One Direction One Shots

Just One shots for my friends and stuff


1. Makeup Sex! *Niall and Sam!*


I was sitting on the couch searching through my iPhone when I got a text from my friend Ashley with a link. I opened it and my heart immediately dropped to my stomach and my breath hitched in my throat. It was an article on some gossip site the headline read "Niall Horan caught lip locking with a pregnant woman in front of Ashton Jewelers! Is it his baby? Did he cheat on his longtime girlfriend Samantha Petix? Is it splits Ville for the pair and has Niall already found a new girl?" with a picture of Niall underneath sucking face with blonde girl who looked like she was going to give birth any second! I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes but I wouldn't let them fall!


I heard the door open and the voice that five minutes ago would give me shivers but now made my skin crawl. There was one thing that I couldn't stand and that was a cheater!


"Sam! I'm home! I need to talk to you like NOW!" Here comes the break up!


"I'm in the living room! I have to talk to you too!" I said trying to keep the pain, hurt and venom from entering my voice. He entered the open room and sat down awkwardly on the coffee table in front of me. I kept my face as normal as possible, it wouldn't have mattered if I did or not because he kept his head and eyes down. He looked guilty, I wonder why -.-


"Um... do you want to go first...?" He asked in a small voice.


"Sure!" I said in a sickly sweet voice. Then continued in an extremely angry and loud manor. "I can't believe you cheated on me! Why dont you just go date her, because I'm obviously not good enough anymore!" I spat at him. His head snapped up to look at me with a hurt expression. Then his features turned hard and angry.


"I DIDN'T CHEAT ON YOU! I CANT BELIEVE YOU THINK I WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" He screamed back but then continued defeated and upset "For God’s sake Sam do you really think I'd do that?!" His eyebrows were knit together in a sad line, him feeling my distrust in him.


"Well you obviously did! There is a picture right here to prove it!" I said quieter but still angry throwing my phone at him. Though I was trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall, I could tell they wouldn’t stay in much longer. I hated that my tears would make me seem less angry and I hated Niall, the love of my life, for ripping my heart out and rolling over it with a steam roller.


"Well if you didn’t start screaming at me as soon as I walked through the door! You would have realized that I was on my way over here to explain what had happened! I still don’t know how they posted an article on it so fast!" He spat angrily again.


"Oh yeah! Of Course you were! How were you going to bring that one up?!? 'Oh hey Lauren! I cheated on you with some blonde skank! It was an accident though! There was a bug on her lips so i killed it with mine! Don’t feel betrayed though! I brought you a I'm sorry cake but I kind of ate it cause I was Hungry!' Get real Niall! I know you! You hate confrontation! You would have never told me about it! I wouldn't have ever found out had it not been for this article!"


"Actually I was going to tell you! You're the one person that I can’t hide something from! Not that i would hide that from you if I could! You know why, because I love you too much to hide something like that even if you think that it was something COMPLETELY different from what happened because you think you should believe a sleazy gossip site!" He took a deep breath in trying to calm himself. After he did this a few times he continued "What really happened was is that I went to the jewelry store to get you a surprise gift and-"


"And what? You saw a prettier girl and decided to snog her face off?!?" I cut him off yelling.


"NO! Not at all! I got your gift, I left the shop but held the door open for the girl because he looked like her stomach was about to burst open and I thought I would be nice. She thanked me, then I started walking back to the flat. Well I tried! I was about two steps ahead of her when she grabbed my sleeve, i looked back thinking she was going into labor or some shit when she grabbed the back of my head and started kissing me! I tried to push her off but she was strong and i didnt want to hurt her baby by pushing too hard!  Even Paul was trying to get her off but he didnt want to hurt her baby either! By the time she let me go the paps must have taken billions of pictures! I asked why the hell she would do that but she just ran away, pulling up her shirt and ripping off a pregnancy belly! I was pissed to shit but I couldn’t do anything about it! What was I even supposed to do?! I could think was 'I have to tell Lauren before she finds out by some gossip site' But I guess I was a little too late for that!" He said. The last sentence he was playing idly with my phone case looking down.


