Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


32. Strong


    I stared at him, my eyes widen in terror from the words that came out of his mouth. They're still ringing through my head, 'Who's she?' I stumble on my words, "Y-You don't remember me, Harry?" He shook his head, still looking hard at me. There was a burning feeling in my throat; my eyes started getting all watery. "Um excuse me. I'll be leaving." I excused myself and scurried off. "Hey Kay-" whoever the man was, I interrupted him by slamming the door in his face, locking the door. I hover over my bed, falling down hopelessly and burst out crying. Yes, I couldn't careless if Harry didn't want to see me but the fact that he completely forgotten about me? I heard a faint call of my name, "Kayle, open the door..." The person's voice had a thick Irish accent. The only person I know who has that accent is Niall. "No, leave me alone Niall." I yell in between my cries. Then I heard other voices outside muttering about something. Without any warning, the door burst open with 4 guys I love. "Kayle, what's wrong?" Niall's voice was soothing. He strokes my hair, sending me chills down my spine. I prop up to a sitting position and stare at the boys with swollen, watery eyes. I silently laugh, "I love you guys. You do know that right?" They all walk towards me, all of them hugging me at once. "Yes, we all know Kayle." Liam casually spoke. Just then Louis' phone went off, "Excuse me." He politely says and walks off. He came back seconds after and had a sad face, "We have to go...the girls wants to hang out with us plus me and Eleanor needs to plan out our wedding. You're Eleanor's maid of honor." He gave me a simple wink with a smirky smile. "Oh, well it's alright. Plan a good wedding Louis!" I wave a goodbye as they left the hospital. "So it's just you and me." Niall beam me a smile, his heavenly blue eyes twinkle. He grab my hand firmly, our fingers entwining. He places his other hand on top of our hands and stare at me, "Now tell me Kayle. Why were you crying earlier?" I stare down at my hands that was covered my Niall's large hands. My throat had that same burning feeling now. "Well um... I saw Harry today...." My voice trailed off. I wasn't able to finish my sentence; I couldn't bare how painful it was at that moment. "It's okay Kayle. You don't have to te-" I cleared my voice and interrupted him, "No, I'm going to finish my sentence. I saw Harry today and turn out... Harry lost his memories." Niall's hand grips mine even harder. "Niall, you're hurting me..." he loosen the grip and apologize. "Let's just not talk about Harry okay? How is my little princess going to heal up if she won't stop talking about someone who broken her to pieces?" He soothingly said. I giggle, whipping the tears off of my eyes. "Alright, Nialler. Are you hungry? Surprisingly, the food is great!" I exclaimed. He slouches down, rubbing his stomach. "You have no idea how hungry I am! I haven't ate anything since this morning!" I laugh and quickly dial the food service.


       We ate, talked, and laughed endlessly about silly things until Niall pass out next to me. He was still sitting, his head resting on the bed. Tiny snores crept its way out of his mouth causing me to giggle. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair, feeling the softness his hair possesses. My fingers then trail down to his face, tracing every feature he has. My fingers then went travel down to his lips. I firmly press my pointing finger onto his lips but not hard enough to make him feel it. I stare at it, having the urge to kiss him but I knew that it wouldn't be the right thing to do. His lip hypnotizes me but was interrupted by his sleep talking. "Kayle... I want you to stop getting hurt.... I want you to be happy.... safe.... please don't do this to yourself...." My heart started to thud against my chest, feelings the pace of my heart getting faster and faster. The sentence echoed through my mind. This feeling I'm getting towards Niall, how long have they've been hiding from me? But then again, there's Harry. Harry has something special to him. No matter how much the public makes him sound like a total jerk, he's a big load of sweetness. He treated me right, no doubt about that. He made me felt safe, loved, and felt like a princess. The lazy stare he gives me with the cheeky smile on his face and his dimple deeply in. Plus the effort he puts on trying to impress me. I just can't bare this confusing love anymore.


Niall's POV:


    I jolt up from a horrible nightmare. I look around to see Kayle, sleeping. Her brown hair covering her face, tiny snores escape her puffy lips. I saw her small, fragile hands still place on my large hand. Sadly, I slowly remove her hand quickly so I would do something before she wakes up. I creep outside silently and walk to find her doctor, which is also Harry's doctor. "Hey Doc., can I ask you something?" He nodded while writing something down, "How long do you think Harry's memory will come back?" He immediately stops writing and stare at me, "We're not sure. There is a very high chance that he'll forget forever unless you guys could find a way to bring his memories back in 2-3 weeks." He explains. "Well can I see what he still remembers?" He nod in agreement and guide me to a strange room. "Sit down. Luckily, we had his brain scanned earlier today. He basically remembers his numbers, alphabets, all of that basic stuff. Plus he still remembers his friends but lost the memory of someone he really loves. But according to this examination, he hadn't fully forgotten about the one he truly loves. The love is too strong to be forgotten. It seems if he's trying to remember. If you guys could bring the memory back of someone he truly loves, he'll be back to normal." The doctor gave me all of the information I needed to know, perfect.


A plan was planned in my head. I will make Kayle happy again.





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