One Direction #Imagine Collection

Here are some imagines. Some of these might be used in my other stories. Will be updated everyday, one imagine per day. No dirty imagines. If yo ask I will write them in a clea version. Hope you like them though :)


10. *Author's Note Very Important!*


Hi everyone. I just want to say one thing. A lot of you are requesting me to write dirty imagines, and I am not doing them fo three reasons. One is that I am very bad at writing them. Tw is that they are out-numbering the clean/sweet requests that I am getting. Three is that I wrote on my blog that I will first do them once a week, and then changed that to twice a week. Since no one is reading my blogs and people still request dirty imagines, I will stop writing dirty imagines and only write clean/sweet/funny ones. I don't want to be mean or rude, I just want to point this out. have a great Super Bowl week!


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