Living Our Dreams (Literally)

My name is Felicity Hannsz. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be a fashion designer and so has my best friend. As soon as we graduated highschool, we moved to London, England. We had some AMAZAYN sketches and style sense. We saved up enough money to buy a small building and start our fashion business. It wasn't a month later that we got a call from Simon Cowell to come and design some of his good friends. We accepted because it was SIMON COWELL! But we got the surprise of our lives. We were designing for ONE DIRECTION! With that gig, our lives changed forever.


11. Memories

    As soon as I walked into the room, Melisa started begging me to untie her. Without a word, I waited to hear the door lock, then I untied her. "Thanks. You have no idea how much those ropes chafe." She was right, I had absolutely no idea. As she ate, we talked about the mindless things that we talked about when we were in school. "Soooooooo," she started as she put her plate down. "How did you two meet the guys?" "Oh, that's a really good story but, I want the guys to help me tell it." She nods and says, "OK,"

   After she finished, I just tied her ankles to the bed and told Niall to unlock the door and let me out. "What if you are Melisa trying to escape to Louis." I rolled my eyes and said, "Fine, ask me a question that only me, Hannah and the other guys would know." He thinks for a moment and says, "Alright, what did you and I do the day after we met?" "Niall James Horan! You have to ask me the question that has the answer that I did NOT want Melisa to know just yet? I cant believe you would do that to me!" I thought of something really sad and started to cry. "Oh," came Niall's voice from behind the door. "Felicity, don't cry. By your reaction, I knew it was you. Please, don't cry." He opens the door and pulls me into the hall, locks the door then wraps his arms around me. Sobs are wracking my body now. I had thought of my grandparents who had died when I was a little girl. I had been bottling my tears up for months and now, they all came pouring out of me. The others came and asked what was wrong. I held up one finger and said to Melisa with a tear soaked voice, "Melisa, we will do the experiment later. I'm a bit of a wreck at the moment." "Take your time. I know what you have to do when you start to cry. I can wait," came her slightly muffled reply.

   After she said that, I gave back into the sobs and buried my face in Niall's chest. He picked me up, bridal style, and carried me into my room. The others had followed. "You all go back to the living room. I can take care of her." Niall laid me down and then laid down with me. I kept my arms around his neck and cried. I had cried and cried until my tears ran dry. I must have fallen asleep after a while. Just before I let sleep consume me, I felt Niall kiss my head and say, "I'll work up my courage someday. I promise I will."

   When I woke up, I saw Harry in the doorway, looking at me curled against Niall's chest. He had sadness in his eyes. I smiled at him and wriggled out of Niall's arms. As I walked towards Harry, I saw his eyes begin to sparkle again. All I had to do was look into his eyes and he read my apology and I read his reaction. I hugged him and walked into the kitchen. Everyone else was there too. They all looked at me and smiled. For the first time since we left Texas, I felt like we had finally I felt whole. I realized, Hannah and I were a family and we just added 5 new additions to it. Probably 6 since Melisa has met the guys.

   I looked at the clock and decided to fix something for lunch. Harry and Zayn helped me cook Chicken Parmesan with marinara. As soon as the finished product was set out on the counter to cool, Niall came around the corner a worried, hungry look in his eyes. Once he saw me and the chicken, he calmed down. "I woke up and you were gone. Then I smelled chicken and I thought that you had ordered out from Nando's." I looked slightly surprised. "You really thought that my chicken smelled as good as Nando's chicken?" His eyes got wide. "You cooked chicken. That smelled like Nando's. If I could, I would marry you right now." I saw the other boys stiffen. I had to laugh. This was priceless. "Well, I don't think that I could be any happier than I am right now!" Niall beamed at me, then lunged for my chicken. Right before he could reach it or before anyone else could react, I tackled him from the side and sent both of us flying onto the carpet in the living room. Everyone looked at me in awe. I was across the kitchen when he went for the chicken. How did I get over there so fast. I knew how, but nobody other than Hannah did.

   Everyone served themselves while Niall and I went last. We had another eating competition and I won this time. Niall almost got sick. After we had eaten our fill and I was congratulated on my victory by an awed Niall, I decided that it was time to proceed with the experiment. I rounded everyone up and went to see Melisa. 

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