One Night With 1D.

Rose isn't just a human... she has a double identity. She is part wolf and can see into the future. What happens when she kills a loved one? Then falls in love with a certain someone. What happens when a certain some also turns wild.


1. this is one bad way to ending relationships

Hi! My name is Rose. I had a dream that my parents died in a fire and I woke up and that really happened. I can see the pictures in the future and they are very graphic. For example my Uncle died last year and I knew that a day before he died. I recently found out that I'm a wolf, with the power to see into the future but every now and then I forget what I did before. One night I woke up while I was still a wolf, I looked down and saw a dead body; blood covered my hands. I looked at the body's face and it was my boyfreiend Drew. I was bawling hysterically. The popo's came and asked me if I saw who did this and I said 'I don't know' But I really did...because it was me. 'It was me.' Later on that night I called my friends and told them what I did and they lef no comment.

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