad that I followed all of those clues.

Liam wasn’t the best skater so he fell a lot. After a while we made our way back to the bench, put our shoes back on and had a nice picnic while sharing a blanket. After we sat looking at the stars, with Liam’s arm securely around my waist.

I felt a pair of slightly cold lips on my cheek and turned to see a blushing red Liam.

“You missed…” I smiled.

“What?” He asked like a confused puppy. Well I could show him better than I could tell him. I brought my lips to his and my body warmed with sparks. We kept our lips together, unmoving for a few seconds before pulling away smiling at each other with our foreheads. He had his eyes closed and he was smiling like a complete idiot. He brought his lips to mine again but only for a brief peck.

“How about I walk you home…. I don’t want you to get sick because of me….” He was so adorable and considerate.

“Okay c’mon” I said as I pulled him up and we gathered our stuff. We walked back to Amelia and I’s flat, holding hands and asking each other random questions.

He walked me to my door and asked him if he wanted to come in and warm up with a bit of tea he accepted gratefully to be out of the cold. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the kettle.

“I’m home! And I brought Batman!” I said throwing a wink at Liam as I walked into the living room only to realize the love birds weren’t here. Well poo!  Liam and I just sat and talked over tea until he realized it was midnight and the lovebirds weren’t home yet, so they probably went back to Liam and Nialls flat.

“Well you could sleep on my bed and I can take the couch…”

“I’m not taking your bed. I can take the couch!”

“Yes but you’re tall and won’t fit on the couch as easily as me, a small person, can.” I argued.

“How about I just sleep on the floor in your room…..”

“Well I have a queen bed and if you sleep above the sheet and I sleep under it, it should be ok.”

“Good plan Batman!”

“I thought you were batman…” I asked seriously but then couldn’t hold it and burst into laughter. He just pouted his lips in a deflated way but he looked so cute I gave him a quick kiss and ran down the hall to my room. Liam quickly running after me, forgot he was a runner!

His arms tightened around my waist and he picked me up and spun me around while I giggled. He flipped me around so I was facing him and his face turned very serious, stopping my giggles as I looked into his eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” Normally I would have answered with ‘you just did’ but something in his eyes said it wasn’t time for jokes.  So I just nodded my head.

“What would you do if I hadn’t done all of this today….did you like me before?”

“Of course I had a crush on you but I told myself a long time ago not to get my hopes up because I knew you would never be mine…. That’s probably why I never pegged you as a candidate for Batman because I told myself it would never happened I believed it so thoughts of you would be stopped from connecting with the thoughts of a relationship…” I trailed off.

“Well how’s this for a relationship?” he pulled me even closer and leaned down to connect our lips and we moved them in perfect sync only pulling away for air.

“So what do you think?”

“About what?”

“Being my girlfriend!”

“Is that even a question?!” I said as I pulled his face down to mine again. He pulled back and smiled.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Girlfriend!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Boyfriend!”

The end!

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