One Night With 1D.

Rose isn't just a human... she has a double identity. She is part wolf and can see into the future. What happens when she kills a loved one? Then falls in love with a certain someone. What happens when a certain some also turns wild.


2. The phone calls.

I got told by my friend later on that night she knew someone that wanted to date me because he thinks im sexy and I'm special. I said, "he sounds perfect,'

His name is Zayn and she gave me his phone number. I called usually around 12:00 so I sounded sexy wih my deep wolf voice. Whenever he called me the nickname he would call me is 'Sexy Beast'. It was almost like he knew that I was a wolf.

~phone call~

"hello' I said, no answer after that i attempted to hang up but all he sudden some one responded.

'Meet me at the location of 666 'Park ave.'

I replied with a 'yes'.

~end of convo~

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