She was just a girl looking for love, he was just a guy looking for a way out, she didn't know what she got herself into.*Not Famous*


6. Black pt. 1


                  Heat. That's all I could feel against my body as Zayn pushed me against the wall, our tongues at war. He quickly unlocked his door, his hands sweeping me off my feet as he carried me into his studio, setting me on the bed before removing the black t shirt he had against his perfect tanned olive skin earlier. Climbing back onto me, planting soft kisses from my jaw to my mouth, leaving me wanting him more. We had gone on various dates for the past two weeks, plenty of texts and calls were exchanged, it was all vary romantic. But ever since the night we meet, we hadn't sleep together, wanting it to be a real relationship, and not just about sex. But I had drank a few shots tonight, helping me loosen up a little, I still hadn't gotten a call from Victoria Secret and it was stressing me out. But that's not the reason why I decided I was going to let him explore my body again tonight, it was because I had stayed at his place two nights ago, and I could hear mumbling on his side of the bed, and I herd a clear, but faint, " Angelique, I love you." escape his mouth, helping me realize the real feeling of love, a feeling I hadn't felt before, so tonight was the night. He slowly un-zipped my jeans, and felt my smooth legs as he gently slipped them off my body.  I then pulled his lips back up to mine by the back of his neck, demanding him to come back. Our tongues danced as I ran my hands up and down his back, making sure I felt every crevice of his muscles. He then pulled away, slipping of my white belly shirt, leaving wet kisses on the side of my neck, squeezing  my hips slightly. As our breaths became more heavy, I herd a strange noise outside. Zayn's studio was on a pretty quiet street, so it seamed unusual. I pulled my lips off his and said, "Did you hear that?" He then kind of moaned out,

"No, don't worry about it." I nodded my head a few times before I started kissing him again before I herd a car door slam shut, Zayn heard it that time. "Stay here." He said orderly. I just nodded my head and layed on the bed, catching my breath.  Zayn got up and walked up slowly to his couch, taking a peek out the window. I then saw the worried, angered expression flash over his face, he started to run around, opening drawers, throwing out black bags. "Put your clothes on!" He ordered continuing to go through his things quickly. I then sat up quickly, feeling the new mood set into the air.

"What? Why? What's going on?!"

"Angelique, put your damn clothes on! Hurry!" I didn't ask anymore questions immediately slipping on my jeans, knowing that he had never swore at me before. I then slipped on my shirt,and walked over to him at a sound I had only herd in movies.

"WHAT IS THAT!" I said at the sight of a hand gun being loaded by my boyfriend.

"I'll explain all this later, but right now I need you to go into my bedside drawer and grab the two guns in there." I stood there in shock, but then realized that something bad was going to happen if I didn't listen. So I ran to the drawer pulling out bolth of the guns, my hands trembling at the sight. I then ran back over to him and threw them in the black backpack he had in his hand.  "Good girl, now I need you to grab the bag under the couch, but don't let them see you, or else we bolth die."


"Just do it now!" I then crawled to the couch, slipping it out from under, then ran back to Zayn in complete fear at the words he had just said to me. Who is this person?

"Ok, now slip on your shoes and lets go." I ran over to the bed, putting on my black converse as he put his shirt back on, topping it with a black leather jacket. He looked at me, then grabbed a black hoodie from one of the drawers, throwing it to me. "Put that on." I nodded putting on the jacket, then I ran over to him as he grabbed my hand placing a bag in it, then shoving me out the door. He quickly locked the door behind us, grabbed my hand, then we ran down at least three sets of stairs. He then lead us down a dimly lit hall with a grey metal door at the end. When he opened it and switched on the light in the pitch black concrete garage, it revealed a new shiny black Lamborghini. He quickly went to the drivers side and said, "Get in." I immediately followed him, in complete fear of what was going to happen to me. He then started up the car, pressed a button, making the garage door go up, then pulled out onto the street and drove off within thirty seconds.

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