Our Little Secret

17 year old Kirrah thought she would never in her life time get her wish to even see one direction live in concert, but that all changes when she writes them a letter. what will happen romance maybe?.


4. The Day Before Part 1

This chapter is going to be a bit longer then the rest 
thanks for reading :)


*2 weeks later*

it is the day before my birthday, invitations have been sent out, and everyone had told me that they could come. I had organised everything, with the help of Carley. she was going to be coming over soon so we could get everything set  up and ready so we dont have to do much tomorrow. It was 12pm when i heard a knock at the door. I ran to the front door thinking it was carley i hugged her straight away. something was different about her, she didnt feel anything like she did when i hugged her last, and since when was she taller then me.. i backed away a little and looked up and to my surprise it wasn't carley it was Harry Styles.. 

i had just hugged Harry Styles "oh my I.. I.. I am so so sorry" i said to harry "i wasnt expecting you here yeah" i said my voice a little shaky. "it's alright love, it wasnt your  fault" he replied. "umm come on in" i said hugging each boy as they walked through the door. "Thank you so much for agreeing to do this for me it means everything to me" i said excitedly, "its fine babe it should be a good night" zayn said smiling at me. i shyly smiled back at him. I explained to the boys that carley wasn't here yet so there was nothing we could really do. i just couldn't keep my eyes off harry he i just so beautiful. "do any of you want anything, like water, tea or something to eat" i said looking at Niall, as soon as i said that Niall was standing. "i would love something to eat thanks Kirrah" Niall spoke in his thick irish accent, as i started to walk away with Niall to the kitchen Harry stood up and followed us both through to the kitchen. "is it okay if myself and the lads have a cup of tea?" Harry asked shyly "sure you can" i giggled.  Nialled walked back to the living room where the boys were sitting down, their eyes glued to the T.V. "I will stay to help you" harry said with his signature cheeky grin. "you dont have to do that" i said facing the counter, getting the tea from the cupboard.

all of a sudden i feel two strong arms wrap around my waist from behind, i was spun around to be facing harry, our bodies only centimeters apart. i started to blush, i looked to the ground. Harry put two fingers under my chin lifting my head up to face him.  
*whistle* the kettle goes off, Harry releases me from his strong grip and helps me make the tea.

in the living room we had an arm chair and a four seater couch, Louis Niall, Zayn and Liam were all sitting on the couch and Harry was sitting in the arm chair . as i walked in to sit down on the floor, liam stood up "here Kirrah sit next to Niall" "oh no its fine i usually sit on the floor anyway" i said giving him a shy smile.
the whole time i was sitting down i felt like someone was staring at me, i looked to my left and saw Harry with his eyes glued to me .

"Harry can i speak to you in the kitchen?" Niall said in his thick irish accent 
Harry got up from his chair and walked to the kitchen not once taking his eyes off me...

To be continued...


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