Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


48. Thank You

Hello darlings.xx


So today I started reading the comments on Revealed and like I nearly teared up. Now, you guys are probably expecting a chapter for Revealed but I am no longer publishing any chapters for Revealed but this story is going to be continued on another book called Faith 


Link: Faith


You have no idea how much your support means a lot to me. Because of the comments you guys leave for me, it motivates me to keep on writing. Sorry for being cheesyyyy :3 . I know my promises are always being broken but its the things that keeps getting in the way. Family issues or no internet or school problems. To be honest, the amount of views doesnt really matter to me but the comments. Ahh! I can't stop the tears! You guys are amazing and supported me a lot (: I love you guys with all of my heart. Stay beautiful and be fabulous. 



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