One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


12. Truth or Dare.

(Requested by Hailey Styles)


You were dating Harry Styles from the band One Direction. You and Harry invited the rest of the boys for a little fun time together. So the first thing you guys decided to do was play truth or dare with spin the bottle. Louis spun it and it landed on Zayn. "Truth or dare, bro?" "Dare," he said. Louis had a very big smirk on his face. "OK, I dare you to walk with messed up hahir for the rest of the night." Zayn's smile dissapeard, and soon it was replaced with fear. "W-why?" he whispered, looking as if he were about to break down into tears any moment. "Bro, I spun the bottle, it landed on you, you chose dare, and I gave you your dare," Lou says matter of factly. "But why my hair!?" he shrieked. "Just do it, mate. It's only for the remainder of the night," Liam says, trying to calm Zayn down. "Fine," he says defeatedly, slumping his shoulders and putting his head down in misery. "LIAM! SPIN THE BOTTLE!" Louis yells. Liam finally spins it when you all calm down with you laughter. The bottle landed on you. "OK, truth or dare?" Liam asks you. "Dare," you say with a confident expression on your face. "OK, I dare you to, hmmm.... OH! I dare you to make braids out of Harry's curls and post it on Twitter." You laugh. This was going to be a piece of pudding. You were really good with hair. "OK," you say and turn to Harry to start, who also looked defeated for his curls. You all laugh once again. You get up to the drawer to get out some elastics and sit back down. You start on Hazza's hair. "Zayn, spin the bottle," You say. "OK," he says. It landed on Louis. "Truth or d-" "DARE!" Louis screams, cutting off Zayn. "OK, then. Hailey, stop with what you are doing for a second. Louis, I dare you to have a five minute bromance with Harry," he says. You take your phone out so you can record it and put it up on Twitter. Niall takes out his phone and puts the timer on. "START!" he yells. You stop what you are doing and Louis jumps on Harry, pretending to make out. The two roll around on the floor, moaning and groaning. They kept exchanging I love you's. Harry grabbe Louis' bum and squeezed it hard. Louis moaned. He had his hands up in Harry's hair. It was fine with you because you really didn't get to start anything. Everyone was laughing like crazy. Soon five minutes were up and Niall screamed, "TIME!" You turned off your phone. Harry and Louis were still at it. "Guys, five minutes are up," Liam said. They still didn't stop. "Lou Boo, I'm getting jelly! Harry, I thought you loved me! Stop!" you whine. And just like good dogs they obey and stop. Harry will do anything for you. Louis was like your brother so he listened to you as well. You all went back down to the floor to continue the game. By the time the bottle was spun twenty times you were already done with Harry's hair. "I"M DONE!" you yell. Everyone looks at Harry and burts out laughing, even you. "Hailey, babe, take it out," Harry whines. "Nope, I didn't take a picture of you yet. And plus, we haven't finished the game. One more round?" you say. "OK, fine," he groans and you all turn back to the center. Niall spins the bottle and it lands on you. "Truth or dare?" he asks me. "Dare," I say. "OK, I dare you to do a makeover to the boys with me," Niall says, winking. "OK!" you agree. You run up to your room wit Niall behind you. You get some hair brushes and make up and run back downstairs. "MAKEOVER!" you and Niall scream in unusion. You both burst out laughing and walk up to the boys. You do all of their hair first, but once Niall gets to Zayn, Zayn refuses. So then you go onto make up. After you were done, you and Niall stepped back to look over your hard work. You and Niall burst out laughing. "Hailey, Niall, it's not funny," Lou says. You take your camera and tak a picture with Niall in the middle of the boys, all nice and clean. Zayn still had his messed up hair Harry was still in his braids. Zayn looked like he was about to cry. Then you and Niall went upstairs to upload it to Twitter . You captioned the picture, "Oh, why look at these handsome men. Aren't they just lovely?" and in thirty seconds there are 10000 likes and comments.

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