Vampires (fanfic)

Vampires aren't supposed to love they kill they drink the human life source, hiding in the shadows. The night is made for vampires. and what happens when a Vampire, Elena Salt breaks the rules and falls in love. Read more and find out.


3. The New Girl

A/N: This chapter is written by one of her authors Harrysgravy2. Hope you like it.




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Liam's POV

When I went to school the next day. I had to talk to Elena. When I saw her standing alone from us. She looked sad, hurt, scared and betrayed. Was that from us? When I got to Elena. She looked at me and went to walk okay.

"Elena wait" I said.

Elena stopped and turned around.

"I'm sorry about the other day Elena" I said.

Elena looked at me, "It should be me who is sorry okay you saw the person I didn't want you to find out" Elena said.

"Listen I don't care about that. But I care about you" I said.

Elena looked shocked, "You-You do?" Elena asked.

I nodded. Isabelle and the boys walked up. Elena apologized to Zayn and Isabelle. They said it was fine.


Jade's POV

My brother Marcus and I arrived in London Yesterday. It's all new to me. I got enrolled in the school here which I am going to today. Marcus dropped me off.

"Thanks bro" I said.

"No problem sweetie... see you after school" Marcus said.

I smiled and walked away. I saw 9 people looking at me. I put my head down and continued to walk. I am not here to make friends. I am here to finish school. So I can get out of this death hole. I've never had friends so I don't want to start know. I got to the office.

"How may I help you?" The lady asked.

"My names Jade Winters I transferred from America" I said.

The lady looked on the computer, "Oh yes. Here is your timetable" The lady said giving me a white sheet of paper.

I grabbed it, "Thank you" I said and walked out. I put the timetable into my pocket. I bumped into a guy. "Sorry" I said.

"No problem love" The boy said.

I looked up and saw the 9 people from before. A girl walked in the front.

"Hey I am Elena" The girl said. She was holding out her hand.

"Jade" I said grabbing hers.

I heard a gasp. I pulled away and looked down.

"Elena" Kathy said.

"I am fine" Elena said.

I walked off.


Harry's POV

Man the girl was beau-ti-ful. I looked on the ground and saw a book. "What's that?" I asked picking it up.

Elena looked at the book, "That my friend is a witch's book. A very old one" Elena said.

I nodded, "I am giving it back to her" I said.

Elena nodded. "Be careful you don't know what she is capable of" Elena said.

I nodded. I turned around and went to walk. When I saw Jade. She looked upset. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Fine" Jade snapped and grabbed the book.

"I think she heard you Elena" Isabelle said.

Elena looked at all of us, "So I don't trust her. She's a witch" Elena said.

I looked at Elena, "You don't even know her so why judge her we didn't when we met you. So why do it to Jade" I said.


Elena's POV

Maybe I was a bit harsh. I walked off to find her. I got into the library and heard crying. Thanks to my vampire hearing. It's easy to find people. Did I do that? Why did I do that? I am normally nice to new students. Why have I changed? I got to an area. I saw Jade on the ground crying in her knees. I sat down.

"I'm sorry" I said.

Jade didn't say anything.

I sighed, "Look I really am alright. I should think before a speak sometimes" I said.

Jade lifted her head and looked at me. "Why does everyone hate me?" Jade asked crying.

"Hey I don't" I said.

"What about before with your friends" Jade said.

I sighed, "I am sorry okay. What do you mean why does everyone hate me?" I asked.

"Nothing" Jade said.

The librarian walked up. "Shh..." She said.

I rolled my eyes. "Come hang out with us" I said.

"Really?" Jade asked.

I nodded and stood up. I held my hand up. Jade stayed still for a while and grabbed my hand. I helped her up. Jade grabbed her book. We walked off together. We got back to the others. "Nice to meet you again Jade, I am Liam this is Zayn, Louis, Niall, Kathy and Isabelle" Liam said.

"Nice to meet you" Jade said.

I smiled. Maybe she will be nice? 

"So Jade can I ask you a question?" I said.

Jade nodded. I took a massive breath, "Are you a witch?" I asked whispering.

Jade looked at me and the others, "Yes. I moved from America to here the other day" Jade said.

"Ooh what's your power?" Harry asked.

Jade looked down, "I don't use it" Jade said.

Harry was confused, "Why?" Harry asked.

Liam slapped him. "Ow... What did I say?" Harry said.

"Jade doesn't want to talk about it look at her" Isabelle said.

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