Living Our Dreams (Literally)

My name is Felicity Hannsz. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be a fashion designer and so has my best friend. As soon as we graduated highschool, we moved to London, England. We had some AMAZAYN sketches and style sense. We saved up enough money to buy a small building and start our fashion business. It wasn't a month later that we got a call from Simon Cowell to come and design some of his good friends. We accepted because it was SIMON COWELL! But we got the surprise of our lives. We were designing for ONE DIRECTION! With that gig, our lives changed forever.


7. Liam

  After a while, Hannah wakes up and all the guys tell her about mine and Niall's snogging session. Hannah looks really surprised. I cant imagine why. Late that afternoon, Hannah and I are working down at the store with the boys on their outfits. I get to see everyone shirtless and I have to say, Zayn has the best abs. Harry has the best muscles. Louis is the most tan. Niall is the thinnest, I don't know why, boy eats like a pig. And Liam is well, Liam, smooth, flawless skin.

   I'm working on Liam in his shirt and he keeps giving me the puppy-dog eyes. They break me, I look into them and have to ask, "Liam, what's wrong?" And the eyes get even sadder when he says, "I don't think you like me as well as the other guys." That statement breaks my heart. I start to cry. "Liam, of course I like you as much as the others." The eyes brighten. "Really?" I attack him with a hug and a kiss on the lips. "Yes, silly. Now, look what you made me do. My makeup is running and I got it all over your shirt." He dried my eyes with his normal shirt and kissed me again. "I'm sorry about that. I just needed to know if you liked me as much as the others." Now I give him the puppy-dog eyes, all  deep and sad. "You think that little of me?"really His eyes fill with tears and he starts to cry, too.

   He sits down in a chair. I sit in his lap, trying to calm him down. After crying for a little while, he calms down enough for me to finish hemming his shirt. I'm glad that I got to see this side of Liam today. After I finish his shirt, he sits back down and I sit back in his lap. He wraps his arms around me and we sit like that for a while then he starts humming and rocking. A little of that and I'm asleep in his lap, wrapped warm in his arms.

   I don't know how long I slept, but it must have been a while. We were back at my flat, sitting on the couch, I still on Liam's lap and wrapped in his arms. I look around and find that Hannah and Zayn look mighty cozy on the other couch, sound asleep. Harry, Louis and Niall are asleep on the blankets, again. I snuggle back into Liam's neck and go back to sleep.


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