Our Little Secret

17 year old Kirrah thought she would never in her life time get her wish to even see one direction live in concert, but that all changes when she writes them a letter. what will happen romance maybe?.


2. The Letter

Dear Kirrah,

thank you for your support we do  it for the fans like you. the fans are the reason we are able to do what we love to do.

i had asked one direction if they could do a  private concert for me for my birthday. which was the time that they were going to be Australia.

we have spoken to our management and they have decided to let us give you private concert for your birthday...
but only on one condition, you are only  allowed to invite  a maximum of 15 people and no one else is to know about it because we dont want to ruin your birthday by have paparazzi around and hundreds or screaming girls everywhere 

see you in a few weeks Kirrah 

lots of love 
Harry <3
and Niall <3 xx

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