She was just a girl looking for love, he was just a guy looking for a way out, she didn't know what she got herself into.*Not Famous*


2. work

             I had never been special, I just wanted to be. When I finished high school a few months ago, I was relieved. Relieved from the pain I felt everyday not having someone to love like everyone else. I always felt there was a gaping hole in me that couldn't be filled, unless I found a perfect match. I used to have big dreams, of being famous and successful, but that has recently changed. Now I have a dream of someone to be there by my side, to have and to hold, someone who's slight touch could send shivers down my spine, who's one word could make me give into anything, someone who could make me feel protected at all times, and to tell me they love me. That's all I wanted, was someone to love me. But I still had never experienced love, but I knew what it was, and what It's supposed to be.

           I'm on a cool quiet beach, and the sun has fallen, making the stars shine as I had never seen before. I look out to the large waves crashing into each other in the distance, and the small,fragile waves was over my feet, making my spine tingle. I sense someone coming up behind me, but I fail to move from the spot I'm positioned in. Then I suddenly feel two hands touch my sides, sliding them across each other,  turning it into a romantic embrace. He then leaves a few kisses going from the start of my jaw, to my shoulder. I feel a smile creep upon my face as he pushes my thick curly hair onto my shoulder, clearing the other. Then he repeats his previous actions. I then release a quiet "I love you" into the air, feeling his smile on my smooth skin. And just as I feel his mouth open up, my eyes slowly open up taking me back to reality, disappointment entering my mind. I slowly inch my hand across the clean bright white sheets to my phone, looking at the alarm alert that had woken me up. I slowly slid my arms to my sides, then pushed myself up. I took in the cool air surrounding me, then stood up. I walked into the kitchen, made breakfast and ate, then headed into my bathroom. When I turned on the warm water, I stripped my sleepwear and got in. The water was relaxing and smooth, but when I got out, the air was cooler then before, so I quickly grabbed my white towel and wrapped it around me from the chest down underneath my arms. I then walked over to the big mirror above my sink, wiped it down making my reflection viable, then turned on locked out of heaven  by Bruno Mars on my iphone doc. I quickly slipped on my matching black underwear with some rhinestones, then started combing through my thick black curls. I've always had a thing for being "under-dressed", but I guess I just liked the feeling. when I was finished, I wrapped my hair in the towel upon my head, and walked over to my closet. I was scheduled for a special booking today, but I shouldn't get TOO dressed up because I was going to get undressed anyway. So I pulled out a simple flowy black tank top, light wash skinny jeans, and black suede heels.After slipping all that on, I walked back into my bathroom and put on a light foundation, powder, and some Soft lips. I slid on a bit of deodorant, then looked at my tan biracial skin applying some extra lotion to my arms. When I made sure I was ready, I slipped on my lucky gold chain, grabbed my bag, then walked out onto the new york street. 


          After finally arriving in the cab, I payed the driver, then took a deep breath before walking into the big grey building. as I went up the stairs, my heart pounded harder and harder. When I got to my desired level, there was about 100 girls or more waiting in the lobby. Shit. I walked forward pushing through the women, and handed the women in front my paperwork. I then went and stood in the corner, dirty looks shooting my way every 5 seconds. I waited as about 25 names had been called in the past 45 minutes, but anything to get this job. When I herd my name I froze, not breathing, but then I quickly shook myself out of my daze and rushed forward to the front desk. "I'm Angelique!" I said to the women , she didn't seem to like that, but she simply pointed down the hall, and said,

"Room 3A." I gave her a look of thanks, then strutted down the hallway, catching peoples attention. When I arrived, there were 3 people sitting behind a pink desk that read, 'Victoria's Secret', I was scared shitless, but succeeded to hide it well.

"I'm Angelique." I said smiling.

"Yes, hello dear." the lay in the middle said with a smile. The three of them looked me up and down, judging me like I had never been Judged before, whispered, then she said,"Okay, were going to have you change in the room across the hall into the black bombshell bra and lace hipster." she then signaled for me to go, then I rushed out the room and across the hall, shutting the door behind me, then changing as quickly as possible. When I came back, she then said, " now show us your walk, and what you would do at the end of the runway." I then proceeded doing my fiercest walk smiling, then blew a kiss spicing things up. All three of them smiled and she said "Vary good! Now why do you want to be a Victoria's Secret model?"

"Because it is what I have been dreaming of my whole life, and I want to inspire girls to follow there dreams like the models have for me."

"Yes, you are a vary sweet girl, we will be getting in touch soon."

"Thank you so much!" I said walking out and changing back into my clothes, then running out the building. That was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but I felt it went pretty well, and I think the lady liked me. After I caught my breath, I called over a taxi, and got in. The whole ride home, I was thinking about if I got the job or not.

*7:32 pm*

          *buzz* *buzz* I looked down to my ringing phone, seeing 'The Bestie' come up on the bright screen. I pressed answer and held it up to my ear,"Hey!"

"Hey girl! Did you get it?!"

"I don't know yet, but I should find out sometime this week. And even if I do get it, I still have to go to Ohio and do the main Booking, and there are only about 8spots, out of around 150 girls, so its unlikely."

"Angelique, Shut up. You're gorgeous inside and out, so there destined to pick you."

"Well ,that's what I'm hopping, but anyway, hows life in LA?"

"Well, it's really hot, and I got casted for a new movie!!!! Do you remember that movie spring breakers?"

"Hell yes, remember that's my favorite movie."

"YES, well there making a second one because the first one was so good!"

"Holy shit that's great Annabel!"

"Yeah, I know! I'm SO excited!"

"Well, go celebrate for me tonight, I'm probably going out in about a half hour."

"Sounds fun! and I will. You need to come out soon!"

"I'm trying, when I get enough money I will."

"Okay, I miss you!"

"Miss you too!"


"Bye." then she hung up. I took in a deep breath as my memories from our days together came back, but then I stood up and headed over to my closet. I pulled out a black strapless peplum dress with a gold zipper going down the front, and Black heels with gold studs on the back.when I slipped them on, I left my hair as is, and sprayed a deep scent on my chest. When I added my natural eye shadow combo, I applied some classic red lipstick on and grabbed clutch. I was ready, so I locked my apartment, went down stairs, then walked down the street to club Ocean.



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