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5. Are We Friends or Are We More- *Louis and Maria*


One Shots are still open! Inbox me or comment! I decided to mix it up and make this one cheesy but with just a pinch of romance, not really… I don’t know what this is!

I wrote this for my friend Maria and she’s just a cutie!

Anywhore, Onward!

WAIT WAIT WAIT! What would you guys think if I mixed this up and did some with people like Josh Devine, Ed Sheeran, Conor Maynard ETC. or the bromances… I don’t want to do it if people aren’t going to like it…

Conductive criticism welcome!

Am I doing the Dirty scenes justice?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Now you can go read!


Are We Friends or Are We More- Louis and Maria

***Maria’s POV***

“LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as I saw my best friend walking from his plane terminal, getting off of his flight back from his American tour with the boys, he had been gone for 8 months.

“Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed back with just as much enthusiasm! We started to run full speed for each other. Kind of like one of those cheesy airport scenes where the couple run into each other’s arms in a passionate embrace.

Except, we weren’t a couple…. Just best friends, I want us to be more but I don’t think that Lou does. The whole time he was away, all I could think was how much I missed him, then I realized that I loved him. Crazy right, I have never liked cliché’s, like the whole “best friends fall in love” bit was never something I thought was cute, I always thought it was overused and stupid. But now I can see just how real it was, well kind of because this was a one sided thing.

Oh right! I was running towards Louis! Well I was until there was the tragedy that is water on the floor. I slipped which caused me to hurtle right into an unprepared Louis. With my sudden weight we fell to the floor, Louis on top of me, just a pile of dead weight, depriving my lungs of oxygen.


“Really Lou, bringing that up?”

“Yes!!!!!!” Ok so you know that Justin Bieber song Maria? Well he always says that line whenever I do something to annoy him, or really anything (A/N true story! I do that with the real Maria all the time!) Louis was still lounged on top of me… in the middle of the airport... still crushing my lungs.

“Hey Lou…?”


“GET OFF OF ME YOU LAZY LARD OF TUB!” I used all my remaining air to scream.

“OK!” he said cheerily as he rolled off of me and stood up.

“You really need to lay off the fast food Lou!” I said as he pulled me up, with a little too much force, making me collide into his chest.

Our eyes locked together and I blushed. I coughed awkwardly to cover my blush and to make it so he wouldn’t look at my flaming cheeks and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

“I missed you Lou!” I said but it was muffled by his firm chest. He was a lot taller than me so the top of my head reached his collar bone

“I missed you too Mia!” he chuckled. I smiled up at him and he leaned his head down to my ear.

“I love you, Mia” he whispered, tickling my ear with his breath.

“I love you too, Lou!” But I felt like my ‘I love you’ was different than his, his meant “I love you, best friend’ while mine meant ‘I love you to the moon and back’ I honestly felt more love for him than anyone else.

A look of worry quickly flashed across his face, and a look I saw the day he auditioned for the X Factor, Nervousness, but his eyes shone nothing but love and adoration.

“C-can I tell you, a-a-a-a- something?” his eyes trailed off away from my gaze.

“Of course Lou, you can tell me anything.” I smiled while looking into his ocean blue eyes.

“I um, li-like you, like a lot” My stomach erupted with butterflies, no overgrown elephants, at his words.

“I like you a lot too, Lou” I giggled, the fudge, I never giggle.

“No not like that. I like li-” I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth and standing on my tip- toes while making him look into chocolate brown eyes.

“I like you too Lou!”

“weawwy?” I pulled my hand away from his mouth and nodded giving him a sheepish smile. All while his smile grew bigger than a crescent moon. Before I could think of what to do next, I was pulled into another bone crushing hug.

He loosened his grip around my shoulders and I put my arms around his neck, my head still resting on his chest.

“You know, all throughout the tour, all I could think about was how much I missed you. How much I wanted to tell you how I felt.” I looked up into his eyes.

“Me too Louis. I just didn’t want to lose you and our friendship because I was selfish…” I looked down, ashamed of how cowardly I was. I felt his finger on my chin, pulling my head up so I would meet his eyes.

“Hey, you couldn’t lose me if you tried!” He whispered against my lips, sending sparks every time they grazed each other’s.

“I love you Louis” I whispered before connecting our lips. The kiss was sweet and loving. Long overdue as well. I heard the wolf whistles from the other boys and I pulled my lips away from Louis’ to bury my face in his chest while pulling his shirt forward to cover my blush as best I could.

“Don’t worry babe, they’re just jealous!” I smiled and pulled my face from his shirt and stood on my toes to kiss his cheek.

“You’re mine now!” he whispered as he kissed me once more before grabbing my hand in his left and his luggage in his right before making his way to the airport doors. We stepped outside to be engulfed in a swarm of paparazzi.

“Louis! Louis! We saw your kiss! Are you two officially dating?!” One screamed. Louis smiled and looked at me lovingly.

“Yes this is my girlfriend now move aside peasants! We have a date with my DVD player!”


Ok! I hope you liked it!



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