Loved You First

Vanessa finally gets to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Find out what she goes through with the boys and her best friend. ;)


7. Dad

Vanessa's POV

I checked my phone and was surprised to see a text message from my dad: 'I got a promotion in my job and was told to move to England, can I stay with you for a little while? lots of love Dad :)xx' I replied to him 'Yeah dad totally why not?, miss you dad..:)xx' The reason why I don't stay with my dad is because he's kinna too strict especially when it comes to boyfriends.

I told the lads that my dad would be coming and they said that they would love to meet him. I also told Abby and she said was a little bit worried for me cause he might think that the boys are my boyfriends. Hahaha we both laughed.

I was doing some paperwork at home when I heard the doorbell ring. I thought it was my dad so I really got nervous, I opened the door and was surprised to see Louis standing in front of me. He brought some chocolates and flowers. ''Umm is it Valentine's Day today?'' I asked somewhat laughing. ''Nope'' he said then randomly came in and sat on my couch. I closed the door then asked ''So what day really is it today?''. ''It's the day I ask you if.. May I court you?'' I told him that I would still think about it. He really pleaded and forced me to say yes cause he said he knew that I still loved him, which was really true. So I told him yes. He was so happy. I told him to go home cause any minute now my dad would arrive and see him then embarass me and scold me for having a boyfriend.

As soon as Louis left, I heard a knock on the door and I really wasn't surprised to see dad. We both hugged each other then I showed him inside, he told me that I gained weight which for me was true. I asked him his worked hours and he told me that he would work from 8am to 4pm. This kinna disappointed me cause I won't have enough time to be with the boys especially during late afternoons cause dad would get home from work but the he told me that there would still be overtimes probably one or two hours. This cheered me up a bit but not much cause I would be limited.

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