One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


2. Tickle War.

(This one is a request from K.Miller. WARNING: DIRTY IMAGINE.)


You and Harry were watching The Notebook. You were really enjoying it, even though you watched it the hundreth time. Something about watching it with Harry made it special. After the movie ended, you were very hungry.

"Babe, could you make me a sandwhich?" Harry asks you.

"Harry, get it yourself," you tell him.

"Aww, come one, babe, please?" he says with those puppy eyes.

"No," you say.

"Pwitty pwease?" he says like a toddler.

"No," you say again.

"I don't want to do this, but I guess you made me have to," Harry says.

"Harry, what are you-"

Suddenly, Harry starts tickling you in your most weak spots, cutting you off mid sentence. You started laughing so hard.

"H-H-HARRY! S-S-TOP  I-IT!" you scream and giggle at the same time.

You felt small tears forming in your eyes. They started to roll down your cheeks.

"Make me a sandwhich then!" he screams back.

"NO!" you hollor. He continues to tickle you.

Your sides are starting to hurt you, but you cannot controll your laughter. He suddenly stopped, looked you in the eyes, and started kissing you. Then the kiss turned passionate. Next thing you know, we were having sex.

He started to take your shirt off, followed by the shorts, bra and underwear. Then he started to take his close off as well, still kissing you. You groaned as Harry slid his body up and down yours, teashing your crotch. His head tilted down an he kissed your neck solfty. Youmoaned, lightly this time, lips parting. His body vibrated as he chuckled. You put your hands on his curls. He continued grinding your lower region. Next, Harry's wet  toungue licked your slit softly. He smiled and lightly licked on your clit swiftly. Again you let out a moan. The he started ficking faster with his toungue, rubbing your thighs. You bit your bottom lip to hold in the moan. 

"Moan, or I will have to stop," he says, starting to rub your vagina rapidly.

You didn't.

"Moan!" he whisper yells.

Wow, so feisty. You moaned as Harry slid his two fingers inside you.

"That's right, babe, say my name." 

You moaned louder as his two fingers curved in your body to hit your  G-spot. You felt so close. Harry started pounding his fingers harder into you and you started moaning loudly. His name came out in soft moans and he chuckled as he cuntinued to suck and nibble at your clit.

"HOLY FUCK! OH HARRY!" you moan and scream at the same time.

He started to curve his fingers even more. 

"Mmmhmmm, say my name!" he said, his voice vibrating against your clit.


He continued pounding at his normal fast speen but then kicked it up 10 notches. He dug into you so hard and fast you couldn't breathe. You were gasping for air so hard but it still felt so good. You bucked your hips forward, begging Harry to go harder. That's when he curved his fingers at a maximum and your walls began to tighten. But that didn't stop Harry. He kept on doing it, and started pushing his fingers even more into your G-spot. He tried to curve his fingers even more, and he did. You felt you were about to orgasm any minute now. This was too much. Even for you. Your walls began to tighten at extreme, and you couldn't hold it in.

"Harry! I can't anymore!" you scream as loud as possible.

(A/N Even I feel horny. I feel like this is happening to me. I am not even joking)

"NOT YET!" he screamed.

You couldn't anymore.

"Harry!" you yell causiously.

"HOLD IT IN!" he says.

He starts to dig deeper until his nuckle is at your enterance. You scream like there is no tomorrow. You see blood oozing from your vagina. That is it. You lost your verginity. Completely. You weren't a vergine anymore. And it all started off from a tickle war.

"Cum for me, baby!" Harry hollored,and he pulled his fingers out, which took a few seconds because he was so far in. 

It hurt when he did. Your cum burts out, litterally. Just like a waterfall, but a mega one. Harry licked his fingers clean, and smirked and said, "You taste good baby."

You just lay there, panting like there is no tomorrow.

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