One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


6. Confession the Beach *Zayn& Monica*


Confession the Beach *Zayn& Monica*

***Monica’s POV***

“Hey Zayn?” I asked my boyfriend of three years as we walked down the Hawaiian beach. Just wondering aimlessly.

“Yes, Love?” he smiled.

“Do you ever wants kids…?”

“Of course I do!” pecking me on the cheek as he said this, sending an electrical current through my cheek and leaving a warm tingly sensation behind.

Although his answer was reassuring, I still couldn’t help but be worried. He probably means later in life when he’s married, not now.

“Why do you ask?” he pulled me into his by my waist and stopped us from walking. I guess I should just come right out and say it.

“Be-Because…. I-I”

“Monica, you what honey?”

“I-I” I couldn’t get it out, I started crying and fell to the sandy ground beneath me, Zayn softened the blow by catching me by my waist and gently putting me down on the sand, then sitting next to me he pulled my crying figure into his lap.

“Honey! You can be honest with me…” I didn’t answer I just kept crying.

“Monica… If you’re trying to tell me you’re… pregnant, I already know…” he said sheepishly.

“wha-Wha-What? How?!” I tried to talk but the words kept getting caught in my throat.

“Well, I found the pregnancy test in the bin… and then the other one…”

“Wh-Why didn’t you te-tell me you Kn-kn-knew?”

“I wanted you to tell me when you were ready. So you wouldn’t think that I hated the fact that you were pregnant. After a few days of thinking about it, I realized that I was in love with the idea of being a father. Right now, I couldn’t be happier, well I would be a lot happier if you would stop crying.” He cupped my cheek and ran his thumb over my tear tracks.

“But what about the band, I-I don’t want this to reflect badly on you lads.”

“If it does, who cares? I’m not going to get rid of our baby because a few people don’t like it. Besides its not like we can’t afford a child.”

“I guess you’re right….”

“Everything is going to be fine Baby girl!” he said kissing my forehead.

“Everything is going to be fine as long as I have you by my side!”



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