Lost & Alone

Jamie-Lynn Baker. A girl whos parents die in a tragic fire when she is ten. Trying to find someway to live in the world alone without her parents. She goes through some rough times when she lives on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Battling through weather, fighting off kidnappers, rapists. The list goes on and on, but one thing she doesnt know for sure. Will she ever have a family again?

This thrilling, heart warming story will have you wanting to read more and more. I guaranty it!


2. No more family

Chapter 2:

Jamie’s POV:

     “Thank-you” I said to the cashier on my way out of the store. She seemed unhappy. So unhappy that she didn’t say anything back when I said thank-you, People’s manners these days.

     I was on my bike half way home when all of a sudden two huge fire trucks and an ambulance start heading toward my house. I start biking as fast as I could until I got to my street.

     “Oh my god” My house, it was on fire! In my head all I could think of were my parents. Where were they? Are they Ok? What happened? There were a lot of questions. The same topic came across my mind over and over, my parents. I ran up to the fire man and asked where my parents were.

   “Who are you?” he asked. “I’m Jon and Cathy Smith’s Daughter” he nodded without saying a word. I look to my right and see two paramedics with gurneys and a man and a woman in black bags. Tears start brimming up in my eyes as I run towards them. The fireman walks towards me and pulls something out of his pocket, “This is all we could retrieve from the fire” I take it from him and start crying even more, a picture of my father, mother and me. He hugs me and says he’s sorry. “Do you have any family or friends you could live with?” I said yes, lying of course. All I wanted to do is live alone. Well it’s either that or I live in a foster home.

 He leaves me alone with my family. The family I no longer have.  

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