One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


4. You saved my life, Harry.

(Requested by Ana_styles1D)


You were at a One Direction signing. You were so happy, but when it was your turn, your face didn't have that big smile, only a little one. The first person to sign your CD was Harry.

"Hi, Hazza, can you please sign this CD for me?" you ask.

"Sure thing, love," he replies in his husky voice as you give him the CD. "What's your name?"

"Ana," you reply.

He looks at you as he takes it from you, and you know that he can read your face expression.

"Love, are you alright?" Harry asks worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine," you lied.

"I know a person is lying once she says a lie. What happened, Ana?" he pushes.

As he takes the CD out of your hand, he sees scars on your wrist. Oops, you forgot you weren't wearing a long sleeved shirt.

"Ana, why?" he asks.

"Everyday problems, I don't want to talk about them here. You saved my life, Harry," you say, at the verge of tears.

Harry noticed, and said, "Can you stay until this is over? I want you to talk to me about it."

You nodded your head 'yes'. As you started to move to the rest of the boys, Harry whispered in Louis' ear and Louis passed it on to Zayn, then Niall, and then Liam. They had huge smiles when they saw you. It's like they knew who you were and they were so happy to see you. All the boys signed your CD, and as you walked from the line, you felt someone grab your hand. You looked up and saw Paul.

"Ana?" he asks.

You nod.

"Come with me," he says to you.

You follow him through a hallway and you stop at a door. As Paul opens the door, you see that it looks like a dressing room. Probably One Direction's.

"Please, sit down, the boys will be here soon," Paul says.

You obey and walk into the room. As he closes the door, you sit down on the couch and take your iPhone out. You play Temple Run as you wait for the boys to come in. After an hour, they walk in, and Harry sits down next to you.

"So, what happened?" he asks.

"I am always teased and judged at school, and my parents always hit me," you say in a low whisper.

Harry looks at you, stunned. "Oh, you poor thing," he says to you. He takes your hand into his and looks you in the eyes. "Ana, remember this OK?" he starts. "I will always be there for you, and the others too, and please. PLEASE. Don't cut ever again. Got that, you?" he asks.

You nod your head, not sure what he means. As you were thinking it over, Harry took a piece of paper and wrote down his number. His real number.

"Can you give me your twitter and number?" he asks.

"Uh, sure," you say.

He hands you a paper and you write down your twitter name and number. You give it to Harry as he takes it from you and takes his phone out. You didn't realize what he was doing until your iPhone went. off. You took it out and saw you had a twitter notification. You open the app and you see you have two new followers. @Harry_Styles and @Im_HarryStyles. You smile. And that was that. You wondered what will happen next.

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