She was just a girl looking for love, he was just a guy looking for a way out, she didn't know what she got herself into.*Not Famous*


4. Wow

           My eyes fluttered open as I felt the cold air hit my back.  I slowly turn myself over to see a handsome guy laying next to me with his arm reached in my direction. I smiled knowing what happened last night, even though I wasn't up for it at first, I actually liked it. He was so passionate, how couldn't I have?I slowly sat up trying not to wake him, then I started to observe my surroundings. All of his walls were made of old brownish-red brick, except the wall with the outdoors on the other side, It was made of glass. He must have had money to live in a studio like this. The glass wall was to the left of us, along with a clean white cloth couch, but when I changed my direction to the opposite side, there was a clean, glossy white kitchen with a bar counter. I had to admit, I was impressed. And along with all of his other furniture, His bedding was white, with a white cloth headboard. I slowly let bolth of my feet touch the dark Zebra wood flooring, and walked to the kitchen hoping to find something simple to eat. I opened all the cabinets and most of them were pretty empty, leaving me in frustration. I opened the fridge and bent down in front of it hopping to get a better view, but I was left barren again. As I was standing back up, I was startled by being pulled back by my waist rapidly onto the mans back. I felt a small kiss on my neck before he whispered into my ear, "Hello Beautiful."

"Hi." He squeezed my waist tighter, holding me close before saying,

"Uhmm, you hungry?"

"A little."

"Well get dressed, and I'll take you out."

"No, it's fine, we bolth knew what this was, and I don't think you want to make it anything more."

"Well, I liked it, and I think your growing on me."

"Why would I do that?" He then turned me around, and pushed me roughly up against the counter, grabbed my wrists and pinned them against the cabinet behind me, making me inescapably close to him.

"Well, I was thinking that you're going to be a little more to me then just a one night stand."

"What If I don't want to?" I said tensing my jaw, not trying to show fear.

"Well I'm not really giving you a choice, your just going to do what I want." I was getting pretty scared now, but I was fighting against it.

"Well, that's not what I do."

"It is now, and you better do what I want."

"Or what?" I spat in his face. He sat their for a second, staring into my eyes.

"I'm going to make you fall in love with me."

"Oh please."

"Try me." We sat there for a second,staring into each others eyes, then he pushed his lips up against mine passionately, making me give in instantly and kiss him back. When he pulled off, my bottom lip was in between his teeth, being pulled until he released it, I was breathless. "See?" I wanted to say something rude to him so badly, but I couldn't , I actually liked him. When he released my hands and turned walking away, I quickly ran after him, turning him around throwing my hands around his neck, and kissed him. He placed his hands on bolth sides of my waist, pulling me into him, our souls intertwining. This time I pulled away, gripping his bottom lip in between my teeth. When I released, I saw a smile creep onto his face. "Forget everything I just said."

"Why? How I was yours and such?"

"Yes, unless you want to be?" I thought about it for a second,  before saying,

"I don't even know your name."


"Pretty."  He let out a little laugh before saying,


"You don't get to know that yet." I said before kissing him, grabbing my clothes, and walking into the bathroom shutting the door behind me.

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