One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


3. Anniversary Date *Sonya and Niall!*


Hi! My name is Sonya and I have been dating Niall Horan for 3 years tomorrow. I have a feeling that he doesn’t remember our anniversary because he has not acted any different than normal. It kind of upsets me really!


I was out getting frozen yogurt with Ed, Josh, and Jenna. We had been discussing what they think is up with Niall. Jenna is hell bent that he is acting and he has a big surprise for me. After about another 10 minutes of talking about Ninya, yeah that’s the name the fans chose! We switched topics to Rosh


“So Josh! How have things been with Rose? You have been dating for a long time! When are you going to pop the question?” Jenna asked.


“Uh, we’re great! I’m really not sure yet! I definitely know that I want to but I just don’t know how! I want it to be romantic but I don’t want it cliché because if there is one thing Rose hates its cliché!”


“Let’s brainstorm shall we?” Ed asked. He put on a weird constipated look and began to rub his temples. We all just laughed at him.


“Hey Ed! You okay? You look like you’re constipated!” I laughed.


“Wha? Dis mah thinkin’ face!” he tried, but he couldn’t quite pull off the voice.


“Anywhore! When were you thinking of asking her?” Jenna asked.


“Umm..well I was thinking maybe within the month…maybe I should take her on a picnic in the park and propose after…?”


“That sounds too cliché….just a little....” Jenna trailed off.


“Well Sonya you’re a girl right?” Josh asked. Serious? I looked down in fake confusion and pulled up my skirt a little and looked.


“Well I sure don’t see a dingaling so yeah!”


“Ha Ha very funny! Now! If Niall were to propose to you how would you want him to do it?” I blushed, thinking of when Niall would propose, or if he would at all.


“W-why are you asking me?”


“Well I can’t very well ask Jenna with Ed sitting here! AWKWARD!”


“Oh well…. ugh…. When I pictured it… it was never fancy or anything. He would just pull out a ring at dinner, Maybe put ‘will you marry me?’ in peperoni on a pizza, or when we woke up the morning after, err, activities…I dunno really” I blushed a deep shade of red, I could just tell.


“Well you are no help! AND EEEWWWW!!!!!!!!!” I just gave him a sorry smile.


“Well sorry Ed but Jenna how would you have Eddie here propose?”


“I shall tell you later, Mr. Devine!”


“Wha? Why?” Ed asked.


“So you can’t cheat!” she said poking his nose. They really were adorable!


“Fine!” he pouted.


I checked my phone seeing it was half 8 . I sighed and grabbed my bags and said my goodbyes. Wishing Josh good luck with his proposal problem. Walking down the dimly lit street and made my way back to Niall and I’s flat.


I walked in and put my keys in the bowl, setting my purse on the kitchen table.


“NIALL?” I called. No answer. I saw the not on the fridge in Niall’s messy handwriting.


            Hi babe! I have to go to the studio and record some of the album, I should be back later! Don’t wait up if I don’t get back soon!   



                                                                                                                        -Your Niall



I sighed. I wish he was here. It seems like we don’t talk as much, sometimes I feel like we are drifting apart. His crazy schedule always demands his full attention. Trust me when I say I want his music career to come first! But I just wish that I could have his full attention every once and a while. When we are together, we are the couple, madly in love and passionate. But I feel like poop when we aren’t together and we actually are drifting apart.


His recording schedule seems to have become even more demanding. He is almost always at the studio, they must be recording a killer long album…but then why don’t the other boys have to be in the studio as much?


I trust Niall but I can’t stop the feeling that I keep having that he might be avoiding me. I heave a sigh and brush away the thought! I decide to relax myself with a bath. So I go upstairs to the en suite and switch on the water to as hot as I can stand it. I go back to the bedroom and grab a fluffy towel, my iPod, speakers, and phone. I go back to the bathroom and plug in my speakers and turn on my iPod the soft melody of ‘Kiss Me’ started to play as I striped off my cloths and lower myself into the perfectly warm tub. It still gets weird listening to song and thinking my friends are the ones behind the microphone.


I rested my head on a rolled up towel behind my head. Closing my eyes and letting the steamy water flowing from the jets pummel the stress and worry from my body. I could feel my eyelids getting slightly heavy. I was listening to ‘Little Things’ letting the boys’ voices lull me into a deep sleep, still in the bathtub.


