Our Little Secret

17 year old Kirrah thought she would never in her life time get her wish to even see one direction live in concert, but that all changes when she writes them a letter. what will happen romance maybe?.


3. BestFriends

i screamed so loud, i got out my phone and called my bestfriend Carley the phone rang 3 times before a sweet girl answered it.

"hello" she said sounding like she had just woken up
"hey hey girl, i need you to get over here ASAP. i have huge news to tell you"
"i will be there in 20 mins" she said sounding more awake now.
we hung up the phones, it had only felt like 2 minutes had past when i hear a knock at the door. i ran into her arms and embraced her in a tight hug.

"is it bad news?" she asked looking worried
"its everything but bad news" i replied with a smile on my face.
"okay so whats up?" she asked

i told her she might want to take a seat
she sat down on the couch, thats when i decided to tell her

"do you remember how i sent that letter to one direction?"
"yeah" she said looking confused
"well this morning mum called me into the kitchen because i had mail, Carley it was a reply, a reply from one direction" i said with a giant smile on my face.

Carley's face went white, i didn't know how she was going to react.
"Carley?" i said, she jumped up and started jumping and dancing  around my room, we were both in tears, 
"what did it say!" she asked eager to find out what is going on..
i ran up to my room and grabbed the letter that had been placed on my bed. after reading the letter Carley placed it next to her spot on the couch, tears rolling down her cheeks. we didnt know what to do the worlds biggest boy band was going to be at my house to give me a private concert for my birthday.

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