Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


22. Tragic Love


I felt my second world collapse. My dad. Out of all the people in the world, he was the one to die. First it was Gemma, now it's dad? Who's the next victim? Mom? I felt a burning feeling in my throat, my eyes started swelling up with tears. "Harry? Are you okay?" Kayle had terror in her eyes her voice tone was concerned. With a swift movement, I started putting my things away in my luggage. I have to go now; to see my dad. "Harry, what's going on?" I stopped what I was doing and turned to face Kayle. Her hands were shaky and her face was pale.

Kayle's POV:

"Kayle, I have to go now. I'll explain it to you later. We'll see each other again. Once I arrive in England, I'll book you a flight." His voice was serious; his emerald eyes had gotten darker. I don't understand why this is happening, did something happen to his family? He cupped me face, my hands placed on his large hands. "I love you Kayle. Everything is alright." He leaned down, planting a passionate kiss on my warm lips then kiss my forehead. I felt unease, knowing that I'll have to be over 1000 miles away from Harry. He left the room, leaving me standing hopeless. Just then, the door opened. I thought Harry came back but it was Niall who entered the room. "Uh hey Kayle! How are you?" His Irish accent still gets me every time. I was so lost in my thoughts that I haven't really answered back to Niall. "Listen, everything is going to be alright." His voice was soothing as he strokes my hair. "Niall? Can you stay with me tonight?" He nodded, giving me a friendly smile.



It has been a long time since we hung out alone. The last time we hung out was when he came to my house. The moment that was unforgettable. But the thing I won’t forget the most is when our lips nearly touched. I did want to kiss him but Niall is just sweet and innocent and too much of a best friend to me.


We really didn't talk much throughout the whole night. The only time we talked was when we were eating pizza. Who knew he could eat a whole box of pizzas? After that, things just became weird and awkward. We went our separate ways. Might as well lay down, hopelessly, on my phone. Every since Harry left, I felt half of my world left me. It just feels so weird being by myself since me and Harry are always together. As I was thinking about my Harry, I scrolled down my twitter feed. Last time I checked my twitter, it was 3 years ago. Now I have over 500K followers but lots of hate. It either said:

"You're ugly. How is Harry your boyfriend?" I do question myself sometimes about how he's mine.

"You piece of shitbag. Nobody likes you." I'm not a shitbag and nobody likes me because I don't socialize with them.

"Something is wrong with your face. I think it was smudged against a trash can." Haha, have you seen YOURSELF in the mirror?

I couldn't careless about the insult they're giving me. I mean, I was bullied for 10 years right? I should already get used to this. But then again, I still felt a bit hurt. Putting those insults aside I did saw some love:

"You and Harry are so cute together!" Aw shucks.

"I ship you two so much! Karry Forever!!" Haha such cute couple name they created.

"Don't let the hate get to you Kayle. You're absolutely stunning, smart, and model-worthy! Haha. I support you two a lot. Just treat Harry good okay?" This calls for a follow back.

I just can't believe I've received a bunch of followers. How is a girl who focus so much on her studies, is an outcast, doesn't have much friends, not even close to being popular, and doesn't socialize much, got so much followers? As I was scrolling down my feed, I have seen crazy tweets that consists "Harry and Kayle, broken up?” "Have Harry walked out Kayle's life?", "Yikes! Have Harry found a new girl?" As my eyes were quickly scanning my feed, my heart started thumping hard. My hands were shaky; I wouldn't be able to bear what it'll say but what if he said something about me? With trembling fingers and a sweaty hand, I lightly clicked the link. I was revealed with a long article.

"We have been told that Harry Styles' father has been reported dead from a stroke that happened 2 nights ago. Harry was in California on a trip with his friends and his girlfriend, Kayle. He then heard the news and went straight home. We have spotted him at the airport...without Kayle? It looks kind of suspicious, knowing that they're always together. We have been able to have a quick interview with Harry Styles.

Interviewer: where's Kayle? 

Harry: she's in California. 

Interviewer: did you guys broke up? 

Harry: no way. Our love is infinite; whether we're a thousand miles or not, our love is close and will never be separated.

Such a touching answer dear Hazza."

My heart finally ease again when I read his last answer, knowing that he's still thinking about me. All of a sudden, I heard a thunder. I screamed on the top of my lungs. "Kayle!? Are you alright?" Niall ran, panting for air. I don't understand why he's panting for air. The living room was right next to the room. "I'm fine. I’m just scared of thunders." He walked over me, his arms wrapped around me. "Well you have Nialler here, so everything is just fine." My heart was pounding against my chest; it felt like it was going to pop out of me. My stomach started tossing and turning, then I felt the butterflies. Why am I feeling like this? Aren't I in love with Harry? Not Niall? What's going on....? 



We were lying on bed, just talking about stupid things that make us laugh.

"You know Kayle..."


"I should have snatched your heart in the first place."

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