I could faintly hear shuffling around the flat, but I was too deep in sleep to realize that I was home alone. I could also faintly hear my name being called.


“Sonya…..Sonya…I’m home!” I thought it was just another part of my dream. You know those dreams when everything that goes on around you is a part of your dream? Yeah those dreams.


“Sonya?” I heard much closer now, but still far away. I was still out but I was being slowly pulled out of the darkness every time my name was called.


I heard the bathroom door click open and felt a familiar presence kneel beside the tub. “Sonya, honey?” He had a distinct Irish accent that I knew all too well. He must have realized that I was actually asleep because I felt his familiar arms pick me up bridal style and wrap me into a towel. I was still out but I could just tell that he would be trying not to look at my naked body. He was such a puppy in that sense.


Of course he has seen me naked before but that was when, first I knew he was doing it and, second it was when we were blinded by our hunger for each other. I love how sweet his is! I could feel him place me onto the big, soft bed.


“Sleep tight, Love!” he kissed my forehead and tried to walk away. But I grabbed his hand to stop him from leaving. “stay” I mumbled as best I could leaving my eyes shut.


He released my hand and I frowned internally. But soon felt the bed dip and his arms circle my waist and pull me close to his warm chest. As I plunged into the darkness of sleep I heard a faint “I love you” Smiling I let everything go black.


I woke up and reached my hand out for Niall. My hands just came up with the bare sheets. I sat up with a sigh, realizing that I was still in just a towel. I walked to my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of sweats and Niall’s shirt. I checked my phone to see the time and found that I had no new messages either.


It was only half 11 so I made my way down to make myself some lunch. I went to the kitchen and walked to the fridge. I saw the neon yellow paper with Niall’s messy scrawl and read it to find that he would be recording all day again. YIPPY! Note my sarcasm.


I opened the fridge with a sigh. Wow I have been sighing a lot lately! I just pulled out the bologna and shut the fridge with maybe a little too much force. It rebounded back open just to come closed again. I pulled out the white bread, cooking spray and a frying pan. Turning the range on medium heat and giving it a nice even coating. I put 3 pieces of bologna into the pan only to be answered by a sizzle. While that was cooking I took out four pieces of bread and grabbed the mayonnaise and BBQ sauce then shut the door a little more softly. I buttered the bread with a light coating of mayonnaise and just a drizzle of BBQ. Oh don’t give me that look it tastes fantastic!


I switched the bologna with another three pieces and started eating my first sandwich as the pieces cooked. Once the other bologna was done I grabbed the 1 ½ sandwiches and grabbed my laptop. Checking twitter, I ignored the hate and saw #HAPPYANNIVERSERYNONYA<3 and #WELOVENONYA! Was trending worldwide. If Niall forgot he sure won’t be in the dark about the days significance for long.


I had just finished my lunch when my phone buzzed. Grabbing it from the table beside me I saw that Jenna had texted me that she was taking me to lunch and to dress comfy but bring something hot and all my ‘sexy makeup’! Eh I just ate but hey! FREE FOOD! What can I say I eat like Niall, sometimes more!


I went to Niall and I’s bedroom and got my black pencil skirt and a blue flowy top and put on the necklace that Niall got me. It was a heart with and N in the middle and the heart was outlined by diamonds. I grabbed my cream colored heels and set them on the bed. I noticed my closet was looking kind of bare, Laundry day must be soon!


I walked over to my vanity and applied light eyeliner, a light blue eye shadow, some mascara and put on my pink grapefruit chap stick. I left my hair down and brushed it to its natural way state. I grabbed my heels and slid them on. People tell me all the time that they are jealous of me because I am apparently a ‘pro’ at wearing heels. I don’t see how it’s so hard to walk in them but I guess.


I went into the living room and grabbed my phone putting it into my skirt pocket. Yes pockets! Anywhore, I texted Jenna that I was ready and she said that she would be here in about 10 minutes. I plopped down on the sofa to wait and grabbed Catching Fire. I was re-reading it again and was just at the part where they are on the train ride to the Capitol for the games.


