Loved You First

Vanessa finally gets to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Find out what she goes through with the boys and her best friend. ;)


10. Dad ruins it

He must have heard my heart pounding out of my chest, because he laughed softly before turning my head towards his and pressing his lips to mine. He grabbed my legs and turned them, putting one on each side of his body, hands sliding up from my thighs to my back, pulling me closer to him. He, slowly but surely, kissed and made his way up my neck, and finally to my lips. Hands on my waist, he stood up and carried me, walking up the stairs slowly. He opened the door to my bedroom, lips not once breaking contact.

I brought my legs down, standing on my own feet again. We stood in the middle of my bedroom, lips starving for each other. He began to walk forwards, making me step backwards, until the backs of my knees hit the edge of my bed. Our kiss finally broke as he looked at my expression, throwing me on the bed, legs still dangling off. He smirked, looking down on my body laying before him.

He bent down, pressing his lips to my collarbone, trailing downwards. It wasn’t long before his lips reached just above the top button of my blouse. He glanced up at me, and I nodded ever so slightly, giving him permission to push the boundaries of how far we’ve gone.

His fingers slowly moved up from my inner thigh to the buttons on my blouse. He unbuttoned them all, kissing each spot of newly exposed skin as he went further down. He slid the light material off of my shoulders, always going back to that spot by my collarbone.

“Louis…” I whispered breathlessly, fingers sliding under the material of his shirt.

He didn’t need more of an invitation than that. He quickly lifted his shirt over his head, tossing it backwards over his shoulder and smiling at me. He actually got on the bed, then, putting one knee on each side of me. I slid further back on the bed, so my legs weren’t hanging off, and he repositioned himself, grinding on top of me.

His hands trailed down to my waist, lifting it up, grinding harder against him, as our lips finally reunited. I couldn’t deny it, I was nervous. I even glanced down to my hands to see them shaking uncontrollably. But I wanted this. I wanted Louis, I wanted all of him. I needed him.

His hands left my waist, slowly moving down to the backs of my thighs. They slid under my skirt, teasing the skin of my inner thighs, that were already twitching and shaking.

“You alright?” He smiled softly. He could tell I was scared.

I nodded my head and gulped. His slid his hands down to my mid-thigh, not wanting to make me uncomfortable. I took his hands in my own and brought them up, under my skirt, right in the place where he wanted them to be, where I needed him to be.

He shook his head slightly and jumped off of the bed, fumbling with his belt buckle, removing his jeans. It was then I realized, his hands were shaking too.

“Louis, are you a virgin?” I asked, not realizing I was totally killing the mood.

He glanced up at me, smiling. “No, but when I’m with you, for some strange reason, I’m really nervous. It’s like you’re too perfect for me.”

He climbed up on the bed again, sitting on his knees between my legs. His face hovered over mine for a moment, just looking at me.

“You’re so beautiful.”

He pressed his familiar lips to mine, letting his hands explore. He finally slipped his fingers under the waist band of my skirt and yanked it off of my body, the two of us almost completely exposed to each other.

This is it, Van. This is actually happening.

My legs began to buckle as he toyed with my underwear line. His lips moved downward to my jaw, leaving long, wet kisses all along.

“I love you.” He murmured into my skin, fingers slightly moving.

“I love you more.” I breathed.

Then I heard it.

The slam of the front door.

The all too familiar sound of someone stumbling inside.

I glanced at the clock. 12:30am.

“Fuck, Lou, get off.” I whispered urgently, wriggling underneath his body.

“I-I’m sorry, are you not ready?” He asked apologetically, “Vanessa, I’m so sor-“


“Vaannneesssaaa!” I heard my father angrily slur from downstairs.

His eyes widened as mine began to fill up with tears.

I could hear him coming up the stairs. We didn’t have enough time. I couldn’t send Louis out the window again. I went with my first thought, jumped off the bed, and shoved Louis in the closet.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, and shut the door, yanking a night shirt over my head.

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