One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


22. Mrs.Styles.

(Requestd by Mrs.destany breann styles)


You and Harry have been dating for about five years now. You really wish he would propose to you so you can become Mrs. Styles. And so he could be the father of your child. Well, he is. You're pregnate, but you haven't told him yet. You are scared of his reaction.

It was a warm summer day, and Harry called you up.

"Hey, babe," he says.

"Hi, hon," you answer.

"Meet me at our favourite park? I have a surprise waiting for you," he says mischievously.

"Sure! Sounds great!" you say. "What time?"

"Now would be great!" he replies.

With that, you two hang up and you go up the stairs to change. You open your closet and looked through to see what was good to wear. You decidedon your favourite outfit; an orange shirt that says 'Swagger Jagger', white capris, and white Vans. You put on one light layer of makeup and took your keys and headed out. You locked the door behind you and started walking towards the park. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping overhead. As you got to the park, you saw Harry instantly. You jogged up to him and he embrased you in a gentle bear hug.

"Hey, love," he says.

"Hi, babe," you say.

He takes your hand and starts to walk. You talk small talk and finally, you get to an area of the park that has a picnic table and food on the table. He leads you over to it and you take a seat, with Harry across from you. The two of you begin to eat, and when you are both done, Harry gets up from the table, comes to your side, and kneels on one knee.

"Destany, babe, we have been together for about five years already, but it feels like a month. I feel like just yesterday we met each other, like I jus asked you out and you happily accepted. So, I really want you to know, that I want to spend the rest of my life wit you, by your side."

Harry pulls out a box from underneath the table.

"Destany, will you marry me? Will you become Mrs.Styles and never leave my side?" he asks hopefully.

You fell your eyes well up with tears of happiness. A tear dropped and you quickly wiped it away.

"Of course, Haz. I thought you would never ask," you say.

Harry stands up, picks you up and spins you aroud once before putting you down. He gives you a passionate kiss and says, "I love you, Mrs. Styles."

"I love you, too, Mr. Styles," you say. "Oh, and Harry? I have a surprise for you as well."

"What is it?" he says happily.

"I'm pregnate," you say.

Harry's eyes grow wide and you see tears of joy acompany his eyes as well.

"Really?" he says joyfully, looking down at your stomach and gently touching it with his hand. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A girl," you say.

"Can we name her Darcy then?" he asks.

"Sure we can!" you say.

He jumps up and down excitedly, and you laugh.

"I'm going to be a father!" Harry exclaims. "I can't wait to tell the rest of the boys!"

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