Our Little Secret

17 year old Kirrah thought she would never in her life time get her wish to even see one direction live in concert, but that all changes when she writes them a letter. what will happen romance maybe?.


1. Just another Day

"I wanna stay up all night.. " i sang as i ran around my room, it was a cold winters day here in Australia, so i was wearing my sweat pants and a tank top.
"Kirrah" my mum yelled from the kitchen
"yes mum" i yelled back 
"you have mail" before she knew it i was standing right in front of her saying "gimme gimme gimme".
i had sent a letter to one direction, my favorite boy band of all time and i was waiting for a reply. i would send a tweet to each boy every morning but with my luck i never got a reply, but i know they are busy so thats okay...

i opened the letter "OMYGAWD OMYGAWD" i screamed, my mum cam running into my room "Kirrah is everything okay?" i showed her the letter, it was a reply from one direction..

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