One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


18. Tea Party.

(Requested by Nialls princess12)


You invited your boyfriend Niall to your house. He was supposed to be here any second now. You walk to your little sister, Kyara, who is five years old, and remind her something. "Kyara, please don't do anything stupid while we have the guest here in the house. Please?" you beg. "Fine," she sighs. The doorbell rings and you jump because you got startled. You gave one quick glance at Kyara, who was playing tea party with her stuffed animals and ran to the door to open it. You fix your hair a little and open the door. "Hey, babe," you say. "Hi, love," Niall replies, giving you a soft kiss on the lips. "Hello," you heard a little voice say from behind you. You turn to see Kyara. "Well, hello there. And who might you be?" Niall asks her in a voice just like someone would to a little kid. "Kyara, Izabelle's sister," she replies. "Would you like to have some tea?" Niall looks at you with his eyebrows raised slightly. You roll your eyes. "Umm, sure," Niall replies. Kyara takes his hand and leads him to her room. She makes him sit down at one of the small chairs and hands him a cup. "Wow, Kyara, your room is so beautiful," he says in pretend awe. "Thank you. Your name is Niall, right?" Kyara asks. "Yes, it is," Niall says, glancing at you with a mysterious smile. You smile back, feeling yourself blush a little. Kyara pours some tea into Niall's cup. "Would you like sugar in your tea along with a piece of lemon?" "Sure, I would love some," he replies. She puts some sugar and a lemon slice in Niall's cup, and he takes a sip. "Wow, Kyara, this is really good tea!" Niall says, pretending to be amazed. Niall and Kyara make small for another five minutes as you sit on one of the bean bags and listen. At some points you let out small giggles. Niall is so good with children. Then you clear your throat. "I'm sorry, Kyara, I would love to stay but Izabelle and I have some things to take care of," Niall says. "Oh, okay, nice meeting you, Nialler," Kyara says. Wow, you think, she really does pick up a lot from me. "Bye, Kyara," Niall says, standing up. "Bye, Niallerz," Kyara replies, giving him a hug. Niall looks surprised, but he still hugs her back. As the two of you head out the door to his car, you broke the silence that was in the air between you. "You know, Niall, you are way better with children than me," you say. "I know I'm good, but I bet your not bad yourself," Niall says. "Yeah, okay, whatever you say, Niallerz," you say, mimicking Kyara. You two laugh at that and get into his car.

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