Loved You First

Vanessa finally gets to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Find out what she goes through with the boys and her best friend. ;)


1. Phone Call

Vanessa's POV

I have always been a directioner ever since my friend Abby introduced me to them. Someday I really wanna meet them, I don't wanna be their future wife or anything, I just want to be their friend or maybe best friend.

I was having a deep sleep until my phone woke me up, Abby was calling, I answered it: ''WAKE UP!! I GOT TWO 1D TICKETS AND I ALSO GOT VIP AND BACKSTAGE PASSES!! DO YOU WANT THE OTHER ONE??'' I said yes and we talked for about 10 minutes on the phone just about that.

I ran downstairs, I was shouting, jumping and dancing around like an idiot. The reason why she got the tickets is because she entered some kind of contest and actually won. The contest was on Friday night so we decided to go after school on Friday.

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