I snatched my phone away from him and looked at the picture one more time. He did genuinely seem to be pushing her away from him and they must have photo shopped Paul out because he wasn't anywhere in the picture.... Niall has never lied to me before and why would he lie about that! Just then I got a text from Paul telling me not to believe everything I read and to trust the ones I love!


I felt like such an idiot! I couldn't hold back my tears anymore! But now they weren't tears of anger and betrayal, they were tears of hate I currently feel towards my stupidity and stubbornness! I felt Niall’s familiar arms wrap around me as I kept sobbing and muttering about how sorry I was and how much of an idiot I was and how I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions!


He picked me up and sat on the couch with me in his lap as he gently stroked my hair as I stained his shirt with my tears. He kept whispering how he should be apologizing and how it was going to be okay! Eventually my sobs turned into hiccups and my breathing slowed back to normal. Niall just kept stroking my hair until I was completely calm.






"I'm sorry for not believing you and snapping at you."


"No Sam! If I saw a picture of some guy kissing you I would have lost it too!" I sat up a little so I could look into his beautiful blue eyes.


"It's still no excuse! What can I do to make it up to you?" He leaned close to my ear, his hot breathe tickling my skin


"Well.... I have some ideas!" He said seductively then started nibbling around my neck. I smiled knowingly and turned in his lap to straddle him, looking into his already lust filled eyes and pulling his lips up to mine. After a few seconds of just kissing his warm tongue slid across my bottom lip, asking for entrance, i decided to tease him so instead of letting him in to explore I ground my crotch down on his, making him moan and harden.


"C'mon Sam, no teasing tonight!" I just nodded because even though a little piece if me wanted to play with him a little, I just wanted to have him as fast as possible! He immediately suctioned his lips back to mine. But this time when he asks for entrance I give it to him right away. Our tongues immediately fighting for dominance. I just gave up and started exploring his familiar mouth. My hands started playing with the bottom hem of his 'Free Hugs' T-Shirt, telling him that I wanted it gone! He released my lips and I pulled it over his head. Once his was off he took off his mustache shirt that I was wearing and threw it somewhere in the room.


"Niall, let’s go to our bedroom!" I said our lips still connected


"Why? It's so far!" He whined his lips pouting against mine.


"Because it's more romantic than an uncomfortable couch"


"UGH Fine!" He sighed like it was the hardest task in the world. He scooped me up in his strong arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He reconnected our lips as he stumbled to the bedroom surprisingly not hitting anything.


He put me on the bed and left a wet trail of kisses from my lips, to my jaw, down my neck, over my collarbone and down to my bra line. I arched my back up and he snaked his hands behind me and unclasped my bra, he pulled the straps off my shoulders slowly, teasingly down my arms and he reattached his lips to just above my bra line.


"NIALL NO TEASING!" I moaned. My eyes closed as each kiss he gave me sent shocks throughout my body. He pulled my bra off and started sucking my left nipple, while his other hand played with my right.


"MMMM" I moaned as I played with the hem of his jeans, I started to rub his growing bulge, making him moan against my breast. He started making his way down to my SOFFE's with another trail of kisses, once he reached my shorts line he ripped them off, leaving me naked and him still in his trousers. He then kissed his way down to clit! He hovered over it, whatever happened to no teasing?


 "NIALL!" I moaned as quietly as I could and arched my back and pushed his head down he smirked against me and started eating me out he pushed two fingers into me and I growled in pleasure. He started off slow then got faster, curling his fingers and hitting my G Spot. I was biting my lip to quiet my screams if pleasure.


