One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


5. Take Me To The Airport.

(Requested by Samantha:) )


It was raining hard. Thunder roared above you. Yo were running like there is no tomorrow. 

"Sam! Sam, wait up!" you hear someone yelling behind you.

You knew it was Zayn, but you didn't want to stop.

"Zayn, leave me alone! I don't want to see your two timing face ever again!" you holler above the booming thunder.

You were running for a long time, no where in particular, and then you soon heard splashes behind you. Zayn was at your heels, trying to catch up. When he finally did, he took your arm and spun your around until your eyes met his. You looked into each others eyes for about five seconds until Zayn spoke up.

"Sam, please, let me explain," he pleads.

"No, Zayn, you cheated. I thought we promised each other we won't cheat?" you question him.

His eyes look down to the grownd and his voice was lower. "If you only listen you would-"

"No, Zayn. Just... no," you cut him off.

You get out of his grip and start to run again, this time not as hard because you know he won't follow. You stopped running and called up your best friend, Harry. On the second ring he answered.


"Harry," you say.

"Sam? Are you OK?" he asks concerned. he must have heard you cry through the phone.

"Can you just please pick me up? I'm next to Nandos, the one nearest to Zayn's house," I answer back.

"OK, I will be there in a few," he says, hanging up the phone.

You waited, sitting on the curb, until Harry drove up. He opens his door, and you run up to him. He holds you in a tight and warm hug.

"Sam, what happened? Are you OK?" he repeats his question.

"Drive me to the airport. I will explain everything to you on the way," you say walking up to the passenger seat of the car.

"OK...? Get inside and change into the sweats I have in the backseat."

You get in the back seat and change quickly. You climb in the front passanger seat and Harry gets in the driver's seat. As we were driving to the airport, I told Harr everything what has happened. He looked stunned, not sure that his best friend would treat his girlfriend like that.

"I hope you feel better," he says, hugging you tightly at the airport.

"Thanks," you say returning the favor.

Then, after the two of you let go, you saw someone you didn't want to see. Zayn. Oh, no. And he was walking towards you. Oh, great. You started to turn around and walk away, when two hands grabbed you from behind. As the hands turn you around, you see it's not only Zayn, but also Harry. How did he know? You feel tears form again in your eyes, which stung.

"Sam, listen, please," Zayn pleads.

you shake your head 'no'. "Just let me go," you say in a whimper.

"Sam, listen to him," Harry tells you. You hesitate, but then nod your head. "I will leave you two now," Harry says, walking away.

You turn to Zayn, hurt in your eyes, waiting for him to explain. He does. He explains everything. Then, there was a moment of silence, and you lean to kiss him. He returns the favor back.

"So, I guess this means we made up?" he asks raising an eyebrow hopefully.

"I guess this does," you say back, and you continue kissing.

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