I continued reading and my phone buzzed. The caller I.D. reading JENNA-BEAR!!!!!!!!<3


(A/N S is Sonya and J is Jenna!)


S: ELLO!!!!!


J: Get your fine little booty down here!


S: Tay! But my booty is not small or fine!


J: *le sigh* yes it is! Bow hurry up and we shall finish our butt conversation on the way!


S: OTAY! I’m coming!


J: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


S: Wow you are mature!


J: Why thank you Captain Obvious!


S: You’re welcome Sergeant Sarcasm!


J: Whatever Lieutenant Loser!


S: MMMHHMMM!! I am hanging up now as I am right outside your window! *Click*


I saw Jenna whip her head around and she jumped a mile, obviously frightened that I was right next to her without her knowledge! But hey wouldn’t you too? I just walked around the car and hopped in.


“So where are we going?” I asked as her face regained colour.


“Oh Ugh it’s a…erm surprise…” She was hiding something! Time to become Detective Sonya!


“Jenna I am aware that you are hiding something from me! Now if you would be so kind as to share this information, I will not have to use force!” I said in my ‘official’ voice. She just giggled and shook her head.


“Ah the silent treatment, eh? I didn’t want to have to do this but...” I put my hand on her knee and spread my fingers out over the cap and she wiggled in discomfort.


“Stop it Sonya, I’m not telling you! I have been sworn to secrecy! So SHHHH!” I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest and pouted like a child. POOP! I had just realized how long we have been driving for. I looked at the clock on the dash to see that it was half 1. O.O


Where on earth are we going? Time to annoy the shit out of Jenna until she talks.


“Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, JENNA, JENNA, JENNA!!!!” I could see her hands clench on the wheel as I persisted to say her name with increased volume each time.


“Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, JENNA, JENNA, JENNA!!!!” she just kept her hard glare on the road as she flicked on the radio and Taylor Swifts new song blasted through the speakers.




I have never liked Taylor, and my hatred for her only increased when she started dating Harry and she made Niall cry. Jenna knows my hatred for her, but she doesn’t hate her, she more strongly dislikes her. Taylor was always little miss nice around Ed and Harry because, well she’s cra-cra.


Jenna has never seen the side of Taylor that I have, I don’t think Harry has either. When she was attacking Niall, Harry was not in the room. The she-devil had him go and get her a latte. Then when Harry came back we all had to keep our mouths shut about it because she threatened us. Taylor didn’t know that Fizz was in the room so that’s how that got out. I’m glad it did too, that bitch needs to get what she gives.


“Naw I think I wanna keep it on!” Jenna smirked.


“If you switch it off, I will stop bugging you! BAH!”


“you sure?”




“TAY!” she switched the station and Marianas Trench started blasting through her speakers. I pretended to wipe the imaginary sweat off of my forehead as I resituated myself on the seat after crawling into the fetal position.


We rode the rest of the way without talking much and letting the music soothe us, switching the station when Blondie came on -.- HATE HER!


She finally stopped and all I could see was a crappy motel in the middle of a deserted street. I was starting to doubt that she had the right directions or she just brought me here to kill me. I doubted the second choice but hey who knows?


“Are you sure that this is the right place? Or did you just bring me here to kill me?” I asked in the most serious tone I could muster.


“Come on moppet! Lets go inside!”


“So what is the point of this?”


“You’ll see!”


I got out of the car and we walked into the check in lobby. It was ere and creepy. I was getting creeped out now. We walked up to a desk to see a man with a button up shirt and jacket with brown hair and hipster glasses. When he spoke he had a thick Scouse accent.


“Welcome to the Bates motel! I’m Norman, how may I help you…Naw I’m just kidding! Im Jesse welcome to the Darwell Motel! We have been expecting you Ms. Jackson!”


*GASP* “He knows my name! I knew your intentions were to kill me! I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” I tried to run back to the car but she pulled me back with a laugh.


“I’m not trying to kill you dofus! I called ahead! I brought you here for a weekend to yourself! It was Niall’s idea actually! I’m just the messenger, he said that he wanted you to relax and take a break from UNI because you looked too stressed.” Jenna smiled at her accomplishment while I frowned. Niall must not want me at our flat anymore, and I’m not stressed from UNI I’m stressed from him not being here most of the time.