His tongue disappeared and his fingers stopped moving, I opened my eyes to see his blue eyes searching my grey ones,


"Lauren, I want you to scream my name! Don’t hold back! Make everyone in London know who I am! “I nodded and he went back to work. I was screaming, and I could tell that I was close. So could he because he went faster and faster. I was running my fingers through his hair and pulling on it. I could feel my wall threatening to tighten, I tried to hold on as long as I could but eventually i came all over Niall's fingers and he sucked it all up after I landed from my high.


He pulled himself back up to my lips and we kissed passionately, after a few minutes, I pulled back and flipped us over so I was on top of him. I moved my lips to his ear and whispered.


"My turn"


I kissed down to his trouser line and unbuttoned them dragged them down his legs with his boxers, once they were around his ankles he kicked them off. I took his already hard length into my hands and slowly stroked his shaft and brought my head down and gently kissed his head, he squirmed and I took his head into my mouth, I started moving my head up and down, gradually taking more and more of him each time, I was as far down as I could, my hand at the base where I couldn't reach. I was bobbing my head getting faster and faster each time i went back up, Niall's moans were filling the room.


I decided to have a little fun and slowed down and just sucked on the tip again, Niall growled from the loss of contact and he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed down, bucking his hips up and making me gag as all of him went into my mouth, but I ignored it and continued sucking, putting in as much of him as I could without gagging.


After a few more minutes of going at a steady pace he pulsed into my throat and I swallowed. "Ready
 for round two babe?" I asked with a smirk, because I could already see him hardening again. I crawled back up and kissed him lustfully and passionately. He rolled us over so he was on top.


"Ready?" He asked as he grabbed a condom from the bedside table and slipping it on. I just nodded and he positioned himself at my entrance, he slowly slid into me. It hurt a little bit and he waited for me to adjust to his size.


I nodded for him to continue and he started to thrust in and out of me. Slow at first but he gradually got faster. Our moans were filling the room.


"Deeper...faster....Harder, Niall, harder!" I moaned in-between my many raged breaths. He lifted my left leg onto my shoulder and leaned forward pushing himself deeper into me. With this new angle he was hitting my G Spot perfectly! Our moans were mingling with each other like our bodies.


I was close again and I could tell he was too because he was panting even harder and there was sweat pouring down his body, his blonde hair damp.


"Ni, I’m close!" I moaned.


"Me too! Just a minute longer, princess! I nodded too consumed with moans to speak! He kept pumping in and out of me, in and out, in and out! It was getting hard to hold back from releasing.


"Niall I can’t hold it in much longer!" I panted and brought my arms around his neck then dragging my nails down his back, most likely leaving heavy marks.


He moaned again and said "Alright... on the....count of… Three!" he panted out of breath from the large amount of exertion.


"Three" I panted.


"Two" He mirrored.


"One!" we said together, letting ourselves go. I felt my walls tighten around him, making his member pulse and shoot into the thin latex barrier. We rode out our highs together and Niall collapsed onto me. It was minutes before our breath became normal again. Niall finally rolled off of me and lay beside me, I cuddled into his chest and he removed his right arm from around my shoulders and brought the duvet over our naked bodies.


"I think that we should fight more often!" Niall said.


"Why? Just so we can have hot makeup sex after?!" I said with fake anger.


"NO because fighting keeps the relationship healthy! Gives you something to work through and prove that the relationship is always worth a little fight!" He replied with a little bit of actual anger in his voice.


"Niall I was kidding! I was putting your suggestion to use but I guess I'm a better actress than I thought!" I said then burst out laughing.


"And the biggest idiot award goes to Niall James Horan!" he said, making me laugh harder.


"Aww babe! You're not an idiot you're just a special snowflake who isn’t very observant and can be a little slow sometimes!" I explained.


"Oh so that’s what you think of me, eh? I'll show you slow!" he turned us so he was hovering over my body, I giggled as he attacked my lips. We moved our lips in perfect sync, just enjoying the kiss and not focusing on going any farther. Our lips connected in pure love and passion.


