Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


41. Yikes

"....a girl!" Happiness wept over Harry as he danced in victory. "Wait hold on. I see something else..." The nurse voice trailed off and continued pressing onto my stomach. "Omg. There's a girl ...and a boy!" Harry scream 'Yes!' as he runs out the door and screams, "IM HAVING IDENTICAL TWINS!!" Taking several minutes later, he finally cooled down and took me to the parking lot.



By the time I got home, my mom was the first to come running towards me. "So?!" She exclaims. Everybody crowded around me, waiting for an answer. I wanted to make it dramatic but Harry, the fool, decided to yell, "IDENTICAL TWINS!! BOY AND GIRL!!" Everybody yells in surprise. Eleanor and my mom eek as Louis and dad danced. "Dad, are you still...I don't know... Mad at me?" I gulp and had chills running down my spine. "No. Please don't leave. I'm sorry for yelling at you on that night." He pulls me in for a hug. "Alright, go get some rest. I bet you're really tired. Night Kayle. Night grand kids." He pokes my stomach and left me.



Taylor's POV: 


"Are we there yet Ana?" I complain to my assistant, Ana who is like a babysitter to me. "About 20 minutes left. Why must you go to Doncaster?" A devious smile crept onto my face, "Vengeance. That's why." My head was running with dark thoughts.


Kayle's POV:


My stomach had an aching pain from all the kicks they were giving me causing me to have an unpleasant sleep. I penguin walk to the living room and saw everybody putting party decorations. "What's going on?" I ask, walking towards a bowl of fruit. "We must through a party for this pregnancy!" My mom glee from the thought of having 2 grand kids already. "So like a baby shower?" Louis interrupts the conversation. "Kind of, boo bear." Eleanor pecks a kiss on his cheek and left to continue what she was doing. "This is too much. A party is nice but not a party that is too big..." I’m still the same Kayle; don’t want to be in a place full with people. "We'll just invite our closest friends. Don't worry babe." Harry emerald eye winks at me, taking my breath away.



The party was today and I was wearing a long flowy dress that obviously showed the shape of my stomach; huge and round. As I was checking myself out on the mirror, I saw a curly figure wrapping their arms around me. "You look beautiful." Harry's raspy voice whispers in my ear. I giggled and hold onto my stomach, realizing that the baby is almost coming soon. Harry places his hand on top of mine and hold my belly too. "Just imagine. We'll be like this but in our arms, is our precious kids sleeping peacefully." The thought of that flushes me. It's unimaginable that months had passed so quickly and that I'm going to be a mom soon. "Alright, let's go. I bet the people are waiting for us." I whisper and peck his cheek. Our fingers entwined and we walk downstairs quietly. 


"Hello! I like to thank you guys so much for coming to this party. It means everything to us especially for the babies. And thank you for the many gifts you guys bought for us." Everybody laugh at Harry's comment and clap then returning back to what they were doing. I saw a blonde figure. Wasn't sure who it was though. But that person had their arms around someone that looks so familiar. "N-Niall? Liz?" Both of the figures turn out and had a surprise face on. "OMG Kayle! It's so good to see you again! I missed you so much! We SOOO need to catch up with our friendship! Your belly is so big! Really can't wait til your babies come out!" Liz said everything in one breath and felt my stomach. Niall stood there and flinch for the sight of my stomach. "It's nice to see to you again Liz and you too Niall. How was Ireland? What took you so long to come back?" I ask. "It was good. I had to do some thinking and things over there." Niall muttered quietly and rub my stomach. "Little fella's look quite big eh?" I laugh at that comment and reply back, "Yeah. Crazy huh?" He nodded and left to go see the boys again. "Okay, let's sit and talk. When did you and Niall were a thing?" "Well I was at Ireland studying and then I randomly bumped into Niall. We then started talking and soon enough, he asked me out." She looks down and smile for her response. "Well it's cute that you guys are a thing now. I'm going to check Harry for a bit." She waves a goodbye to me and with that, I left to go find Harry.


Harry's POV:


"Congrats Harry! You're going to be a father eh? Is Kayle fun in bed?" Zayn wink and all 3 of the boys laugh except Louis. "PLEASE don't talk about Kayle in bed! Just the thought of that sickens me. My best friend having sex with my sister omg." All 4 of them laughed like the old times. "Yeah, it's crazy how I'm going to be a father soon. Just saying but Kayle is amazing in bed." I smirk at Louis having him roll his eyes. I continued talking, "I'm hoping to make you guys their godfathers or uncl-" my sentence was broke off from a voice so familiar. "I'm here guys! I bet you guys were waiting for me!" Taylor Swift bursts the door open, uninvited and came strolling towards me with a girl behind her holding her many bags. "Hey baby. I missed you so much. How are you?" She throws herself at me and embraces me for a hug. "Um I've been good... What are you doing here Taylor?" I tried my very best to keep my voice under control. "To see you? Duh? Plus my tour is over and I want to stay in Doncaster for awhile but the hotels are awfully terrible." She replies back and turns her way towards Louis, "Is it okay if I stay here for awhile?" Before a word came out of Louis' mouth she exclaimed, "Great! I'll go pack my bags away. Be right back." She left and all of us stare at each other like somebody just killed someone. Life is going to be hell in the next couple of weeks.

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