Sweet On Love

Alyss is a twenty-two year old college student. Blake is a twenty-four year old part time waitress at a restaurant in Paris.

Alyss is almost in love with her boyfriend of four years. But her parents disapprove. So, in an act to tear the couple apart, they send her to Paris. The City of Love.

Blake is mistreated and almost completely unloved. He, however, is still happy and not at all a rude, miserable sap. And Alyss likes it.

One trip to a hotel and one personal day seems change their lives.

And it seems anyone can see it.


1. Something Sweet

I stared at my professor blankly. He was rambling on about an assignment that I really couldn't pay much attention to. IT was absolutely horrific. He was an old man with grey hair and a wrinkly face. He was a lamb, but when it came to class he was the worst teacher in the history of ever. He was my English teacher and I was extremely happy that I only had to participate in classes the first semester. Then, I would be able to go home for the rest of the school year.

HE was talking about diagramming and the other things that just lost my attention. I never understood its importance from when I was a fourth grader. I knew what all the terms were, what they meant, and how to use them. OF course it would be the most boring thing on earth.

And learning these things weren't at all useful to me, since I was studying to be a cosmologist. Supposedly all these things are required. 

I only had to endure the suffering of an hour in the old chairs and being stuffed in between a ditz and a jock for another two weeks. The worst thing about it is that they would make out behind my chair and all I could hear the majority of times was moaning.

It was sickening.

Class finally dismissed after another thirty minutes and me finishing an assignment that I would have to type up.

Here's another thing that was horrible. My roommate. Honestly, I would have been okay with the ditz if it meant not having her. Patricia Quimby. OF course, I just had to get the gothic chick who plays with voodoo. That's just my luck. The worst thing (and when I found about about the voodoo I didn't think there even _could_ be something worse) were her habits.

She would almost always complain. "It's too hot" "It's too cold" "Why isn't this doll working?" "MY sister is such a jerk. She told me voodoo was stupid." "I am so stupid." "Why is this happening to me?"

Sometimes I swear I just wanted to wring her neck. That would have been amazing. The one thing that made me stay sane was the thing my boyfriend would always do for me.

"Ayss." I heard his endearing tone of voice. My head turned slowly to where he was seated on my bed. He had a cute stuffed bear with a heart on it. I almost cooed at his sweetness.

"Preston! YOU are so sweet!" I smiled at him.

"And you are absolutely adorable." He got up, leaving the bear on my bed, and wrapped his arms around me. I inhaled his sweet scent of mint and vanilla. He pulled away, giving me a view of his soft brown hair and dark, piercing blue eyes. Just about everything about him was perfect.

But we hadn't said the famous three words to each other yet.  I knew that I did already. I knew that he did, too. But we also both knew that if we said 'I love you' something would change.

"I know, and guess what!" I heard him say excitedly.


"My parents are allowing me to stay until graduation year!"

"OH my gosh! That's amazing!"

Preston's parents hadn't been too sure whether or not the liked the idea of being so far away from home. So, his parents had told him that i\t wouldn't be likely for him to be able to stay. I suppose they just decided to let him, though.

"Wow. we can still have two more years together. Here."

Uploaded: 1-26-13

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