"Mmm!" Niall pulled away. "That reminds me!" He got out from under the covers and went to his underwear drawer, pulling out a pair of new boxers saying "I'll be right back! I'm just going to run to the living room to grab your surprise!" he ran out of the room.


I got up and went into his closet and grabbed one of his shirts and a pair of boxers from his drawer. Then I walked back over to our bed and grabbed my charm bracelet. He always gets me a charm for my bracelet every now and again. He has for years! It's just become a sort of tradition.


I plopped down on the bed waiting for Niall to come back. "Told you, you were slow!" I said with a smirk when he finally came back into our room.


"Yeah, Yeah! I was putting my cloths back on!"


"BUT WHY?!? I like seeing your little Irish fanny in just boxers!"


"Ha Ha very funny!"


"No! I'm serious! It's sexy!" I said as I got up and walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Kissing each other with passion and love like we were before Niall left. We were kissing for so long that I thought my lungs were going to pop! He probably had not problems because he has the lungs of a singer, but I never wanted to pull away for something as meager as air.


We finally pulled apart and I welcomed the much needed air. I was surprised by the fact that he was out of breath as well.


"Sam, I want to ask you something!" he said, and I could hear the nerves creep into his voice. He sat me at the foot of the bed and he took a few deep breaths before continuing. It seemed like he had rehearsed this little monologue a ten million times.


"Lauren Makenzie Petix, We've been dating for eight years now! You were the first and only girl I have ever loved. We have been together since the beginning of secondary school but I had liked you since the seventh grade when you didn't even give me a second glance. You have stood by me all throughout the crazy X Factor days, you moved to London with me the day you turned 18. I still remember your mum telling me off for leaving her baby in the dust for my music career, and I remember you snapping at her because you felt my dream was too important not to follow because of you. You have stuck by me when I was recording for hours and hours and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to do anything other than sleep. We survived through the long months apart when I was on tour. I remember when you were graduating from UNI and I was still on tour, so I made sure to surprise you by making that whole week a break for us so I could fly back here and see my princess graduate. After the ceremony you slapped me in the face and kicked me in the nuts because I thought it was a brilliant idea to sneak up behind you and kiss you." There were tears in my eyes but I still winced at that last one! "Rumor after rumor, bad picture after bad picture. We made it because our love is too good to lose! I always knew you were the one, always! You're the love of my life! I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to have kids with you, watch them grow, and have kids of their own with you by my side as we grow old and grey together. I want to tell you every day how beautiful you are, even when you're wrinkled and won’t believe me! I never want anything about you to change except your last name! So do me the honor of becoming Samantha Makenzie Horan!" He finished while getting down onto one knee and opening the small velvet box that held the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!


I looked at Niall with tear filled eyes, staring with my mouth open and my eyes wide in shock. I was trying to process what just happened and trying to decipher if I was dreaming or not. After what felt like hours of just staring at Niall his eyes telling me he was worried, every second I didn’t answer I could feel his worry that I would say no. I took one of my hands out of his, the look on his face when I did was as if someone just slapped him.  I brought my hand to my forearm and pinched my skin then I brought both of my hands to his face and started poking his face, squeezing his cheeks and pushing his nose.


"Wh-What are you doing?" he stuttered in a voice that shone hurt and rejection.


"Trying to see if I'm dreaming! It feels so real, but I don’t want to wake up and be disappointed!"


"You're not dreaming Sam!" I smiled and kissed him.


"So if this isn’t a dream! Then I would love to!"


"That’s okay, I underst- wait what?!?"


"I said yes! I would love to be your wife!"




"Yes doofus! And you think you're not slow! Sheesh!"


He just laughed and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. He pulled back and kissed me with so much passion that I thought I was in some cheesy romance novel with the big kiss that every girl kills for!


"I love you Sam, Bam!" He whispered using my old nickname from when we were in high school.


"I love you too, Niall!" I said and brought our lips back together as he leaned us back on the bed!





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