She was just a girl looking for love, he was just a guy looking for a way out, she didn't know what she got herself into.*Not Famous*


3. Club Ocean

          I walked in, the smell of Sweat and lust hitting my body. I slowly walked over to the bar, feeling a few stares hit me as the bass from the loud music pierced my ears. I sat atop the leather seat waiting for the bartender to come over. We caught eye contact, then he walked over to me with a grin on his face. I couldn't help but feel the blood rush to my cheeks as he made his way over. "Hey girl, what 'cha want?"

"A couple shoots of Vodka with a lime slice on the side."

"Whatever you want sweet lips." He then pulled out the bottle and tried showing of for me, my cheeks blushing again. When he put them on the colorful glass, he asked,"Whats your name?"

"Angelique, you?"

" Brandon. Nice to meet you beautiful."

"You to handsome." I took back my shoots, then got up and headed to the dance floor. As I made my way through the crowd to the middle, I felt the music flowing through me , I took a quick second to notice the aquarium under the dance floor, a creative idea. When I finally stopped and started dancing, I felt something a little off, like when you eyes are on you. I calmly looked around the room, till I meet eyes with Brandon, when I caught him he looked away and smiled. He was pretty cute. I just continued dancing for a while, but when a slower, stronger based song came on, I felt a little awkward because people were grinding on each other all around me. I didn't mind, so I kept dancing, but at a slower, more seductive rate. About a minute through the song, I felt a strong hand pull me back onto there body. I felt a very toned body on my back,and when I looked down, a slightly muscular,strong tan arm was wrapped around my body. This wasn't Brandon, he was lighter then this man. I felt his other hand pull back my hair onto my left shoulder, I felt his hot breath down my neck, then he said into my ear,

"You're mine tonight." his deep accented voice was seductive and fairly sexy, I hadn't even seen him and I was already attracted to him. I nodded and set one of my hands on the back of his neck, moving with him to the sound of the beat. His dominance took over my body, and I was a little scared, but I also liked the feeling. We danced for a while, till I felt something hard on my backside. I grinned as he turned me around, the first thing I saw were his beautiful hazel eyes, then I looked at his perfect lips, then his perfect amount of scruff and his sexy messy hair. He was just...Sexy. "You're coming home with me." he said with a dirty look on his face. I unwrapped his arms from my waist, then made my way back over to the bar. Brandon came over with a smile, I was guessing he didn't see what happened.

"Can I get a few more shots?" I said trying to look sexy.

"Anything for you, and it's free if you give me your number." He grinned before making the shots.I grabbed a napkin and wrote it down, in exchange for my drinks. I took them down quickly as he grinned at me. I gave him one last look before going back to the dance floor. I was ready to go, so I started heading towards the exit. But then I felt his strong arm wrap around my wrist as he jolted me into his body.

"You're coming with me remember." The guy I danced with earlier said. I felt a little intimidated as a look of fear flashed upon my face. "You're scared of me." He said grinning, and the smell of alcohol escaping his mouth I quickly changed my expression, not showing emotion.

"No." He continued grinning and pulled me outside the side of the building, into a dark ally, only lit by the moonlight. He pushed me up against the wall roughly with his body, sliding his hand up my neck to the side of my face. He let out a little chuckle as my chest was rapidly lifting up in down from my fear. "I told you, you're mine." He then roughly pushed his lips upon mine and smiled when I wouldn't kiss him back. He then grabbed my wrist tightly again, and dragged me to a black Range Rover. I tried escaping, but he was way to strong for me to fight, plus I was drunk. So I just got in the car knowing what was going to happen, and attempting to accept it. When he got on the drivers side, he turned on the car and set his hand on my thigh. I felt my leg tingle at his touch, but I stayed calm.

*15 MINUTES LATER* (Warning: Dirty)

We arrived at his flat, and I had seen the positives in the situation I was in, so I just went with it. We bolth got out of the car and he grabbed my already red wrist pulling me across the street to a brick building. We ran up the stairs until we got to a black metal door. He pushed me up against the wall next to the door, taking one of my thighs into his hand and lifting it as we kissed, and unlocking the door with his other hand. When he got it open, he slipped his keys in his back pocket, the took the back of my other thigh lifting it up, pushing me up against the wall as he held me up effortlessly. He then took me off the wall, and into his brick studio. My hands were wrapped around to the back of his head as we kissed harder and more heavily. He took about  10 steps before he dropped me on the bed,ripping of his white v neck to reveal his toned 6 pack, then he got on me, making me spread my legs. We kissed harder before I herd him un-buckle his belt, then slid it off. Our breaths became more hot and heavy before I felt him slowly unzip my dress and slide off my heals. I smiled, then helped him by un-buttoning his pants, and unzipping them. He let out a small chuckle before I felt his hand touch in my lower area, making a shiver roll down my spine. I kissed him harder then I herd his jeans hit the ground, he smiled on my lips before I felt him start to grind on me, It was one of the best feelings I had ever gotten from another person. I breathed heavier as we continued, until I felt it. This just wasn't one of the best, this WAS the best feeling I had ever felt. I was at a loss for breath as I herd him moan on my lips, knowing that he felt the same. We then looked into each others eyes, until I reached my limit and let out a loud moan, I then felt him smile on my skin as he kissed down my neck, then rolling off of me and holding me close. Bolth of us out of breath. I then noticed my vision was getting blurry and dark, until I completely faded out of conciseness.


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