“Aww what’s wrong boo?” Jenna asked hugging me.


“I’m not stressed from school…I’m stressed because I never see Niall anymore and I feel like he doesn’t love me anymore…like this ‘relaxation weekend’ is really just a reason to get rid of me…I-I just don’t think that I can do this anymore…” I could feel the tears and I was happy that I didn’t put makeup on this morning.


“Oh yes he does!!!!” she said as she shot daggers to the hotel guy who’s brown eyes looked pained.


“No he doesn’t! He’s always recording! When we’re together we are perfect but when he’s gone all day I feel alone all the time!” I looked at the Hotel guy and saw that he was staring or more like he had a hard glare set at the wall behind us.


Jenna caught his glare and they seemed to be having a conversation with their eyes. Soon he walked around the counter and I could smell the Armani Mania by now… He reminds me of Niall but was getting too close for comfort.


“Yes, I do!” Although now instead of a thick Scouce accent, I was met with a familiar Irish one that I loved but hated at the same time. I blinked in shock. Guy must be good at impressions.


“E-Excuse me?”


“I do love you!”


“Wh-what? I don’t even know you…I-I”


***Niall’s POV***


God I feel like such a dick! How could I have done this to her?


Cause you were trying to finish your recording so that you could do all of this for her!



Thanks inner thought! That really makes it so much better! -.-


I can’t believe that she hasn’t figured out that it was me yet….I mean I just told her I loved her and I cut the accent… although I can’t blame her! When I am upset I’m not the most observant either! I decided to help her out a little and pulled off the glasses, fake nose, and wig. The contacts would have to wait.


Her face contorted into shock and then she started full on sobbing. I took her from Jenna, who was still hugging her, and just held her there in my arms. I picked her up and sat down on the chair so she was cradled into my lap and rubbed my hand up and down her back while trying to calm her with soothing words of endearment.


Jenna cleared her throat awkwardly and excused herself saying that she was going to go and give us our privacy. I just gave her a thankful smile.


“Did you really think that I was trying to get rid of you?” I asked in a whisper. She started to hiccup and she answered me with a hurt tone that stabbed through my heart and almost killed me.


“I felt like it because you’re never home….I thought that you were trying to get away from me…”


“No, I wasn’t, I was trying to get all of my recordings done, and was trying to get this all planned out and set so that I could make this special for you, for us!” She kept sniffling as she tried to process this.


“So you were doing all this for me…while I doubted your love for me…? Niall I’m so sorry!” She started crying again as she buried her face back into my shirt. She was hyperventilating so hard that I thought that she would inhale a button!


“Oh No No honey! You had every right! I was trying to juggle too much and I forgot the reason to do all of that in the process. I should have made you a top priority and I didn’t so I should be the one saying sorry!” we just sat there cuddled on the hard wooden chair while Sonya calmed down. 


“So… do you want to know what I have planned for our 3 week vacation?”


“THREE WEEKS?!? How on earth did you swing that one?”


“Well….I had to get all of my recor- wait didn’t we just discuss this?”




“Anyways! Come on I’ll show you!”


***Sonya’s POV***


Niall pulled me up and ran to the key counter and grabbing brass key from the counter, he grabbed my hand and he pulled me to a room that didn’t look like it was infested with bugs or anything, it actually looked relatively clean.


“So our three week vacation is being spent in a surprisingly clean motel room?” I asked as I walked over to the bathroom to find a yellowing shower, sink, medicine cabinet, and toilet.


“No… we are only here for 2 days until our flight to the Bahamas….” He trailed off leaving tender kisses down my neck. HOLY FLASHING TOOTHBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!! (Liam’s fault, not mine!) I decided to voice my thoughts also scaring the poop out of Niall. Oops!


“HOLY FLASHING TOOTHBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS IN THE BAHAMAS!?!?!?!” Once his heart recovered from stopping, he laughed at my reaction.


“More like two weeks and three days but, while we’re waiting for our flight, I have some ideas!” He said mischievously.


“Like what?” I asked with a smirk. We both looked at each other evilly.


“PRANK CALLS!” We said simultaneously.


