Living Our Dreams (Literally)

My name is Felicity Hannsz. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be a fashion designer and so has my best friend. As soon as we graduated highschool, we moved to London, England. We had some AMAZAYN sketches and style sense. We saved up enough money to buy a small building and start our fashion business. It wasn't a month later that we got a call from Simon Cowell to come and design some of his good friends. We accepted because it was SIMON COWELL! But we got the surprise of our lives. We were designing for ONE DIRECTION! With that gig, our lives changed forever.


20. Chloe

   We're finally back at my flat at 3 in the afternoon. We all crashed at Harry's after swimming, singing, dancing, movies, games and a bunch of pranks on the people who fell asleep first. Oh, and Taylor dumped Harry last night because of the whole 'pass the weed' joke. He's been flirting with Devon quite a lot. Zayn and Liam got their faces drawn on in an array of Sharpie colors last night.

  We went and ate Nando's and went and bought more food for mine. I finally told everyone that they need to start going back to their own houses. Melisa agreed to live with Lou and I will alternate with Hannah about staying at home and with the boys. When Hannah is with Zayn at his house, I'm at ours with Niall and vice versa. Devon will be alternating between me and Hannah and Harry. One day with us and the next with Harry. The boys still come over everyday or we go to the park or one of the boys' flats.

  One day, we were all at my flat when the door bell rang. I went to get it and was surprised to see one of my oldest friends. Chloe. She has blackish-brown hair and brown eyes. I haven't seen her in years since she moved from Haskell to Oklahoma City, Texas. I screamed and hugged her. Niall came running around the corner, eyes wild and breathing hard. After seeing that i was OK, he gave me a We-will-talk-about-this-later look. I couldn't help but laugh, he's so cute. "OMG, Chloe!!! I haven't seen you in years. How have you been?" She just laughed and said, "Maybe I should come back later. I didn't realize you had company." She turned around to leave but, i caught her arm and said, "Don't worry about it. They practically live here. One question: Do you like One Direction?" "Of course I do!! What kind of person doesn't like One Direction?!" OK, so far so good. "Another question: Which is your favorite boy?" "Liam. I mean, yeah, the others aren't bad but, who can say no to that face?!" I just laughed and led her into the living room. Her jaw almost dropped as far as Liam's did when she walked in. Well, I think that this will work out quite nicely.

  Later, we were all layed out across the living room floor, watching "Gabrial Iglasias: Hot and Fluffy" on Netflix. This guy is hilarious. (For those of you who don't know: Gabriel Iglasias is a comedian.) Hannah, Devon, Melisa, Chloe, and I were rolling around on the floor, laughing. The boys were just laughing at us. My favorite joke was the one about sending the Crockadile Hunter over to Iraq with only a camera crew just to freak our enemy out. When the movie ended, Louis picked me up from behind, swung me around and whispered in my ear, "I'm taking you out tomorrow." I was laughing but, now i stopped. "Why, Louie?" He set me down and turned me around so that he could see my face, "Don't you remember, it's your birthday tomorrow!" OMG, how did i forget my own birthday?!

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