Loved You First

Vanessa finally gets to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Find out what she goes through with the boys and her best friend. ;)


3. Unexpected

Vanessa's POV

I really got tired after the concert besides my throat hurt a lot from screaming. I went home and threw myself on the bed and immediately I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning. I was eating breakfast when I got a call from Harry, ''Hey beautiful! Wanna eat lunch with the boys and me today?'' I responded ''Sure but only if Abby could come with us.. If it's okay with you?'' ''Of course love, anything for you'' Harry said ''Yey! Thanks, okay see you at 11'' I said. I tried to sound calm. We said goodbye then hung up. After the call I was shouting but trying hard to keep calm. I called Abby and told her what Harry said, she immediately said yes and we were screaming and fangirling over the phone.


Abby came to my house. A few minutes later, the boys came and picked us up. Abby and me really tried to stay calm and act normal. But we couldn't take it anymore. We were listening to WYMB which randomly played on the radio. We were silent until Abby and I let out a huge scream.. The boys got shocked and laughed.. ''Hey why'd you scream?? You scared us..'' Liam said.. I replied ''Dude, Do you know how lucky we are, riding in the same car with One Direction.. Millions of girls right now would kill to be in our position.'' Niall replied ''Guess you girls really are lucky'' We all laughed and enjoyed the trip.

We ate at Nandos which made Niall really happy cause this was he's favorite restaurant. We went to the mall after and went shopping though we were a little distracted cause of the paparazzi and the fans but we didn't mind them though we just continued shopping. After shopping we watched a movie with the boys I was beside Louis. We watched a scary movie and every time Louis was scared he almost jumped off his seat and screamed. There was this really scary part where I really got scared and accidentally hugged Louis.. I said sorry for doing that but deep inside I was really happy I got to hug Louis. 

It was about 5pm when the boys brought us back home. I really enjoyed my day. They just dropped off Abby at my house cause our houses were really close so she could just walk there. When we got home, as expected, we fangirled. She ate dinner at my house then she went home.

I got a text from Harry saying, ''Did you enjoy your day with us love?xx'' I texted back ''Yeah, thanks for everything had a great time with you''

I turned on the TV then I dozed off while watching.

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