Niall and I were currently lying in bed after a shit ton of prank calls which let to some fans getting very lucky today!


One even knew Niall’s Scouse accent so well that she just started screaming and yelling how much she loved him! Thank goodness for *67 or else we would be in some deep shiz!


“I’ll be right back I’m just going to take these god damn annoying contacts out!” Niall said from where we were laying on the bed. The brown was definitely a change that I didn’t like. His eyes were too pretty for colored contacts. He ran back and plopped back down next to me onto the bed, his arms pulling me to him by my waist.


“Hey Sonya?” Niall asked in my ear after a few minutes of just enjoying each other’s presence as he spooned me in the back. His bare chest against my cami top clad torso.




“When you said that you were done…did you mean it?” He asked worry laced his voice and it cracked towards the end. I turned over in his arms and kissed his lips with so much passion I thought my lips would explode.


“I’m not going anywhere!” I whispered against lips then reconnected them with a smack.


We must have been just making out for a half hour when he started kissing my neck, searching for my sweetspot.


“Hey Niall! You know what we haven’t done for a while?” I asked seductively.


“MMM” he just moaned against my neck. I flipped us so that I was lying on top of his chest. I slid down so that my knees were in-between his legs, and my lips were kissing his chest. I moved my lips up to his neck and started kissing a trail down his neck to his chest as I talked.


“Nice…Hard….Rough….Hot…Sex!” With every pause I left a kiss farther down his body, but brought my face back up to his ear as I finished. Then bit his ear and pulled it down, then went back to his neck.


I found his sweet spot and started sucking and biting, causing a moan to erupt from Niall’s mouth as I smirked against his neck, I flicked my tongue over the now red area to stop the burning.


Niall flipped us over so that he was on top of me and he went to work on my neck. I could feel his fingers trailing at my shirt line around my waist and I sat forward so he could pull my shirt off. He pulled it off along with my sports bra and reconnected our lips. His tongue flicked across my lips and I decided to tease him a little and I kept my lips shut. He obviously didn’t like this because he groaned against my mouth.


But hey! It wouldn’t be crazy hot sex without it though right? Well Niall didn’t think so as he bit my lip hard, causing my mouth to open as I tried to pull my lip back. He snuck his tongue through the gap into my mouth and he started exploring my already familiar mouth. I could feel his victory smirk and already knew that he would get it later. I started his punishment by lifting my knee up and gingerly rubbing it against his crotch making him moan in pleasure again.


After a few more minutes of just exploring each other’s mouths, I flipped us over again so that I was on top of him and I left his lips to make a trail of kisses to the line of his sweatpants, he started squirming once I reached his happy trail and I started to flick my tongue out onto his sweet skin while my fingers pulled at his waist band.


I finally pulled them down and his erection flew up and slapped his stomach. I don’t think that I will ever get used to how amazingly big he is! I took him into my hand and looked up at him with a smirk as he had the sheets in his hands and his eyes shut as I spread the pre-cum over his head with my thumb.


“Sonya!” he moaned through tight lips as I teasingly stroked his shaft slowly, while gently squeezing now and again as I at between his legs with my face close to his cock


“MMM, you like that baby?”


“Yes! Now can we pick this up before I die?!” he asked hurriedly, and with that I took his whole member into my mouth, causing Niall to jump in surprise. I bobbed my head as I deep throated as much of him that would fit into my mouth and gagged a little at his massive size.


I continued this for a few minutes and then I brought him all the way out, then teasingly focused on just his tip, then went all the way back down, then back up. I was back at his tip when he moaned for me to stop teasing, and slammed his whole length back into the back of my throat and I gagged again from the sheer size. So I continued blowing him and soon felt him twitch into my throat and I obviously swallowed.


He flipped us over so that his face was now at my entrance and he started to rub my clit and I scooted up the bed so that my head was on the pillow so that Niall could lay on the bed. He was rubbing me slowly causing me to writhe and arch my back to make him go faster. Getting the memo, he started rubbing my clit as fast as his nimble fingers would allow and then he slowed them again, the bugger! He then started eating me out and slipped two fingers into me.


He started pumping in and out of me until I squirted all over his fingers and mouth. He licked his fingers like he was licking the peri-peri sauce off of Nando’s!


