She was just a girl looking for love, he was just a guy looking for a way out, she didn't know what she got herself into.*Not Famous*


8. Your Past


              The air was cool as I woke up to an empty bed, lost and confused. I sat up and looked around the small cottage, taking note of everything in the room. There were plenty of traditional windows brightening up the single room home, besides the bathroom. I noticed the traditional wooden kitchen that looked amazing against the rustic brown brick wall, along with the amazing stone fireplace sitting in front of the simple wooden queen-sized bed, roaring with the warm dancing flames. It took me a while before I stood up and slowly walked over to the kitchen area, the cold wood under my bare feet. There was a cup of warm coffee on the counter waiting for me, when I picked it up the warmth of the cup immediately seeped into bolth of my hands, making me feel a little more comforted. I walked over to one of the big windows lined up on the wall, noticing the beauty of the tall green pines outside. As I searched the scenery, I saw Zayn turned away from my direction with his phone held to his ear, I just wondered who he could be talking to right now. It was only a matter of seconds before he turned walking back to the cottage. I panicked, and set the coffee on the window sill before running and jumping into the cool bed, quickly wrapping myself up in the blankets, shutting my eyes immediately. As the door creeped open, I realized how stupid it was to pretend I was asleep, but I stayed there anyway. Footsteps grew louder as he got to my side of the bed and crouched down infont of me saying, "I know your not asleep Angelique."

 "How did you know?" I said with a smile and slowly letting my eyes flutter open.

  "You left your coffee on the sill, should've thought that through." He then left a kiss on my forehead before I sat up and grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the bed next to me. I then crawled on top of him, planting a few kisses on his soft pink lips feeling him smile under me. He then in his deep, thickly accented voice whispered along my lips, "Angelique, we really don't have time for this, we need to leave." I sat up in confusion, then said quietly,

 " Why would we need to keep moving Zayn?"He took a deep breath before sitting up under me saying,

 "It's not safe to stay in the same place for to long, don't worry, we'll settle down in a little while, we just need to make sure we are as faraway as possible from....them."

 "Who are these people chasing you Zayn?"

 "Lets just say I was in a certain line of business, and when I tried to quit this business and runaway from it all, I took a certain thing with me."

"And that thing is?" I said starting to develop an annoyance in my voice. He then got up from under me walking over to one of our bags, and pulled out a old Victorian looking jewelry box with roses painted on the sides. As he walked back over, I stared at him in confusion.

 "I know what you're thinking, but this isn't just a jewelry box, it's what's inside of it." I then reached out my hand to open it, but he grabbed my hand quickly and pushed it back towards me. "You can't get your finger prints on it, hold on." He then pulled out an expensive looking glove and slowly lifted the top open. When I looked inside, It was filled with crystal looking rocks, leaving me even more confused.


 "More like Crystal meth."

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