One Direction Infection

for i shoot for 1 D contest


1. The Date

It was Febuary 14, And I was one of the people who was lucky enough to win tickets to the one direction meet and greet. I made sure I got there extra early.I new that valentines day was spending time with someone you love,so that's why I chose to spend it with One Direction,The people I love most in this world.

Also I was so lucky I was able to bring my best friend Kira Kewaygeshik with me. Me and her have been friends since before I can remember .And our life long dream together was to meet one direction and this was our chance.

We were the first people there but One Direction was already there so we got to go in and have extra time talking to them.It was so cool and they were so down to earth it was unreal,and not to mention there accents those are even more amazing in person.

By the time anybody else came along we were really good friends with the boys,or our five singing idiots,that we were allowed to stay and hang out with them after the meet and greet was over.They also gave us backstage passes to the concert they were having afterwards.

We got so many pictures and I felt like I was dreaming I couldn't believe this happened to a small town girl like me!!!!!Also I knew the chance was slight but I gave the boys me and Kira's numbers and hoped they would call or text us.

Later that night me and Kira's phone rand it was a  text and it read;Hey this is Louis from one Direction:P we also got one from Zayn Malik Liam Payne Niall Horan and Harry Styles.

I couldn't believe it ,now I could talk to One Direction whenever I wanted!!!!!We had to swear to never give it out because if we did we would never be able to talk to them again when they changed their numbers.But I didn't care as long as I had it.


After a long time I became,along with Kira of coarse,became one directions best friend and couldn't ask for anymore,and now making it even more special,we meet every valentines day together celebrating our friend ship.


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