He brought himself back up so that our lips were one again, and I could feel his dick hardening against my thigh as we made out. He pulled back from my lips to look into my eyes.


“You ready, sweetheart?” he asked with concern, because he knew that it would hurt a bit from his size. I just put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down so that my lips were at his ear.


“Niall, I want you to Rock Me!” I growled seductively. He just smirked and pecked my lips as he positioned himself into the best position to ‘Rock Me’. He pulled my legs up around his hips as he sat on his knees and leaned forward to get extra leverage. I could tell he was worried about me being in pain. Bless his heart! As I arched my back for him to enter me, I must have knocked Niall’s phone that was lying on the bed and hit speed dial 2 because soon Niall fell on top of me, both of us laughing our arses off as the chorus of ‘Rock Me’ started blasting through the speaker of my phone that was lying on the nightstand. I swithched off the phone and we got back to business, well kind of because Niall was hesitating again.


“Ni, I’ll be fine, I promise! I trust you.” I said and kissed his cheek, with that he slowly slid his length. I winced and he gave me more than enough time to adjust once he saw my face. Now I was getting antsy because he wasn’t starting and I was horny!


*if you aren’t listening yet, play the song!*


“Niall! Fucking go already!” I yelled once I couldn’t take the in-activity any longer and he slowly started moving his hips back and forth with my own. He slowly started to gain speed and he kept hitting my g-spot every time our hips slapped against each other. Our moans bouncing off of the walls and mingling with one another.  Our breaths coming in short puffs as my legs started to grow numb.


Niall then pulled out just to the tip then slammed back in, he did this three more times until he pulled out and slammed back in, leaving all of his weight on our hips as he held them there. I groaned as the pleasure was almost too much to bear. He then shocked me by vibrating his body and moving his cock in the most exotic vibration that send me flying over the edge and cumming all over his dick, tightening my walls and causing Niall to pulse in me, our juices mingling.


We rode out our highs and Niall collapsed next to me out of breath and panting. He pulled me close by my waist and pulled the sheet over our clammy bodies.


“I love you, Sonya” he whispered into my ear and then kissed my cheek.


“I love you too, Niall! Forever!” I said snuggling into his arms and falling into a deep sleep.


*Next Morning Sonya’s POV*


I woke up to the sound of the shower and I stretched my sore body. Well nothing like the after effects of hot sex! I pulled on Nialls shirt that I was hanging out of his open suit case and my hot pants. I heard Nialls phone ding the familiar chime for Jenna and picked it up off the bed. It was only Jenna after all so I wasn’t snooping.


My breath hitched in my throat as I read the four words that I wasn’t expecting at all to see on the small screen. I didn’t realize how quiet it was until it was broken by Nialls worried voice asking what was wrong.


I think it clicked when my wide shocked eyes connected with his, and his phone slipped out of my hands and onto the bed. His eyes went wide as he snatched the phone off the bed and read the text displayed on the lock screen.




“Are you really going to propose?” Disbelief in my voice.


“Uh… yeah… tonight actually…. This kind of ruined the surprise though” he said rubbing his neck as I just sat there in shock. It must have been five minutes before his strained voice reached my ears again.


“So… will you?” If I didn’t know better I would say that he thought that I would say no. But my body not responding I just sat there with shock still on my face.


“Yes…”I heard myself mumble.




“Yes!” I said clearer this time “YES, YES, YES!” I jumped up and flung myself into his arms.




“YES!!!!” He just gave a relieved laugh as he kissed me with such passion that my knees gave out and it was a good thing that his arms were supporting my weight. We fell onto the bed and made love to one another, it was nice and loving, not hard and hot.


We spent the rest of the day in bed Only getting up for food which the room had a conveniently stocked fridge. I also got up for a shower and Niall trailed behind to continue our…activities...


That is all beautiful potatoes!! Im off to bed! Yupp! 10:30 on a Friday! I live a crazy life! Well its earlier than the normal four in the morning. Well I’m rambling now!


Be sure to check out “The Mute One” and “I Was The Mute One…” Seriously!


                                                                                                            -Mrs. Horan


P.S. High five to me for converting a hater into a Directioner! She graduated into the family today as a proud Directioner!

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