One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


13. Soccer Field.

(Requested by alli1Dluv)


You and your friend Cara were at the park, just enjoying life. You saw five guys playing soccer, and you realized something. One of them was your crush. Uh oh. Cara must have spotted them too because she yells to you," Allison! Look! It's Niall and the boys! Let's go say hi!" She tuggs your hand towards where the boys were playing soccer. "Nonononononono," you say. You didn't really want to go because you were shy. But Cara pulled you anyways. The boys stopped playing soccer when they saw you two coming towards them. "HI!!!" Louis yells when he sees you. Niall turns around and your eyes meet. You feel your cheeks go hot, and you knew that you were blushing. "Hi," you said sheepishly. "Hi, guys," Cara says. "Mind if we join the game?'' "No, it's fine," Liam says. "Yo-you know, I'm just going to sit out on the grass here. I don't really feel like playing," you say. "OK, however you want it," Harry says, smiling that dimply smile of his. You go sit at the edge of the field and take your iPod out. You started to play Temple Run 2 as you heard smeone shuffling up to you. You continue to play until the person is shadowing over you. You look up to see Niall standing there, blocking the sun. "Hi, Allyson," he says with that cheeky smile of his. "Hi, Niall," you say blushing. You look back at your device and continue playing. Niall sits down next to you and you feel wierd. In a good way. You feel nervious. "Whacha playin'?" he asks. "Temple Run 2," you mutter. "Really? I love that game!" he tells you. "Me too!" you say. Well, there is one thing in common. "I like your iPod case. Gren is my favourite colour," he continues. "It's my favourite colour, too," you say. You continue talking and you find that you have a lot in common. Then, all of a sudden, you hear Louis scream, "GOAL!" After thirty seconds, "GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!" You and Niall started to laugh. Then you see Liam's team hit Louis' goal. "YOU PEASANT! KEVIN WILL FIND YOU AND HUNT YOU DOWN WITH AN ARMY OF SPOONS!" Lou yells. Then, out of nowhere, Louis takes out a spoon from his pocket an starts to chase Liam around the field. At some point Louis trips and falls, and grabs Liam by the ankles, causing him to fall as well. This started a chain reaction.  Liam grabs Cara by the ankles and she fakks. Cara grabs Zayn my the ankles and he falls. And Zayn grabs Harry by the ankles and he falls down. This made everybody crack up. Niall and you laughed the hardest. Then, Louis gets up and jmps on Harry. "LARRY STYLINSON BROMANCE!" he screams. Then, one by one, everyone else started to jump on top, forming and fievsome. This made the two of you laugh even more. When you finally stopped, you found each other loking into the other's eyes. You thought Niall was leaning in a little. Maybe it was just your imagination. The next thing you know, there was nothing left in the space between your and his lips. You felt Nial's soft lips pressed onto your lighlty. You have kised many boys, but none of the kisses felt like this. He pulled away, and said, "Allison, will you go out with me?" "Yes," you replied, and the two of you continued to kiss.

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