Living Our Dreams (Literally)

My name is Felicity Hannsz. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be a fashion designer and so has my best friend. As soon as we graduated highschool, we moved to London, England. We had some AMAZAYN sketches and style sense. We saved up enough money to buy a small building and start our fashion business. It wasn't a month later that we got a call from Simon Cowell to come and design some of his good friends. We accepted because it was SIMON COWELL! But we got the surprise of our lives. We were designing for ONE DIRECTION! With that gig, our lives changed forever.


1. Leaving Home

  "You ready?" Hannah asks. What does she mean? Am I ready to leave home and start a new life in London, England? Am I ready to leave everything and everyone I know and love? "Yeah, I'm ready." It was 2 months since we graduated from Paint Creek High and we had been planning this since 6th grade. "Then what are we waiting for?" The truth was, I was waiting for my recently ex-boyfriend Carter to come and stop me from going. Not that I wanted him to, that two-timing jerk. We had been dating for 1 month when I caught him kissing the most popular girl in school.



  I walk out of the locker-room after gym and he is leaning up aginst the wall making-out with her. I cleared my throat and he pushed away from her, shocked. "What in Hades are you doing?!" I shouted. "F-Felicity, t-this isn't wh-what it looks like." he stuttered. "Oh REALLY? Cause it looks like to me that you two were trying to such each other's faces off!" I can't believe that he would do that to me. After I was so good to him, too. "You know what? We are SO over!" I yelled then turned around to walk away. "Wait," he caught my wrist. "Can't we talk about this?" I jerked my hand away, "No, we can't talk about this. If you ever touch me or talk to me EVER again, you will be sorry." I said with a growl. And just for fun I added, "Oh, by the way, you have bright pink lipstick  all over your mouth." He gasped and ran away to the bathroom while me and everyone else busted up!

                          ~~~~~~END FLASHBACK~~~~~~


Hannah waved her hand in front of my face. "Felicity, come on. We're going to miss our plane!" She was right of course. When I looked at my watch, it said 2:50, ten minutes until our plane left! We took off running. Just as we got there, they were taking the last passenger's ticket. "WAIT!" I yelled. The girl taking tickets looked frightened. "Please wait. Is this the plane leaving at 3:00 headed for London?" I asked, out of breath. "Yes it is. Do you have tickets?" She said with a smile. "Yes, we do." I tuned to Hannah who was taking a puff of her inhaler. "Hannah, give me you ticket and passport." She is weezing, but does as she is told. "Here you go." I give the ticket girl our tickets and passports. She hands us our passports and Hannah and I take off running again.

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