Loved You First

Vanessa finally gets to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Find out what she goes through with the boys and her best friend. ;)


11. Chapter 11

Louis' seemed so scared and shocked. I felt so guilty.

I heard dad's footsteps outside my door. I immediately pretended to be in a deep sleep. He came up to me and asked me in a very angry voice that who owned that car which was parked outside our house. I didn't want to tell him that that was Louis' car cause I would be dead, so I just told him that probably that was our neighbor's car. I was a terrible liar, every time I tried to tell a lie, I would turn red as a tomato then I would sweat a lot then my voice would tremble, and dad I'm sure knew me. Suddenly he heard a russling sound from my closet, he asked me what the sound was, I told him that I didn't know. I was really scared... Oh sheesh! It was too late, dad went to my closet and opened it..... I hid under my blanket, I tried to peep and to my surprise, Louis wasn't there. I felt relieved and worried to where ever that boy went. I told him that probably there was some kind of insect inside my closet. Dad believed me and left me.

I was so relieved and was so happy that dad didn't find out anything or see Louis. I immediately texted Louis: 'Hey, where'd you go? I was really scared that dad would find you. x..' A few minutes later I got a text from him: 'I silently went out your window when your dad and you were talking.' I replied: 'So where are you now?' He replied: 'I'm back in my flat. Hope we'll have another date together that won't get ruined. I replied: 'Yeah, I'm so sorry for what happened tonight, I didn't expect my dad to be home so soon. Well.. umm good night I'm sorta getting sleepy.' He replied: 'Ok good night love :*' Then I dozed off.

--The next day--

I couldn't find dad anywhere so I thought that probably he went to his job early. I ate breakfast, then I found a note on the table, this is what it said: Van, Sorry if I'm sometimes too bosy and everything, I don't wanna ruin your life. I just love you so much and I wanna protect you. and sorry too about what happened last night I didn't mean to hurt you or scare you. I went back to America, I found out that they sent me the wrong address. My flight was at 6am this morning and I didn't want to wake you up so I just left. I love you so much. Take care. --Dad <3.

I almost cried, I didn't have a chance to tell him goodbye or something. I turned on my skype then we skyped for a few hours and I told him sorry too but I didn't tell him everything that's currently going on in my life.

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