Vampires (fanfic)

Vampires aren't supposed to love they kill they drink the human life source, hiding in the shadows. The night is made for vampires. and what happens when a Vampire, Elena Salt breaks the rules and falls in love. Read more and find out.


2. The Hunt

Elena's P.O.V

It was 11:55pm. Almost midnight. I walked up to my mirror and saw nothing, "If only I had a reflection  I mumbled to myself. I sighed and walked away. I wish I could see what I looked like again.


***Ding... Dong... Ding... Dong***


The clock in my room struck midnight. I ran down the stairs and out the front door. Time to hunt for my pray. Once I got into the woods I hid into the trees and watched. I waited. Then I saw a man with a brief case walking. I was watching and waiting. To see when I could strike.

When I got the perfect moment. I was about to jump down when I heard voices. I went into the dark area again. I watched as 6 more people came up behind him.

"Shit I can't kill the many" I whispered to myself I could barely hear myself. When I got the chance I ran off to the near by meadow  I waited there until I heard a rustling in the bushes. I hide only to see Isabelle. Liam and his mate. Zayn I think the guy was. I think about confronting them but I have to stay here and listen. So I could hear what they were talking about.

"Hey mate why are we hear?' I heard Zayn asked.

Liam looked around to see if anyone was there watching. "We are here because Isabelle wants to show us something."

I knew it as soon as Liam said that I knew Isabelle was going to tell them she was a vampire. That's what I think anyway.

"I wanted to show you this" Isabelle said slowing pulls out a moonstone.

I gasped which made everyone look my way. I stay hidden and hold my mouth shut. Stupid. Stupid.

Zayn looked around in fear, "We should go we are being watch."

I heard the others follow Zayn out of the meadow. I came out from behind the tree. My head pops up when I smell blood. I race through the trees and into a alley way where I found a young girl holding down a small graze on her knee. I couldn't take it and I couldn't let her go away.

So I ran vampire speed through the dark alley and I smashed the girl into the wall. She screamed


Liam's POV

I heard a scream. I guessed the others did too. In a matter of seconds we followed where the noise came from and the smell. 

"Blood" Zayn said as we came to a stop. "But who's?" He asked as we followed the path into the alley way.

I stopped suddenly I thought my knees were about to break. I looked over at Isabelle who was frowning. I couldn't believe it was a vampire drinking a little girls blood  While the girl screamed. I couldn't just stand here and do nothing. "HEY" I shouted. "Get off of her" I said continuing. 

I see the body drop. I stand there frozen and shocked. I saw a vampire show it's sell. No it couldn't be. It's her on no I look over at Belle who is very surprised. I can't believe who it is. 


Elena's POV

"Hey" I heard a shouting from a fimilar voice. "Get off of her" The voice said again.

But just as well the girl was dead anyway. I dropped her body. I turned around. Oh no. I saw Liam and Zayn. Even Isabelle where there. But she already knew I was a vampire. I felt my heart stop as I saw the boy that I had a crush on stand there in shock.

"Liam I am so sorry I didn't want you to find out this way that I was a... vampire" I whispered.

Liam just shook his head. I looked down scared for the worst  As I looked up I saw Liam turn around with sadness in his eyes and ran off with Zayn following him. He then calls Isabelle's name and she runs off towards them... I couldn't believe this was happening. I leaned against the wall sliding down and crying. "I am sorry Liam" I whispered.






Liam's P.O.V

The next day I woke up in my room, "Elena is a vampire, Why?" I asked myself.

Wait way am I upset about this. The boys and I are also vampires. "Wait this means I don't have anything to hide anymore. This is great we have heaps in common now. That's how she was born before Belle" I said again to myself.

I then heard a faint knock at my door. "Can I come in?" It was Louis asking.

"Hey I'm not sure. But i'd can tell you that Elena is a vampire" I laughed. "well well well look who's eavesdropping" I smirked at Louis. I could hear Louis chuckle

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