One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


11. What do you care more about?

(Requested by simmy<3you)


You walk into the kitchen to find Niall, your boyfriend, sitting at the kitchen counter, eating pizza and watching the telly. "Hey, babe," you say, walking up to him. "Hi," he says. Clearly he is in a bad mood. You try to give him a kiss but he pulls away. "Not now, Simmy," Niall says, still glued to the telly. "Fine then," you say. You reached to take a slice of pizza, and all of a sudden Niall's hand stopped you. "Don't... touch... my... pizza...," he says irritated. You were so shocked and confused. "Niall, are you OK?" you ask concered. "Yes," he says blankly. You weren't convinced by his answer. You tried to take a pizza again, but this time instead of just stopping your hand, Niall slapped it with his. "I thought I told you not to touch my pizza!" he yelled. "Niall!" you yell back. "You traitor! Who do you love best? Me or your stupid pizza?" You were so upset so you stormed out of the room. "Simmy, wait," you heard him say. You ran upstairs, and you heard Niall run after you. "Simmy! Wait! I'm-" he says, but you cut him off by slamming the door in his face. "I'm sorry," you hear him whisper. "Just please, don't do anything stupid." Don't do anything stupid? What does he think you are? A suicider? Does he really think that you will commit suicide? Ugh, that peasant. You guess he really doesn't know about anything. You go into a corner and sit down. Soon enough, you let the tears you were holding in out. Soon enough you fall asleep. After an hour, you wake up to see blackness throughout the room. You looked at the clock and saw it was nine in the night. You whiped your eyes and stood up to walk to the door. You opened it slowly, remembering what had happened earlier. You were still mad at Niall for that. You walk downstairs and you hear the television on along with the sound of laughter. Oh great, the rest of the boys were here. You walk down slowly and Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall look at you. You saw that Niall felt guilty. "Simmy, can I please talk to you in private?" Niall asks. You roll your eyes and say "Sure, what ever." He took your hand and led you to the kicthen. "Sim, I am very sorry about what happened earlier. I really am. I was just so upset," he apoligizes. "And you were upset because?" you question him. "Because of The Wanted. First their 'fans' called Zayn a terrorist. And know they are calling me a dumb ass blonde," he replies. Oh, Niall, I am so sorry, Nialler, I didn't know," I apoligize. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been rough on you," he says, bringing me into a tight hug. "So does this mean we are alright?" "Yeah,babe, it does," you answer. Niall kisses you passionately and you walk into the living room to say hi to the boys.

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