Lost & Alone

Jamie-Lynn Baker. A girl whos parents die in a tragic fire when she is ten. Trying to find someway to live in the world alone without her parents. She goes through some rough times when she lives on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Battling through weather, fighting off kidnappers, rapists. The list goes on and on, but one thing she doesnt know for sure. Will she ever have a family again?

This thrilling, heart warming story will have you wanting to read more and more. I guaranty it!


1. Pitch Black

Chapter 1:

Jamie’s POV:

     "Jamie!" my dad yelled at me from downstairs. I could tell he was mad just by tone of his voice.

     "Yeah Dad!" I screamed at the very top of my lungs. So loud that it hurt. Instead of yelling back from downstairs, he started walking up the stairs and then barged into my bedroom almost breaking down my door. "Where the hell is my wedding band!?"

     "I don't know it's your ring." I said softly. "I put it on the bathroom sink and you we’re the last one in there" He said calming down a little bit.

     “Wait didn’t you take it and put it in your underwear drawer?” 

     “No I. Wait never mind I know where it is.” He said as he was walking out of my bedroom. My dad gets mad over anything. Yesterday he got mad over where his book was. My family’s weird.

      “Jamie would you like a hamburger!?” My mom yelled at me from downstairs, interrupting my thoughts. “Sure mom I’ll be down in a second!” I put away my novel and headed downstairs.

     My dad was watching TV and my mom was outside cooking the burgers. I walked outside to talk to her you know just to make conversation. “Hey mom” I said walking out onto the patio, and a huge smile on my face. “Why are you so happy? “Oh I don’t know just because”.

     “Ok well they are almost done. Oh can you go to the store and pick up some more hamburger buns and milk?” She said so sweetly. “Yeah sure thing mom. Where did you leave my bike lock?”

     “Upstairs in the closet” I ran upstairs almost tripping over my own feet. I grabbed the lock and went outside to my bike. The store isn’t that far away from my house but it felt so peaceful biking to the store.

Mom’s POV:

     Where’s my bike lock? Jamie asked me with cute innocent eyes. “Upstairs in the closet” She ran upstairs as quickly as you could say hamburger. She left on her bike in less than 5 minutes. I walked into the living room to ask Jon if he could help me set the table. We proceeded into the kitchen grabbing plates and cups.

     All of a sudden we both hear this high pitched noise like a person scratching a chalkboard. It was a horrible noise. It was coming from the barbeque. Jon walked outside to turn the propane off. As soon as his hand touched that propane tank, all I could see after that was black.

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