Vampires (fanfic)

Vampires aren't supposed to love they kill they drink the human life source, hiding in the shadows. The night is made for vampires. and what happens when a Vampire, Elena Salt breaks the rules and falls in love. Read more and find out.


1. Where it all started

Elena's P.O.V

"No Please" the screams from a human piercing through my body as i attempt to finish her off. the screams i have heard many times before as i slowly drink her life source, the sensation flows through me as she slowly dies, as everything suddenly goes quite, i slowly drop the lifeless body to the rough ground, i feel stronger more satisfied  the blood dripping from my mouth.




I wake up in my room remembering the sensation that is now slowly disappearing.

"another school day" as i leap outta bed and to my closet, i choose out a black lace shirt and some denim shorts, (what Vampires aren't aloud too have some fashion) i bring them with me too the bathroom, i plop them down the bathroom sink and strip out of my Cookie Monster PJs, I hop in the shower turning the hot water on first then adding in some cold water. I got ready for school, I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

"Cody I'm going to school" I yelled before I shut the front door behind me. My school was an ordinary one, yes that's right it had humans in it, I have lived for 500 years now so I have learnt to control myself.

"Isabelle, Kathy" I yelled over the hundreds of school kids talking, oh and if you want to know they are Vampires too. I walked over to them I hugged them, "how was your weekend" Kathy asked "I think you both know how my weekend was" I knew that they would know I had some desire and sensation over the weekend.

"Oh right guess who is coming to our school now" I was confused mostly coz Isabelle looked pissed off, who could be coming that would be so bad. "Who is coming" I guess Kathy couldn't wait for me too ask. "Hmmm let me guess, oh that's right my BROTHER and his friends" she glared at us, "okay remember 3 deal breaths" it was a system we had so we wouldn't loose control. "I don't think we have met your brother, or his friends" Kathy asked. "We'll there right over there here let me" she whistled over to a group of guys standing under a tree, her hands where flying around every where it looked quite funny actually.

"Hey sis, who's this" a handsome young boy rests his arm on Isabelle's shoulder, that's when I see her eyes go bloodshot red. I quickly jump in and held her hand "breath alright 3 deep breaths" After that she seemed to have calmed down a bit, but I got some unusual looks from the boys.

"this is Liam, my brother, and his mates Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis, boys these are my friends" Liam held his hand out for me to shake, i went to shake his hand but when i touched with i got zapped. "Ow" i held my hand back as he did the same. we all shared the same confused expression.




the bell went for us to start school. "well i have to go" i hugged Isabelle and Kathy, and said goodbye to Liam and the boys.

I headed into class, i sat down and waited for everyone else. "is this seat taken" i turned to see Liam standing at the chair next to me. "uh no...please enjoy" i smirked and turned back to the front. "so how long have you and Bella been friends" he asked, Bella is what we sometimes call Isabelle. "forever" i answered know that he prob wont get what i mean. "how long is that" i turned to see him smirking "well put it this way i was born about 1 month before her. his face was now completely serious "that's impossible" now i was confused .....wait does he know about her. "how is it impossible" i asked trying to see if he knew anything.


Liam's P.O.V

"how long have you known Belle" i asked

"forever" okay now i was confused, "how long is that" i needed to know more.

"well put it this way i was born 1 month before her" now that was a lie, she couldn't possibly be, Belle is 466 years old, there is no way.

"that's impossible" i only just realised what i had said.

"how is it impossible" i froze, come on damn it think. "oh i mean Belle just look....older than you" i could tell my voice was croaky.

"oh okay then" she turned back to the teacher. Phew that was a close one.


Elena's P.O.V

"okay class, today we will be talking about the Vampire history, now centuries ago Vampires roamed the earth , they fed off of us humans, some say that they where just keeping themselves alive but the truth is, that Vampires are cruel, heartless, beings they kill whoever they want and never think twice about it."

What she didn't just say that, before i could stop myself i stood up, "that's a lie" i shouted "oh, Elena has something to say" i was so angry, i did the method and took 3 deep breaths, "Vampires aren't heartless or cruel, they feelings and they live there day like an ordinary human would" i said it with confidence, "oh really than why was there a war between them, Elena you have to get your facts right , Vampires don't care they kill for fun" "THEY KILL TO SURVIVE" i yelled "NO, now sit down, Vampires are horrible beings and shouldn't exist, now sit down or its detention" the teacher yelled back, that's when i lost it. i could feel my eyes go red, as i broke the table in two. "you are wrong, and one day you will get whats coming" i threatened her and walked out of the class room leaving Liam siting at the broken table.


Isabelle's P.O.V

I was walking to my next class when i saw Elena burst out of the history class. i saw her eyes and i knew something was wrong. "Elena" i shouted out to her as she bursted out side. i finally caught up with her. "Elena whats wrong" i asked her, i was really worried, "you wanna know whats wrong i will tell you whats wrong, in class today our teacher was telling us about Vampire history and you wanna know what she said" she snapped at me "uh yes what did she say" i knew this wasn't gonna be good.

"she said that Vampires where cruel, heartless beings who kill for fun" i saw a tear fall from her eyes. i hug her. "please tell me you didn't do something stupid" i had to ask, because if she did then we would all be in trouble. "no, nothing like that but i did kinda brake my table in two" she pulled away with an apologetic expression. "do you think they suspected anything" i asked.

"no i think they just though i was mad" she explained, "okay just try and go easy, we cant have them figuring us out" i held her shoulder slightly. "hey i am 500 years old i think i can handle myself" she laughed and so did i.

"but i am going out tonight to let of some steam" i knew what she meant, she was going hunting.

"sure" we smiled and walked off.

"hey are you guys alright" Liam said, "yea just needed some air" i answered, "okay well me and the boys are going out tonight, and i was wondering....well we where wondering if you wanted to come"?? he asked he seem really nervous, but why i'm his sister, strange.

i was about to open my mouth when, Elena jumped in. "actually i cant, i'm going to dinner with my parents" Elena lies. i knew that wasn't true but it was Elena, she hunts and nothing gets in the way.

"oh well okay Cya tomorrow" he walked off, he looked really hurt, again i don't know why.


Elena's P.O.V

the rest of the day was just boring school lectures, when the bell went i was so happy to be free.

"hey Elena" i heard someone shout my name as i was walking home,  i turn and see Liam running up to me. "hey Liam whats up" i asked smiling, i didn't tell anyone but i kinda had a crush on him.

"the sky....but that's not the point, i was wondering you know when your not busy uhm" i mentally giggled by the way he was having difficulty trying to talk. "well like you know maybe have uhm lunch with me or something" he looked to the ground. i smiled, "are you asking me on a date MR. Payne" i giggled "uhm yea...yea a date, so will you"  he asked now looking at me. and before i could protest. "sure i would love to, tomorrow pick me up at 12.00" i smiled and turned the corner to where i lived, i looked back at him doing the strangest dance i have ever seen.

i got home and opened the front door. "Cody i'm home" i yelled,Cody was my brother. "i'm going out to catch a deer or something you coming"  he asked pulling his jacket of the hanger. "no i'm going real hunting tonight" he turned all concerned. "you did that all weekend, we aren't supposed to kill humans" he made his listen-to-me face. "i know i just need to let off some steam". "fine but i'm not helping you if you get caught" he turned and walked out the back door.

i walked up to my room and lay on my bed, waiting for midnight to fall.



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